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Rebecca King Crews Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

You may have heard of Terry Crews, a comedy icon on TV, but you don’t want to miss Rebecca King-Crews, his one and only wife, friend, and a partner, known also as an outstanding mother.

Rebecca is the most valuable member of the Crews family which could be noticed in their reality TV show named „The Family Crews“ when it aired on TV. This is one of the most popular and unproblematic family reality shows ever and many people praise the family for that.

Many people think of her only as of the wife of Terry Crews but she doesn’t mind it anymore because she had succeeded in her own career. She said that this used to bother her a lot, but she learned to mind her own business and it made her happier.

She knows her worth and achievements as a gospel singer, inspirational speaker and a mother of five children.

Early years

She was born as Rebecca King on December 24, 1965, in the town of Benton Harbor, in the state of Michigan, in the United States. She said that growing up in the United States was a pretty good start because you have greater chances to run into someone and get a working contract.

Benton Harbor is a small town with a little over 10 thousand citizens, so she wasn’t really in the center of America. She enjoyed spending her time there because it was very peaceful, but she knew that she will have to move eventually.

She was raised up by parents of different races so she has learned about her African-American origins and also about Christianity from a very early age. She said that this mix of cultures was a very good place to start when it comes to tolerance and motivational speaking. Getting to know everyone is very beneficial when spreading positivity.

Rebecca was raised in a family where music was very appreciated so she started singing at a very early age. She said that she always felt as if singing was her call and many people loved her voice so they told her to go into professional singing. She knew that she wasn’t really interested in that, but she wanted to keep pursuing gospel.

She went to the church with her parents and sang gospel and loved to hear her own voice. She felt a special connection to God from her early years. This brought her many more chances later on in life, she says.

She was raised in Gary, a town settled in Indiana where she went to elementary school and high school.

She has graduated in 1985 as one of the top students in her high school. It was the same high school „Lew Wallace School“ where she was a member of the theatre group.

Rebecca didn’t have a happy childhood. She grew up alongside an abusive father called Jack Winston Lund and her mother Anna Mae Parks.

After her father died she shared her thoughts on her Instagram account explaining that her father was a good man but that he was also a drunk who showed his worse under the influence of alcohol.

She grew up alongside her sister Elizabeth Jane and a brother Samuel Taylor and she loves them both dearly. They have always been very well connected and the siblings spent time together trying to bond as much as possible before they part ways.

She also appeared in a movie titled „Blueberry“ where she acted as a woman named Grace. She said that acting was very interesting for her, but singing was still her first love and she didn’t want to spend more time on other things.

In her young days, she found happiness in church, especially in singing gospel. She was a member of a music group named „The Chosen Ones“ which was a very important thing for her.

She started writing songs when she was only 9 years old. She said that writing lyrics made her feel as if she was getting out all of her negative emotions and she was finally feeling free.

Her mother used to take her to the theatre where she was Donna Summer and other known musicians. It was a big event for her back in the day, and she loved to spend time with her mother as well, so these events are very positive memories for her.

Her mother was a big lover of music so she made them get music lessons. Rebecca learned to play both the piano and guitar while her brother played the drums.

Her father was a musician just like her stepfather but her stepfather was the one to take her to jazz clubs to learn about jazz. She said that learning about all of the different genres in the world helped her a lot to learn about the music itself.

Her mother also sings great and is a member of a church choir. This is probably what lead her to the church in the beginning.

She wanted to teach her children the importance of classical music and musicals. She said that she never wanted to push anything onto them, just show them many things to so they can choose the ones that are right for them.

She had many roles in high school plays from „The Wiz“ to „Music Man“. They were mostly musicals since she had a great voice.

Rebecca loved musicals from the first time she has seen it on TV but it was even better when she played a part of it live. It was a completely different experience, she said.

Even then she was very known for her voice and was a popular member of the school’s choir. She practiced singing a lot.

She was only 19 when something very beautiful happened to her and motivated her to become a star: she was crowned as Miss Gary at this young age.

She was very beautiful (and still is) and since she was so talented she was very well-liked. Many people told her that she is having beginner’s luck due to her looks, but she never listens to those people and claims they are just unhappy.

Since she was a good student and had a great musical talent she continued her college education at the Western Michigan University where she excelled in various musical performances.

This gave her an opportunity to pursue her career even more and to achieve her dreams and hopes.

After finishing college she started working musical productions but she also gained her fame through a lot of TV series.

Career development

Rebecca started acting in TV series in 1996. It was through her appearance in a popular TV show „E! True Hollywood Story“.

She was later invited to appear in various shows like „The Vendy Williams Show“ and „The Mo’Nique Show“.

She had a small guest role in the last show. Due to her relationship with Terry, she soon became invited to many events and has appeared in a lot of women magazines such as „Today’s Black Woman” and „Reality Magazine”.

She is very popular for her involvement in a lot of charity organizations and in the work of Christian church communities.

A reality show about Rebecca and her family aired for several years on BET TV. It was named „The Family Crew” and it showed the daily lives of their members. The show ended in 2011.

Rebecca established herself in the world of music with her hit „Can I Stay?“ and through her great gospel singing.

Rebeca is a very strong and proud woman and after she found out about her husband’s pornography addiction she threw him out of the house.

Terry realized that he did wrong to his family so he worked hard to gain her trust and they have overcome this issue. This was a very vulnerable time in their lives, but she said that they overcame everything together in the end because they had a true connection.

In 2018, Rebecca and her husband Terry appeared in „The Bachelor“.

They will be training contestants for the competition named „Bachelor’s Strongest Woman“ which is connected to the area of fitness.

Rebecca has over 60 thousand followers on her Instagram account where she also promotes her work. She not only sings but she writes songs too.

She regularly works out and posts her photos on her Instagram. She uses Instagram to promote her work as a motivational speaker.

In the fall of 2018, it was revealed to the public that Rebecca King Crews has been releasing songs under her pseudonym Regina Madre for a long period of years. He finally chose 2018 as the year to discover this to the world.

She has released a couple of new songs but this time under her real name and identity and explained why did she hide her identity in the first place.

She said that she chose this way because of the stigma of being a celebrity wife which made all of her effort in music meaningless because everybody assumed that she became successful because of her husband.

She explained that she wanted people to listen to her music without prejudice and unbias.

She has released her first single under her true identity in 2018 and it was titled „Breathless”. She claimed that it is a very personal song which she wrote herself since she is a great songwriter.

The single was followed by a music video, which was also very emotional and personal since her husband Terry Crews appeared in it in the main role.

Her other single „Destiny“ was also a hit single and was very much aired on the radio stations.

She chose her pseudonym Regina Madre because the word Regina means Queen in Latin and Madre is Mother.

She found it interesting to call herself Regina because her surname is King so she just became the female version on the throne.

She has a logo on her pictures. It is in the shape of a heart with five petals being her five children so you can see that she likes the symbolics of things.

Personal life

Rebecca has met her husband Terry in the late ’80s and she got married to him in the summer of 1990.

They had problems during the marriage as a lot of man and women had but they always stood by each other and wouldn’t let something ruin the life and marriage they built.

Their relationship goes back in the past while they were still at college.

Terry Crews was a known football player who had a great career in front of him and she was always his rock.

Their marital problems filled the magazines but they always seemed to handle the situation in the end.

Her husband Terry wrote his autobiography, sharing a shocking part of his private life.

In the autobiography „Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just live with one” he has revealed some very private information which shed a light on his marriage and his addictions.

It is revealed that he was heavily addicted to pornography which made his family’s life miserable.

He started having marital problems and it was a huge problem they solved in the end.

Rebecca gave birth to her oldest daughter Naomi in 1989. It was one year before she entered the marriage with Terry Crews.

She has four more children other than Naomi, all with Terry as their father.

She has three daughters named Azriel, Tera and Wynfrey and one son named Isaiah.

Naomi, her oldest daughter isn’t Terry’s daughter but she has her with a man named Charles Burton. Naomi is also now a young mother so Rebecca is a grandmother too.

Rebecca had gone through 90 Days of special marriage arrangement with her husband Terry and it was a period when they withhold from sex and completely focus on the relationship talking and cuddling.

Both she and her husband told that it was a great way to bond.

Quick summary

Full name: Rebecca King

Date of birth: December 24, 1965

Birthplace: Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States

Age: 54

Profession: actress, singer, motivational speaker, activist

Height: 173 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million