Prince Royce Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Prince Royce is the professional stage name of Geoffrey Royce Rojas, a popular American singer of Latin descent who became very popular for his music with Latin roots and his love for bachata music.

Royce is also a very handsome young man who was more than once called out as one of the hottest and sexiest Latin singers. He has a huge fanbase, and women are especially interested in him and his music.

Prince Royce never denied that it is easier to become popular if you don’t just sing well but also look good.

He has made notable collaboration with several other American music stars like Snoop Dogg and Jeniffer Lopez who are considered stars in the United States. This made it a lot easier for him to move on in his career and gain the status of a celebrity.

Early years

He was born as Geoffrey Royce Rojas on May 11, 1989, in the part of New York called the Bronx. This neighborhood is known for its mixed population, with people from all over the world coming to New York hoping to live the American dream.

He was born into a working family with both mother and father of Dominican descent working in demanding workplaces, trying to provide for the family.

His father Ramon Royce was a cab driver and he was often doing extra hours to provide a better life for his family. His mum Angela was employed in a beauty salon and also tried to work extra to give her children a better life and education. He is very thankful for both his parents and says that they are the reason he is very confident and happy today.

He is very grateful to his parents for everything they have done to raise him and his brothers and sisters.

Geoffrey has three more siblings. Two of them are younger than him and one is older. They are all connected and wish they could spend a bit more time together, but it’s simply not possible for them because they are on different sides of the world.

His family was religious and he was raised in a Christian environment. He went to church every Sunday and was thought to lead a moral life. He said that his family influenced him to do this and he was very happy that they did because he found himself in the Church.

He showed interest in music from an early age so he was a choir member in his elementary school. He was also very competitive and eager to succeed so he had enrolled himself to every talent show in the proximity of his home.

His parents motivated him in singing and writing songs since they both seen how talented he is and chose to invest as much as they could in his dream. They knew that he was going to be famous and that’s why they helped him pursue his talents.

He was a boy of 13 when he started writing his lyrics and poetry and he soon became a skilled songwriter. He performed Christmas songs in school and at the church every year around the time of holidays. The people at church praised him for his great voice and we’re always thrilled to see and hear him perform.

He was 15 years old when he started creating his own music with his friend Jose, also known as Jiso. They have become a music duo called “El Duo Real”. One year later he started to collaborate with Donzell Rodriguez, a good friend of his, who was also very interested in music.

Career development

Royce began to be more interested in bachata music and industry and decided to focus on it. He was introduced to Andres Hidalgo when he was 18.

Hidalgo really liked his music very much and became his manager after hearing his demo tape. Hidalgo explained Royce that it would be a pity for him not to pursue a music career since he had so much talent.

Royce decided to listen to his manager and started focusing only on his music career, Royce made several demo tapes and performed in clubs until his manager Andres gave his demo tapes to Sergio George, a known record producer who worked with many great Latin musicians.

Sergio liked his music very much and he signed him to his own label called Top Stop Music. This was a major event for him and he was very happy that he got this opportunity.

In 2010, Royce has released his first studio album which was produced by his manager and by Sergio George. The album was quite successful, eventually entering the Billboard Latin Albums in 15th place.

He has made a lead single “Stand by Me” as a cover of the same song from 1961 and it soon entered the Top 10 of Latin charts. The second single which was released from this album was a major hit named “Corazon Sin Cara” which made to No. 1. Of all Latin chart. The album was eventually sold in so many copies that it was certified double platinum.

In 2011 Royce’s debut album was nominated in the category of the Best Contemporary Album on the famous Latin Grammy Awards. He himself was invited to perform his hit “Stand by Me”. He was very proud of it since he did it on the stage with the song’s original singer called Ben E. King.

This moment Prince often mentions as a turning point in his career because from then on he was known all over the state and he felt that he finally does not have to prove himself to anyone.

Also in 2011, he received three awards at Premio Lo Nuestro Awards event, and his song “Stand By Me” was the winner in the category for the Song of the Year. He gained multiple nominations at Latin Billboard Music Awards, ending it with 3 wins.

Due to his big success, he had signed a contract with a known record label titles Atlantic Records. This was a huge thing for him because this record company only worked with the best, from Aretha Franklin to Ed Sheeran.

The idea was that he should release one album in English to attract an American audience of all descents. He started working on the album and in the meantime, he joined Enrique Iglesias on his world tour which was a huge thing for him. Enrique’s fans were introduced to him so he managed to grow his own fanbase.

In the spring of 2012 Royce has finally released his long-awaited album named “Phase II”. It was released by Top Stop Music and it ended on No. 1. Of US Billboard Latin Albums Chart. The album was also certified Platinum by RIAA. The album was very well received since it had English and Spanish songs and a lot of mixed music styles including bachata music.

Royce was always proud of his roots and never doubted in his mind that he had to make songs in Spanish.

In 2012 he gained the title as one of “Sexiest Men Alive” listed by People’s Magazine which was very surprising for him because he never thought that he is more handsome than others.

This album was nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards the same year but didn’t receive the award. He said that he was a bit sad, but in the end, thankful for the fact that he was noticed by people in his country.

In 2012 his compilation album was released and it was very lucrative for him because it sold in thousands and reached platinum.

In 2013 Royce discovered a problem between him and his Top Stop label which ended the two filing lawsuits against each other. He transferred to Sony Music Entertainment and that collaboration eventually ended in his first album in English.

He received the Latin Songwriter of the Year Award in 2013 and was very touched while receiving it. He was very happy because he was finally getting the credit he deserved.

He judged and coached children in a singing competition called “The Voice”, changed to “La Voz Kids”, aired by Telemundo.

In autumn 2013 he had released his 3rd album called “Soy el Mismo” with a great leading song called “Darte un Beso”. This quickly became a hit and he was very happy because it was on top of many charts in the world.

Although he was nominated in various categories at Latin Grammy Awards he didn’t receive any. Instead, he had won “Streaming Song of the Year” Award eventually proving his talent.

Hai fourth album released by RCA Record came out in 2015 and it was his debut English album. His lead single “Stuck on a Feeling” was made in collaboration with Snoop Dog. This single entered the Billboard Hot 100 Chart on 43rd place and is his most successful English single.

In 2015 he helped to make a song “My Angel” which went on the Soundtrack of “Furious 7”, an extremely popular American action movie.

He was an opening act for Ariana Grande who starting her “The Honeymoon” tour. It was a huge privilege to open for such a big star.

His album “Double Vision” was a success so it also entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His single with J-Lo and Pitbull named “Back it Up” gained a nomination for the Latin Grammy Award but eventually was not the winner.

In 2015 he announced his fourth album with the single “Culpa al Corazon”. He made a music video for the song with an American model called Emeraude Toubia. She is a beautiful and successful model.

He gained a role in a TV series called “East Los High” because a dance teacher was wanted.

In 2013 he was honored with La Musa Award.

In 2017 the council of the Bronx neighborhood gave him a place in the Bronx Hall of Fame. It was the same year when he was honored by a street being named after him.

In 2017 he was one of the runners at the New York City Marathon helping to raise funds for children’s education.

His wife Emerande is a very beautiful TV actress and a model. They got married on the Mexican Hill called “San Miguel De Allende” and had 5 days long celebration wedding.

Personal life

He is in a relationship with Emerande from 2011 and they got engaged in 2017. They finally got married in 2018. The couple wanted a very small and private wedding ceremony so they have invited a small group of friends and family to join them at the event.

He likes sports very much so he skydives go skiing and have his own skateboard. He often goes to baseball matches since it is his favorite sport to watch.

He is a big fan of the New York Yankees and he says that it’s the thrill and the adrenaline that make their games so enjoyable.

He is known for wearing diamond studs in ears.

He has a little less than 12 million followers on his Instagram channel and a few million on his other social media accounts.

He has a big tattoo on his right shoulder which includes roses and time elements such as clock hands.

Just like most men he also likes playing video games and his favorite is Call of Duty.

Quick summary

Full name: Geoffrey Royce Rojas

Date of birth: May 11, 1989

Birthplace: New York, United States

Age: 30

Profession: Singer, songwriter, model, record producer, Instagram celebrity

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 72 kg

Net Worth: $12 million