Phoebe Tonkin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

A green eyed wolf full of courage and charming whimsical mermaid girls, perhaps these two roles have brought widespread popularity outside of America to Australian model and actress Phoebe Tonkin.

Movies and series with her involvement are well known and loved by audiences, especially young people.

At the moment, the actress’ filmography is totaling 11 projects. A career went uphill after Phoebe decided to move from his homeland of Australia to the United States.

She was noticed and invited to several interesting projects.

Early Life

Vocational actress, Phoebe Tonkin was born one day in July 1989. She soon expressed her natural love for dramatic art, and her parents did not oppose her wishes.

Phoebe studies acting since age 12 in centers such as the Australian Theater for Young People; later the Queenwood School in Balmoral, one of the most prestigious in the country, entered the drama school.

At the age of 17 he debuted on the small screen in the youth series “H2O”. The success of it opens wide the doors of the big screen, where she debuted in 2010 with the film Tomorrow when the war begins, where she defends one of the leading roles.

At the tender age of four, Phoebe Tonkin is passionate about ballet and hip hop. A few years later, interest changed to acting and she took part in acting courses at the age of twelve.

In 2006, the attractive brunette got her first role in the Australian youth series H20 – Suddenly Mermaid, where she acts as one of the main actresses.

In 2009, in addition to her debut role, the actress also starred for the drama series The Chaos Family.

Although Phoebe Tonkin is mainly known for the television series, in 2010 the actress also starred in the adventure film Tomorrow, When the War Began, albeit in a slightly smaller role.

In 2012 Phoebe also made a film: In Bait 3D – Sharks in the Supermark she can be seen as the main actress. In the following years, the beautiful Australian could write further series appearances in the vita, including: Home and Away and The Secret Circle.

Since then she combines television and cinema with series like “Home and Away” or movies like Bait.

Career Path

The future actress was born in Sydney in 1989 (July 12). She started her art career at the age of four, and the girl got a dance class. She is known not only for classical ballet, but also for percussion, hip-hop and the modern genre.

At the age of 12 she studied at Australian Youth Theater courses. The program included works by Shakespeare, music, the art of production and even a clown.

The actress studied at Quinwood School, which is well known for theater. She has actively participated in productions held annually at the Shakespeare Festival. Her life is closely linked to theater.

She was in one of the amateur productions of Phoebe Tonkin (photo with her lover below), noticed the producers and was invited to the first series.

The actress’ personal life is closely linked to one of America’s sexiest young actors – Paul Wesley. The popularity he received for his starring role in the series “The Vampire Diaries”.

The couple often flashes in the pillars of the secular chronicle and, judging by photos from their travels and from the worksite, have been happy together for three years. A small selection of the most interesting and interesting projects attracts the attention of Phoebe Tonkin.

This project is the “cornerstone” where Phoebe Tonkin’s filmography begins. Young Australian productions television was broadcast not only at home but in many European countries, including Russia. The plot is based on the relationship of three friends: Emmi, Cleo and Ricky. Suddenly they turned into sirens.

In ordinary life, these are simple girls, but as soon as the water appears nearby, they become a mythical being. Phoebe Tonkin has taken on the role of the most famous of the three sirens – Cleo.

Her rival in court was another Australian actress, Claire Holt. Together they will continue to work on two new projects already in America (“Vampire Diaries” and “Original”).

Phoebe Tonkin’s filmography features a full-length Australian adventure film. The script for him was written by director Stuart Beattie, based on the novel of the same name by John Marsden. This is the story of a group of teenagers who were guerrilla warfare against troops who invaded their hometown unexpectedly.

The movie premiered in 2010. It has been very successful in New Zealand and Australia, becoming one of the highest record books for the entire year. Such popularity has not been achieved in the world box office. Critics and viewers rated the photo with average ratings.

The dramatic American television series on supernaturalism came out on September 10, 2009 and immediately caught the attention of millions of viewers. The theme of vampires and werewolves, so popular recently, has not gone unnoticed, and the lead actor has received his share of fame and affection from the audience. In October 2016, the final season was announced.

The action series takes place in a fictional American city – Virginia. It’s a haven for all the supernatural and the mystical: werewolves, witches, vampires.

The plot is built on a classic love triangle with many parallel lines. Phoebe Tonkin participated in several seasons in the role of wolf Hailey Marshall. The series gave her a good start and a major role in the spin-off.

Phoebe Tonkin’s filmography would not be complete without this project. The spin-off of the successful “The Vampire Diaries” series gave her the lead female lead and fame. The pilot was released on October 3, 2013.

At the heart of the story are several main characters who have moved on from the series mentioned above: the original vampires and werewolf Haley, who is pregnant with one of the brothers but is in love with the other. At the risk of her own life, the girl is trying to find the happiness, love and family she has never had.

The series is less successful than the “Vampire Diaries” and yet has won a certain audience. In 2016, it was extended for a fourth season, which, according to some sources, is likely to be the final one.

In addition to these projects, Phoebe Tonkin’s filmography includes participation in the “Stalker” and “The Secret Circle” series, the “Tsunami 3D” thriller and the drama film directed by Mark Webber “Ever since.” The actress is beautiful, talented and popular, which gives fans hope that her participation will release new films.

Born in Sydney, Phoebe Tonkin, who showed a keen interest in artistic practices, including dance and comedy, at an early age took her first steps in front of the cameras at the age of sixteen, while she was still schoolgirl.

She won one of the three main roles in the H2O youth series, launched in 2006, and thus lent her features, until the end of the adventure in 2010, to the young Cleo Sertori, who, like her friends Emma and Rikki, one day becomes a mermaid following an escapade on the mysterious island of Mako.

In 2011, decided to pursue an international career, Tonkin moved to Los Angeles and was quickly chosen by Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson to be part of the cast of the fantasy drama The Secret Circle.

Facing Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker, she plays Faye Chamberlain, a teenage girl who, along with five of her comrades, is part of a very powerful order of sorcerers, threatened by obscure evil forces.

The program finally ended in 2012, due to a lack of audience, but the beautiful Australian soon bounced back. After battling sharks in the feature film Bait, she repeatedly plays in the fourth season of Vampire Diaries, the CW’s hit show.

Phoebe Tonkin then camps Hayley Marshall, a young werewolf woman, a friend of Tyler’s (Michael Trevino), who is trying to find out more about his origins. When The Originals, a spin-off centered on the Mikaelson family, was born in 2013, she joined the regular cast and thus gave, for the third time, a response to Claire Holt, her ex-partner of H2O.

Also alongside Daniel Gillies and Leah Pipes, the actress takes over her character from Hayley, who becomes the object of all lusts when she becomes pregnant with the original vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Personal life

Young actress known in Australia, Phoebe Tonkin was born on July 12, 1989 in Sydney where, from an early age, she already dreamed of an artistic career.

At just 4 years old, the young woman took classes in hip-hop, tap, ballet and contemporary dance.

Impossible for her not to try her luck. Phoebe participated in several competitions at the Australian Theater for Young People School.

The opportunity for her to measure her level and make her want to fight even more. Her persistence pays off as she wins one of the title roles in the H2O series in 2005.

The series receives immense success with the adolescent audience and Phoebe receives the consecration by obtaining a nomination for the Australian Film Institute Award for best actress in 2008.

Boosted by her success, the young woman decided to try her luck in the United States and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. Just two months after her arrival, she landed one of the main roles in The Secret Circle, the new series from The CW.

Unfortunately, the series is canceled after one season. Phoebe’s performance was highly praised, allowing the actress to land a role in the Vampire Diaries series.

On the set, she finds Claire Holt with whom she played in H2O.

If she only makes a simple appearance in season 4, Phoebe pleases the producers who offer to resume her role for the series’ spin-off, The Originals.

On the heart side, she was in a relationship with the actors Ed Westwick and Paul Wesley.

Quick summary

Full name: Phoebe Tonkin

Date of birth: July 12th 1989

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Age: 30

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.72 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million