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Pokimane (Poki ASMR) Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height

Nowadays when the Internet is the primary media, and all of us look at it if we want to be entertained and informed, there are so many celebrities that are living the high life, and that know how to use their 15 minutes of fame.

We must add that in the case of these public figures, such a highlife and presence in the media can be much longer.

They are expanding all that they can do so that the content they are producing is never boring and always entertaining.

Even if the content is somewhat bizarre, the main thing is that it has as many views as possible.

And we must agree, it takes something truly special to makes us look at the certain video or to look someone plays a video game for a couple of hours.

But, maybe things get more interesting if the woman is the one that is giving us all of these experiences.

The case of Imane “Pokimane” Anys is also very interesting to look at since this young woman is a very active personality on the Internet.

She got her “fingers” all over the line, and she does not have any intention to stop. Nowadays, she is helping other YouTubers and Twitchers to make their own career in the industry.

Early Years

Pokimane comes from Moroccon-Canadian descent, and her work is centred on YouTube and of course Twitch (this is the first choice for this young lady and the primary place where she gained the recognition).

She was born on May 14, 1996, in Morocco. He nickname is Amy. This young woman primarily concentrates work on live streams that she posts on the Twitch platform, and where she has a cult following.

On this platform, Pokimane participates and gives her gaming expertise with her society and the gaming crowd, all while she is communicating with others in life chartrooms.

It is quite normal to expect that this lady has such a cult following – all of us want to get closer to the “online celebrities”, and the chartroom is just a great place to do that.

There you can ask questions one on one, and receive the answers you are dying to hear. From the experts in the industry, just like Imane.

On YouTube, Pokimane is producing a diversity of stuff, and she is expanding more and more – and here we come to the most notable part of her career.

She is creating vlogs (on various and often bizarre topics), gaming videos and of course ASMR videos that are incredibly popular.

Also, she creates Mukbang videos that are also very popular nowadays (food is apparently very popular to look at, and this comes in the case of Imane from the Asian culture that fascinates her, as she states that she would love to live in Japan one day).

Games such as League of Legends and Fortnite are two of her most favorite ones, and videos of her playing them have millions of views.

All of this combined is putting the cash on her bank account, with every view she is adding more and more dollars.

Career Development

Pokimane finds her fame mostly in the year 2017, where her channel gained the place among one hundred most-watched accounts.

This was the year where she gains 450 thousands of dollars, and this was just the start for this woman, she gained many prizes and multiplied dollars on her bank account, and she does not seem to stop.

She was the recipient of the Best Streamer prize at the Shorty Awards.

Pokimane was named a Twitch Partner, which is one very important spot to have, and she was one of the Twitch ambassadors in 2018 for that year TwitchCon conference.

The most important part of this is the part where this lady can help others who work on Twitch to create the content and become more and more successful on this platform.

In this sense, it is the best advice to have some help from someone who is very successful in this area of work, like Pokimane is.

This is the entire idea behind the Twitch Creator Camp program that wants to create a new generation of YouTuber and Twitchers for the new crowd, and the best experience could be given by someone like Pokimane.

Pokimane has more than 4 million subscribers, and her videos are watched over 400 million times.

She is a very hard working lady, and you can find online her new video every week.

Pokimane streams every day live for about 4 hours.

Personal Life

This young lady speaks fluent French, and Arabic, besides English of course, and what is even more surprising is her University Degree that she gained. Do you know what did she master?

She is a chemical engineer. She has a brother, but there is no information on him that could be found online.

Also, there is not much information of her love life, although online you could find photos of this, by many, most beautiful lady among gamers, in front of the luxury shops, or in expensive clothes, that she clearly adores.

Currently, she is 23 years old, and her Zodiac sign is Taurus. She once lived in Canada, and now she resides in California.

Pokimane loves cats and has several of them; also, this young lady is fascinated with the anime culture, and this is the place from which her love for ASMR videos comes.

Japanese culture is fascinated with the food, and every aspect of it comes in the form of ritual, and Imane used this idea and created the content that millions of people like to watch.

She has a cult following on her other social platforms like Twitter (more than 2 million followers) and Instagram account.


Quick Summary

Full name: Imane

Date of birth: May 14, 1996

Birthplace: Morocco

Age: 23 years old

Profession: YouTuber and Twicher, Online celebrity

Height: 163 cm

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: 250 thousand dollars to one million dollars (all depends on the source)