Pouya Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Pouya is the surname and the stage name of an American rapper whose parents aren’t American but have different nationalities: his mother originates from Cuba and his father came from Iran.

He is very popular in the United States and his hip-hop album named „Underground Underdog“ came to the top of hip-hop charts. It is a very popular album that reached many people and became a famous piece of art.

He is known for his often conflicts with the law which gained him a notorious reputation. Many people think that he is more famous for his controversy than he is for his work in the industry.

Pouya is extremely focused on money and material things and he always shows off with his gold chains and extra expensive watches and jewelry. He loves to buy new things and spends a bunch of time shopping. It relaxes him.

Early years

He was born as Kevin Pouya on December 20, 1994, in a town of Miami in Florida in the United States. No one ever thought that he would be as famous as he is.

His mum and dad are divorced but he sees them from time to time. This left an impact on him and he later had to reconnect with his parents in order to have peace.

He wasn’t much of a pupil since he spent most of his time making music instead of learning. That is why he came up to an idea to leave school in his 10th grade (he was a student at Westland Hialeah high school). He wanted to start his music career and was extremely focused on rapping and improving his own rapping skills.

Kevin’s best friend was Fat Nick. Fat Nick dropped out of school before Kevin and did it for the same reason: he wanted to make a music career just as Pouya. The two of them spent a lot of time making rhymes.

Pouya lived his entire childhood in Miami with his grandmother. He has met his best friend Nick when he was in the 7th grade and they have become inseparable. They spent a lot of time together making rhymes and enjoying their time together as a musical duo.

They both liked skateboarding and music so they soon became a classy duo. Both of them were always trying to rise above others and show off.

in the 10th grade, he told his parents that he wants to quit school and they were mad at him but after they realized that he is not joking they forced him to get a job. he worked as a busboy for one year until he realized that he is going to lose his dream to become a rapper so he quit.

He used to sell weed while he was in high school. This gave him a quite of a reputation and this created fuss around him, which later turned to bigger controversy.

The duo was in good terms with SpaceGhostPurrp, an American rapper and a big music producer who originates from Miami too. They spent a bunch of time together partying as well.

Career development

They began their music paths by creating their own hip-hop group called the „Buffet Boys“. They tried to become successful by performing as a duo but eventually, they became a quartet, when Germ and Shake joined their group.

Although they tried really hard they didn’t get much attention from the public so both of the group founders, Fat Nick and Pouya, decided to make their solo careers as rappers. they’ve believed that they are better musicians and that it only takes time for others to recognize their value.

Fat Nick and Pouya worked together for a very long period of time and they knew each other very well so they were good entertainers together. they had developed their own styles which fit together very well.

That is why Fat Nick and Kevin Pouya started their own online show which gained a lot of attention. They also had a bunch of controversy going around their show and many people were tweeting about them as well.

the show made one thing happen: they met GhostPurrp’s Raider Klan, with members Denzel Curry Xavier Wulf, Yung Simmie, and Chris Travis. they became friends and helped Fat Nick and Pouya to launch their careers. This was the rocket launch of their career and it was very important for both of them.

They uploaded comedy sketches and entertained the public with their humor. At that time, it seemed that they were better with comedy than their music. The show was named „The Nick & Pouya Show”. Although they started earning more serious money with their show, Kevin was still not satisfied with the fact that his music career was still at the same place.

In 2012 he started releasing his singles, trying to get recognition now that he was known for his show. He has also released an album but it wasn’t such a success he hoped it will be. He had to work much more and much harder to gain fans later on because no one trusted him yet, especially since he was a pretty controversial man.

In 2013, Kevin finally succeeded in making a hit-single. His song „Baby Bone“ became a big hit and he released an album with the same name. The public even started calling him Baby Bone.

After that, he has released several singles and made a lot of collaborations. He made singles „What makes” and „Drop’ em off” in collaboration with his good friend Nick. Kevin Pouya was featured on Fat Nick’s album too.

He collaborated with Sir Michael Rocks, Scott Brady and with many more artists. This brought him a lot of fans because he kept appearing on other people’s social media. He was being tagged in posts and people started to find out much more things about him. It was both interesting and exciting for him to see this growth.

His debut album from 2012 which wasn’t such a big success was called „Fuck it“ and it was followed by several other albums like „The Underground Underdog“, „South Slide Slays“ and „Baby Bone“. In March 2018 he has released an album called „FIVE FIVE“.

Ramirez, Shake well and Yin Yang Twins guest appeared on his popular album „The Underground Underdog”.

He is very popular on SoundCloud where he reached the number of 400k followers.

In 2016, Pouya appeared as a guest on Rich Cxhigga’s single „Dat $tick”.

His latest album „Five Five“ is a mixtape named for his own height. He isn’t really a tall guy and that has always bothered him so he decided to laugh about it instead of being hurt about it.

His favorite rapper is Andre 3000, a rapper and a producer from Atlanta and he was influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan and Outkast. He liked to switch up his musical influences from time to time to gain a bit of that special feeling.

Personal life

He began his relationship with Young Coco in 2013. Young Coco is an Instagram celebrity from Pittsburgh who is known to be fighting with the Synovial Sarcoma. He did gain some sympathy from people when he started to date her, but the media thinks that he did it on purpose to look better in people’s eyes. Many judge him because of this, but he really doesn’t care.

If you want to know some interesting facts about him think about his name because Pouya means dynamic a Persian (his father was from Iran).

He was involved in a huge controversy in September 2018 when a young tattoo artist accused him and two of his friends for a sexual assault.

The girl involved in controversy was named Ellie. She bought a ticket and a VIP pass for Pouya and Fat Nick Live Show. After she entered the VIP zone she met Pouya and Nick but was more interested in Ghostemane, their featured guest.

Pouya invited her to joined them in the hotel and told her that this is an opportunity for her to talk with Ghostemane more. After she came up Pouya took her to another room where he and his two friends sexually assaulted her and took her phone so she couldn’t call anybody.

Pouya considers himself an underground rapper and is happy that he doesn’t have to be bonded by a record label.

Pouya has been battling with depression for a long period of time and he shares his feelings with his fans. he confessed that he has panic attacks and that he is sometimes thinking about morbid stuff too.

He has over 800 k followers on his Instagram account. He has his merchandise on his web site and it can also be bought overInstagram.

His girlfriend Coco runs a company named Baby Coco Lash which sells beautiful fake eyelashes.

Her real name is Courtney Neville and she is fighting her cancer very bravely. She endured radiation and operation and he was by her side through that.

Quick summary

Full name: Kevin Pouya

Date of birth: December 20, 1994

Birthplace: Miami. Florida, United States

Age: 25

Profession: rapper

Height: 165 cm


Net Worth: $500,000