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Popularmmos Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

All bankruptcy vultures, and anyone who hates their jobs, now have to be particularly brave: the next ten creators will make millions what they want. And even you’re embarrassed “thumbs down” will not stop them from bathing like Dagobert Duck in money.

How much money is exactly in their money storage, unfortunately, is hard to say: The gentlemen are covered over how much advertising, sponsorship and Co. they earn.

Besides popular actors, TV personalities and singers, there is a new sort of celebrities in recent few years. You tubers are becoming more and more popular and their presence in the public eye is becoming increasingly higher. We are going to talk about their net worth, lifestyle, personal life and career.

In today’s text we are going to talk about Popularmmos, one of the most popular you tubers today. We will talk about his net worth and how his career actually started. So, if he is one of your favorite you tubers, here is a chance to find more information about him.

Early Years

Patrick Brown was born on November 25th 1988 in Connecticut. There aren’t many information about his early years and private life, because he mostly likes to talk about games and the theme of his channel is mainly on Minecraft.

What we do know is that Brown has a half-brother called Billy, but the two of them seem to have a shaky relationship.

Brown graduated from College and has a degree in psychology. Seems like he didn’t just want to keep YouTube career as his primary career and he wanted to have a backup plan. The name of his YouTube channel came from the advertisement he did for the Popular MMo’s. com.

After his channel exploded and fans started pouring in, he kept the same name and became known under this nickname to millions of people.

Patrick unloaded his first video in 2012. The name of the video was run escape and right now he has over 4000 videos on his channel.

His channel is currently one of the biggest channels on YouTube, especially when we are talking about Minecraft.

This popular game is still attracting a lot of fans and the popularity of this game seems to be still quite high. He is pretty active on his social media and likes sharing photos with his fans.

Career Path

Patrick’s career started in 2012 when he posted his first video. The name of his first video was Run escape and it currently has around 400 thousand views. He continued posting videos about Minecraft and over time this became the theme of his channel.

He has around 16 million subscribers, and his channel is one of the biggest when it comes to gaming channels. Besides posting videos about Minecraft, he also posts videos talking about Tera, 100 Ways to Die and Artkantica.

Besides being on the Popularmmos channel, he opened two more channels called DungeonNoodAdventure and PatVsThe World. The channels are also about games, especially about Cinnamon, Habanero and others.

The reason why people enjoy his channel is because he makes funny comments while playing the game together with his wife. The two of them are simply hilarious together and that is the reason why they have so many faithful fans.

Patrick’s net worth is quite high and many would even be surprised by it. He is worth around 18$ million and his monthly earnings are around 200$ thousand. This is an amazing amount if you consider what kind of work this young and talented many does.

If you have not personally played Minecraft, you certainly know at least someone who is constantly playing this incredible popular video game. However, if you do not know what Minecraft is actually, how it is played and why it’s so popular, here’s the answer.

Minecraft appeared on May 17, 2009 and was made by Swedish developer Markus Person and his company Mojang. In his possession, Minecraft was until last year, when Markus sold it to Microsoft for an incredible $ 2.5 billion.

So far, more than 54 million copies of Minecraft have been sold, and this game has inspired many things: a new cast, movies, and even tourism.

In essence, Minecraft is a massive game from the first face that has no end, in which the main focus is on exploring and making various objects that fall into the mind. Each time the game loads the environment, it will be randomly created and will be different, so playing will never be the same.

The whole world is made up of cubic blocks that the player can move and agree with his will, all for the purpose of forming everything you can think of – from Vesteros from the Games of the Throne to the Game Boy Emulator in which the first level can be played Super Maria.

One of the more interesting examples comes from the Danish government that made replicas of the most important tourist destinations that this country can offer to tourists.

In the main “survival” mode of Minecraft, the game begins with a world of full resources (wood, stone …), and the goal is to make life for the main character called Stivi. The change of day and night is constant. In the coming days, the goal is to collect resources for building, while the night is dedicated to spending the zombies wandering around. The only way to survive at night is to create a house where you will be accommodated.

If this does not sound too challenging, when you visit a mine to collect the materials you need to build, a creature called “creeper” will trouble you. If you enter the wrong mine, it can eat you a creeper, and all the resources that you have on that character will remain in the place where you died, until you leave with Stevie and pick them up.

There are several modes in Minecraft: “creative”, “adventure” and “spectator mode”. In this mode, players have all the resources available, and the goal is to create objects as desired. In it the player will not be affected by hunger, zombies, nor any kind of damage. Simply put, this is a mode for all those who want to show their creative side and make something incredible from the cube blocks.

Players can make their own game modes, and other players can try it out. “Adventure Mode” is presented in Minecraft 1.3 version and is similar to “Survival Mode”, with the goals dependent on what the creator of the fashion itself or the map imagined.

In this mode, the only thing that players can do is fly around the globe and watch it without any interaction with the blocks and everything on the map.

This game also offers multiplayer mode for multiple players. Minecraft is available for almost every current platform: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, while the newer version is available for PS Vita, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Personal life

Patrick is married to his long-term girlfriend Jennifer and the two of them met in High school. The two of them met in an animal shelter. They tied the knot in 2015 after a 5 year long relationship. His wife also has a YouTube channel called GamingwithJen. She has around 5 million subscribers.

The couple admitted in one of their videos that they don’t want any children. So far they haven’t changed their minds, but maybe they will do so in the future. He says that his favorite channel is Nerd Alert a show that is hosted by a YouTube called Kim Horcher.

He lives together with his girlfriend in Coneticut. His popularity seems to be holding on quite good and he is a major star among you tubers. He is currently one of the highest paid you tubers, and we don’t believe that his status will change in the future.

We can expect hi to maybe branch out to another kind of career, but games will definitely remain in his focus. Doing what you love is such a blessing and he definitely managed to earn a lot of money doing so. Considering that he managed to grow into such a big celebrity, we cannot deny that he is a talented and capable young man that is ready to conquer the world.

Since gaming industry is still on the rise, he will definitely have an opportunity to work in the future. Will he try his luck in a different branches, this is yet to be seen in the future, and so until then we can watch his videos and enjoy his fun comments.

Hopefully he and his girlfriend will continue to grow their channels and become even stronger together. Patrick and his wife are also active on their social media and often share photos from personal life and also news about their projects regarding their YouTube channel. This is where their fans can contact them and find out more about their everyday lives.

Quick summary

Full name: Patrick Brown

Date of birth: November 15th 1988

Birthplace: Connecticut

Age: 31

Profession: YouTuber

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: 18$ million