Rasheeda Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Rasheeda, also written RaSheeda, is a very popular female rapper and designer from the United States who has proved herself s a great businesswoman and an awesome TV celebrity.

Early years

She was born as Rasheeda W. Buckner on May 25, 1976, in the town of Decatur in Illinois in the United States. Rasheeda has previously stated that she enjoyed her childhood in the States and that she had a lot of fun meeting new people during her childhood. She always liked to connect with others and that’s probably why she found music a good choice for her.

She was the youngest kid in her family with one older brother and one older sister she always got along with. Her family was always pretty well connected to each other and they used to spend a lot of time together, mostly when they would go camping and similar stuff.

Rasheeda never revealed any information about her family but it is known that she has a mother Shirleen Harvell. Her family is also very open and they support each other and each other’s goals.

She appeared with Rasheeda on TV once in an episode of the TV show. She said that she would maybe like to pursue an acting career one day but she currently does not have the time to do that.

Career development

In 1997 she started her music career by becoming a member of „Da Kaperz”, a hip hop trio with whom she stayed and performed in a period of 3 years.

One of the other members of the group was a singer named Kia Phillips.

The girls have released their first and only album in 1998 and it was named after the group: “Da Kaperz”.

The album gained attention and went to No. 68 on the Billboard’s R&B Albums.

Kirk Frost, the man who will later become her husband and manager, became the group’s manager and even appeared in one of their songs titled “Don’t Stop”.

She launched her own career as a solo artist in 2000. Due to her being already known artist she gained a contract with Motown Records who released her first album titled „Dirty South“ in 2001.

The album immediately entered the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Chart on No. 77.

The album already had various guest appearances from Nelly, Pastor Troy and more.

The album became known because of her first hit named „Do It“. Her 2nd album was self-released through a label named D-LO and was named „A Ghetto Dream“.

She released it in 2002 and is different from the first one because it is bolder and faster.

The album was produced by Lil’ Jon. Her first guest appearance on someone’s single was on „Vibrate” by Pablo and Nivea’s hit „You Like It Like That”.

Her 4th album came in 2007 and she named it „Dat Type of Girl“. It was released by a label named Imperial Records and went to No. 80 on Billboard album chart.

The album received attention because of her single „Got That Good” which became a hit. She guest appeared on „Like This” single performed by Mims.

After this huge success, she decided to create a hip hop duo with Kandi Burrus, and the ladies named it „Peach Candy”.

In 2009, her own label D-Lo Entertainment in collaboration with Block Starz Music has released „Certified“, her very own first mixtape ever.

„Certified Hot Chick“ is the name of her fifth album which was released through Imperial and the single „Boss Chick“ came up to No. 65 on the Billboard Hot chart.

2012 brought Rasheeda’s 6th album „Boss Chick Music“ this time released through Google Play as well as through D-LO Entertainment.

The album was highly promoted on reality TV series she starred in: Love & Hip Hop: Atlant and Bad Girls Club: Atlanta. She made music videos for „Marry Me” and „Legs to the Moon”.

In 2015 she premiered a song named „I Meant It” through the reality show „Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

This single was the announcement of the album. She was very happy to be putting out music and spending time with their fans on her newest tour. She said that her ultimate dream is to create a worldwide tour that would connect all of her audience.

Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost started appearing on „Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta“ reality show aired on VH1 in 2012.

She also gained a guest role in a TV series „Rosewood“ aired on Fox, in 2015.

As she is a very capable businesswoman she already released her own cosmetic line named „Poiz Cosmetics”. She also has her own website where she sells her apparel and other accessories.

In the summer of 2015, she has opened her own store settled in Atlanta. It is named Pressed Boutique.

Rasheeda also had a guest appearance in Kandi’s wedding in 2014, which is a reality documentary series aired on Bravo.

She was nominated for BET Awards twice, in 2010 and 2013. Both times it was in the category for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. She was very honored to be nominated and this brought her a lot of social media following as well because a lot of people found her interesting and thought that they could give her music a shot as well.

Personal life

While she was a little girl she was always infatuated with music and while being a pupil in the elementary school she started writing great poetry which eventually took her to hip-hop as she became older.

She was a good student in high school and was also very hardworking. She worked in a restaurant for a few years in order to manage to collect money for her studio work.

She even enrolled college but soon after admittance, she learned that it just wasn’t her cup of tea and that music is too important for her to leave it.

After her boutique started earning she opened another one in a different location, in Houston.

She also released a digital fitness program completed with a video. It is a program consisting of short workouts that can help you lose weight.

She was a gymnast in high school so it is no wonder that she followed her passion and continued exercising and healthy diet later in life

She was always very active as a teenager and she was in her high school’s basketball team too.

She stated that her beginnings were more difficult then anyone would think because she had her own label and it was hard for her to become noticed in the music industry mainly dominated by men.

She says that she would never succeed in running her own business if it weren’t for her husband Kirk, her mother and her aunt, and her stepdaughter too.

Her most amazing role models are Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama but she also has huge respect for P.Diddy, who is also a very capable businessman.

In 1999, she got married to Kirk Frost with whom she has two sons. One son is named Ky and was born in 2000, and the other is Karter and was born in 2013.

She has met her husband Kirk when he became the manager of her group “Da Kaperz” after which he started managing her solo career too.

Her marriage has its ups and downs and the latest problem in it rocked her marriage quite a bit.

The public learned about it in one episode of a TV reality show where she started crying because of her pain when she realized that her husband isn’t faithful to her.

And not only that he is not faithful to her but he has a child with another woman which was a great shock for all. The woman is named Jasmine Washington, a stripper, and she turned her life around.

Jasmine claims that Kirk is the father of her son Kannon, but the rapper denies it and didn’t want to take a paternity test to prove it is not true.

This was a confirmation to Rasheeda that it must be true, and even if the child isn’t his he still didn’t deny he slept with the woman and cheated on her.

It is enough for an independent, beautiful and empowered woman as Rasheeda to part from the unfaithful husband.

In 2018, during her cast in the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality TV show Rasheeda confirmed that she is currently split from her husband Kirk Frost and that they are still communicating trying to be there for their children.

They don’t want to finish their marriage on bad terms but they want their children not to feel anxious about it.

A part of the public doesn’t believe that this story is even true and they claim that Rasheeda and her husband made up the whole story and are paying Jasmine Washington to confirm it although it is not true.

Quick summary

Full name: Rasheeda W. Buckner

Date of birth: May 25, 1976

Birthplace: Decatur, Illinois, United States

Age: 43

Profession: singer, songwriter, businesswoman, TV personality, actress

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Net Worth: $900,000