Redman Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Today you will have the opportunity to find out many interesting things about an American rapper, record producer, DJ and actor who is known as Redman. It is his stage name, but we are going to tell you his real name as well and the most important facts from his life.

If you decide to read this article, you are going to find out all about the career of Redman, as well as about his private life. If you have not heard of this rapper yet, we will explain you thoroughly who he is and what has made him so popular. If you love rap music, then you will certainly enjoy reading this article.

Early Years

Redman was born under the name Reginald Noble, but most people know him as Redman.

He was born on April 17, 1970. The birth place of Redman was Newark, New Jersey.

Redman attended Montclair State University, but he was expelled from it. At that time Redman was 16 years old. After being expelled from the university, he decided to come back home and he lived with his mother.

The name of Redman’s mother is Darlene Noble and it is known that she was very angry at Redman because he was selling cocaine. That’s why she kicked him out of the house.

At the age of 18 Redman was working as a DJ at different house parties all over New Jersey and New York. The person who discovered Redman and who recognized his talents was a rapper Erick Sermon. He decided to help Redman to become famous and successful because he was very talented for music.

Very soon Redman moved to the apartment of Erick Sermon who lived in Long Island. Erick Sermon is a famous American rapper and he had his own band called EPMD. When the band was going on tour Redman joined them and helped them in whatever they needed.

It is important to mention that on this tour Erick Sermon invited Redman to come on stage and to present his song. It was very important for his career because from that event he became officially a rap artist. Actually, he collaborated with Erick Sermon and he started to work on his first album that has a name Whut? Thee Album.

In the following chapter you are going to find out the further development of Redman’s career. You may recognize some of his songs that you may have already heard somewhere.


We can say that Redman is very successful in his career nowadays. We will mention the year 1990 when he appeared on two tracks of EPMD hip-hop band. Those tracks were from their album called Business as Usual.

We have already mentioned that the 1st album of Redman was called Whut? Thee Album and it was released in the year 1992. This album was very successful and Redman was declared as the rap artist of the year. The 2nd album of Redman was called Dare iz a Darkside and it also earned great popularity. It was released in the year 1994. One of the most popular singles from this second album of Redman was Rockafella.

The 3rd album of Redman was released in the year 1996 and its name was Muddy Waters. The most popular songs from this album are It’s Like That (My Big Brother) and Whateva Man. This studio album of Redman was also very successful and there were many other hits from this album.

We have to mention the year 1998 because in this year Redman released album in collaboration with a rap group Def Squad. The name of this album was El Niño. In the same year Redman released also his 4th album that had a name Doc’s Da Name 2000. The 5th album of Redman was released in 2001 and its name was Malpractice. The most popular singles from this fifth album of Redman are Smash Sumthin and Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get in da Club).

When it comes to the career of Redman, we have also to mention his collaboration with Christina Aguilera and her popular hit Dirrty. You may not know that Redman featured in this international hit of Christina Aguilera. Another important collaboration of Redman was with Pink. He featured on the remix of her song Get This Party Started.

We have mentioned five studio albums of Redman, but there is also his 6th studio album that was released in 2007 under the name Red Gone Wild: Thee Album.

We have also to mention a studio album that Redman has made together with an American rapper who is known by his stage name Method Man. The name of this album was Blackout! and it was released in 2009. The collaboration of Redman with Method Man was very important for the whole Redman’s career.

Of course, there is also the 7th album of Redman and it was released in 2010 under the name Redman Presents… Reggie. The most popular singles from this album were Oh My, Coc Back, Money On My Mind and many others.

The 8th studio album of this popular American rapper is Mudface and it was released in the year 2015. It is also important to say that Redman announced that his next album is going to be released in the year 2019. Its name will be Muddy Waters, Too.

You have seen some of the most relevant facts related to the career of Redman, but it is interesting to say that he has experience with acting as well. Actually, he had a role in a comedy film How High. He was acting in this film together with Method Man. The genre of this film is a stoner comedy, which means that it is about cannabis and its use.

It is also interesting to say that Redman had one of the most important roles in Seed of Chucky, which is a black comedy horror film released in 2004.

Those are some of the most important things about Redman’s career, but if you want to find out more about his songs or about his acting career, you can find him on social networks. Before we give you the links that may help you find this popular rapper and actor, you will see a couple of things about his private life.

Personal Life

When it comes to the personal life of Redman, we have already told you where he was born. Also, we have mentioned the name of his mother – Darlene Noble, but we have also to say that his father’s name is Eddie Noble.

Redman has also a sister and her name is Rosalyn Noble, but her stage name is Roz. She is also a rapper and she had her appearances in a couple of Redman’s songs.

We have also to mention that Rahem Brown, who is known as Tame One, is the cousin of Redman.

When it comes to Redman’s marital status, we have to say that he is married. He was in a long-lasting relationship with his wife before they decided to get married.

They have two sons and a daughter. It is interesting that Redman has also two sons from a relationship with some other woman.


Full name: Reginald Noble

Nickname: Redman, Red, Da Doc, Funk Dr. Spock

Date of Birth: April 17, 1970

Age: 49

Birth-sign: Aries

Birth place: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

Residence: Staten Island

Education: Montclair State University

Occupation: Rapper, actor, record producer

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Black

Parents: Eddie and Darlene Noble

Siblings: Sister Rosalyn Noble (Roz)

Marital status: Married

Wife: Unknown

Children: 5 (4 sons and 1 daughter)

Hobbies: Boxing

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 185 cm (6’ 1”)

Weight: 85 kg (187.5 lbs)

Chest Size: 109 cm (43 in)

Waist Size: 86 cm (34 in)

Biceps Size: 39.5 cm (15.5 in)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Distinctive Features: Redman has usually bandanna tied around the head.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $10 million

The estimated net worth of this popular rapper is around 10 million dollars. The most of his wealth comes from his music career as a rapper, but we have to say that he also earns money from acting and appearing in many TV shows. Below you are going to see some of the links that may be helpful for you if you want to find this popular rapper on social networks.

Social Networks

Twitter: (661K followers)

Instagram: (1.4m followers)


Quick Summary

Redman, whose real name is Reggie Noble, is a famous American rapper, actor and record producer.

Also, he was working as a DJ in his early years. He was born in Newark, New York, on April 17, 1970.

The first album of Redman was Whut? Thee Album (1992) and it was very popular. His second album was Dare Iz a Darkside (1994), while his third album was Muddy Waters (1996).

The name of Redman’s fourth album was Doc’s da Name 2000 (1998), while his fifth album had a name Malpractice (2001). Red Gona Wild: Thee Album (2007) was the sixth album of Redman and his seventh album was Reggie (2010).

The eighth studio album of this popular rapper was Mudface and it was released in 2015. He announced that his ninth album will be released in 2019 under the name Muddy Waters, Too. If you love the music that Redman makes, then you are certainly waiting this album with big impatience.

We have also to mention that Redman has collaborated with many other rappers and singers, but one of the most important collaborations was the one with a rapper called Method Man.

The approximate net worth of Redman is 10 million dollars, so we can say that he is one of the wealthiest American rappers. He has a lot of popular songs that were on the top of many music charts.

However, we have told you that Redman is not only a rapper, but he is also a DJ, record producer and actor.

He is married and he has three children with his wife (two sons and a daughter). He has also two sons from another relationship.

To sum up, we can say that today Redman is a successful rapper who has rich career and a peaceful family life. Public loves him and they are waiting for his new album to be released.