Reekado Banks Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrity status is something that comes along with many positive things, but it can also bring a lot of pressure and stress for the person with such a status.

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In today’s text, we will talk about Reekado Banks. This talented singer from Nigeria, has managed to shake the scene up even outside Nigeria and send his music across the borders.

We will talk more about his life and everything he has managed to achieve so far, so if you are interested, keep on reading.

Early Years

Solomon Ayoleyi Hanniel was born on December 6th 1993 in Lagos, Nigeria. This talented young man is an author, composer and singer navigating between Naija Music, Afro Dance and Dancehall, tinged with R & B / Soul.

As a young boy, Solomon enjoyed playing music and listening to it. His father was a pastor of the Ondo Satate while his mother worked there as a caterer.

The family was into music from the beginning. They are all talented for music in one way or another, and this is what makes them all so successful in their own fields.

Solomon loved listening to music and singing, which was the reason for his family to support him in his desire to pursue a career in music. When he was only 14 years old. Reekado started recording his first songs. A big help then, was his older brother, who is now a music producer.

His brother produced his first songs, and gave his enough motivation to start recording more and more and also to practice his singing talent.

His brother also played a major role in teaching him the basics of singing and music in general, so he owes him big time for the success he managed to achieve.

His stage name Reekado comes from the combination of two names, which translate as Strong ruler and wealth.

Reekado continued to practice his singing talent and push harder to become even better, so his career was bound to go only one direction.

Very young, Reekado Banks, helped by his older brother, began writing poems and rap songs to get into the music.

During his last year at the University of Lagos where he studied History and Strategy, he participated in 2013, in front of 5,000 people, at the “Mavin Records Talent Hunt Competition”, a talent discovery contest organized by the musician and producer Don Jazzy, founder of the Mavin Records label.

Seduced by the voice and style of the young singer, winner of the contest, the latter signs and incorporates him to the Team Mavins, and makes him participate in the single “Looku Looku”.

In February 2014, he released “Turn It Up”, a dancehall, R & B, soul-themed single, performed with the Tiwa Savage who is considered diva of Naija music. Two other singles will follow, “Chop Am” and “Katapot”.

Reekado Banks will appear in 2014 in albums, singles and mixtapes of Team Mavins and various artists of the Nigerian scene: “Arise”, “Lori Standing”, “Dorobucci”, and “Adaobi”. His songs are slowly starting to conquer the rest of the world, and slowly his fame is starting to get spread all around the world.

Reekado Banks always has something new in store for us, so he will probably be releasing something new pretty soon. Until then, we can enjoy his songs and dance the night away.

Career Path

When it comes to his career beginnings, his brother played a major role in that as well. Without asking Solomon, his brother sent out his songs to the Mavin Records and submitted them for a competition in which they were looking for new talents.

Even though there were around 5000 requests, he still managed to get chosen as a rising talent. He admitted that his brother submitted the request without his knowledge in an interview with the National Mirror.

His brother even spoke with the label about all the details without telling anything to Reekado, so many wonder if Reekado even wanted to do something like that. However, in the end everything turned out better than expected.

Reekado’s first songs with the Mavin Records label, “Turn It up Tiwa Ti”, “Chop Am” and “Savage” have received and still receive rave reviews by fans and media in Africa. His interventions on the hit Mavins are also very worthy of mention.

On February 14, 2015, his third single, “Katapot” is published online. He started something new and unknown that startled a new trend among music lovers. The song gets awesome reviews, reaching 5th place on iTunes in the first seven days.

Reekado graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He got his diploma in history and strategic studies. School was still important to him, even though he was enjoying all the benefits of fame. Reekado Banks is starting to become very popular on social networks with his often posts on platforms such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

Reekado Banks has a net worth of around 600$ thousand. This net worth is certainly high for someone who is as young as Reekado. He still has plenty of years in front of him to make incredible turn and become even more popular in his own country but also around the globe.

He often shares with his followers on social media, the way he spends his money and how he likes to enjoy his life.

Many of the young people look up to Reekado, which makes him responsible and puts pressure on him to leave a good impression on others.

Another interesting thing about Reekado is that he likes to charge 700 thousand for his performance and doesn’t accept anything less. This definitely allows him to live lavishly, and buy himself the life he always dreamed of.

Personal life

From his real name Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon, Reekado Banks was born on December 6, 1993 in Lagos, Nigeria. The talented singer and songwriter grew up in a much disciplined setting (his father being a pastor).

Listening to different kinds of music, he fell in love with the sweet melodies of the R & B. Music is a family story: his older brother works as a producer. Besides one brother, he also has a sister who is a very talented singer.

Reekado (powerful ruler) Banks (to say wealth) began writing songs at age 15 under the tutelage of his older brother Temi; who teaches him to produce, write and put his voice after discovering his songbook.

Shortly after, Reekado decides to embark on the music. He gets support from his family and friends. Which helps her a lot in getting started.

Temi introduced his little brother’s songs, in 2013, to Don Jazzy’s label, Mavin Records, which at that time was looking for online talent. His voice and his way of putting his voice on the beats make him chosen from more than 5,000 candidates to sign with the label. He becomes a member of the Mavins.

When it comes to his personal life and his relationships, Reekado has been linked to many famous women over the years. He was in a relationship with Emem Inkuikim for a while, but the couple called of the relationship to a disappointment of many.

Reekado graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He got his diploma in history and strategic studies. School was still important to him, even though he was enjoying all the benefits of fame. Reekado Banks is starting to become very popular on social networks with his often posts on platforms such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

He currently has around 5 million followers on Instagram, but he also has many subscribers and followers on other social media platforms as well. This talented young man has plenty of opportunities to make his career even more successful in the future, and we are certain he will manage to do that.

So far, he has conquered the Nigerian audience, but perhaps the road will take him even further and he tries to conquer the rest of the world. His catchy tunes and dance songs are joy for everyone, so it will be hard to resist them.

Quick summary

Full name: Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon

Date of birth: 6 December 1993

Birthplace: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Age: 26

Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 600$ thousand