Rakim Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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Music is among people from the beginning of humanity and music has always given joy and peace to all people. Music is for joy and for happines, but it also helps us in situations when we are sad and disappointed.

That’s why music has always been amongst us and different musical styles have developed throughout history.

Nowadays, we can find many different types of music, and each person has his favorite genre. Our current theme is dedicated to rap music and today we will describe this kind of music and a rapper who gained popularity in the world of this music.

When we talk about rap music, it was created during the 80s in America and in the beginning this music belonged to the Black people. They created this direction of music and in the coming years this music became popular throughout the world. Rap music has always been controversial and in these songs the rappers have expressed their emotions and their own personal opinion. Many parents advised their children not to listen to this kind of music because it is violent and does not bring good and positive messages.

In the coming years this music became more and more popular, and in the present time rap music is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Today there are many rappers who have different styles and who send different messages to the audience. Also in the present time there are different directions of rap music and in today’s theme we will try to describe to you the rapper who is popular around the world.

In this subject we will tell the story about one of the most talented and best rappers who appeared on the rap scene.

This rapper began his career in 1985 and he is one of the founders of the rap scene. His artistic name is Rakim, and this rapper has been an idol to many rappers who wanted to deal with this music.

He has achieved a lot of success in this music and has created various styles that helped to develop rap music. One of his albums, Paid In Full, was named as the best rap album in history in 2006. This award was made on MTV television and this was one of his greatest successes. Rakim managed to make an excellent rap career and make a huge financial profit from rap music and in this article we will talk about his childhood, but also about his private life and his career.

Early Years

Rakim or William Michael Griffin Jr. was born January 28, 1968 in Wyandanch, New York, USA. He grew up with his parents and with his brother and one sister in this city, and his parents always paid great attention to their childrens. Rakim has always been an exemplary son who tried to be good at school and at home. He and his younger brother always had a great deal of agreement and they were in excellent communication.Rakim enrolled in elementary school in his hometown but he did not finished his school with great success.

During his primary school, he and his younger brother began to listen to rap music. They wrote their songs and wanted to make a rap career in the future. When Rakim was 15, he recorded his first song with the help of his friend from the school who also loved rap music.

In the following years, they continued to deal with rap music and continued to record common songs. They founded a joint group but they didnt recorded any proffesional song together. Their friends and many rap music fans thought that they had a great talent and that they would succeed in making a rap career in the future.

In the coming years, his younger brother dedicated himself to the other job and he stoped to rap and he wanted to change his profession. Rakim continued to record rap music and he wanted to become succesful in this bussines. He made connection with other rappers from his city and in next period he started to make proffesional rap songs.

While he was in high school, Rakim had a baseball talent, and many people thought that he should devote himself to this sport. In the first year of high school, he was selected as the best baseball player in his school. His parents wanted him to do sports, but Rakim decided to make a rap career and become a great musician.

During high school, Rakim had a relationship with a girl who was of Asian origin. Her parents did not want her to be in relationship to Rakim, and they had to stop the relationship. After that event, Rakim was very sad and he consecrated some of the following songs to this girl with whom he could not stay in relationship.


Rakim began his rap career in 1985 when he collaborated with his friend Eric B. They shared a common love for this music and decided to start recording rap songs. In the coming years, they recorded over 10 common songs and began to hold concerts all over the United States.

In 1989, they recorded their first joint album and this album became one of the most popular in the history of American hip hop. In the first 2 weeks this album was sold in over 500,000 copies throughout the United States. In the following period, this album began to be sold worldwide, and this duo managed to make an excellent financial profit. They have become one of the most popular music duets around the world and have made it possible to make rap music popular.

From 1990 to 1992, they released two more albums, which became very popular and which managed to capture audiences around the world. With the help of them, rap music has reached popularity and they have become one of the most popular rappers around the world.

Their collaboration ended after 1992 when they released their last joint album and after this year Rakim started a solo career. His solo career career was not successful, and Rakim had trouble in finding a production house. He also had problems with the law and he had to go to court several times. Nevertheless, he managed to make a comeback in rap music and in 1996 and he released his first single that has achieved a lot of success in the USA.

From 1997 to 1999, Rakim released several singles who had achieved a lot of success, but only in 2000 released his first album for a new production house in the USA. After this year, Rakim managed to establish cooperation with many famous rappers and managed to make a big hit in 2001 with Eminem. After this year, his career has re-started ascending and Rakim has again become one of the most popular rappers in the USA.

In the following years, Rakim continued to build an excellent rap career and managed to establish cooperation with many famous rappers.

He held a big concert in New York in 2005 and this was one of the biggest concerts in the USA. After this year, he decided to also make production and managed to establish his own studio. In this studio, he released several albums, but he also collaborated with new young rappers.

By 2017, he released three new albums and collaborated with many rap, pop and rnb artists. Rakim managed to become one of the best rappers in the history of American hip hop and he is one of the founders of this music. During his career, Rakim managed to make a profit of about 15 million dollars and managed to make many popular songs that are still heard today. He is still active in this music, but he is currently mostly involved in the production of rap music. He stated that he would continue to deal with rap music in the future.

Personal Life

Rakim is still one of the most popular rappers in the USA and he is a rapper who is still very popular. He managed to make an excellent career and he is one of the founders of hip hop music. Many rap fans believe that he is the best rapper in the history of this music.

Rakim is still active in this music and is currently engaged in producing. He is also active on social networks and he has over 700,000 followers on social networks. Rakim did not have much controversial situations during his career and he is one of the models for many people who started to deal with this kind of music.

Quick Summary

Full Name: William Michael Griffin Jr.

Birthplace: Wyandanch, New York, USA

Date of birth: January 28, 1968

Age: 51

Proffesion: Rapper, Music producer

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: $15 million