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Philip DeFranco Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube

Phillip DeFranco is a popular American YouTube star and video blogger. His real name is Philip James Franchini and he is best known for his The Phillip DeFranco Show (PDS).

Philip DeFranco’s channels have over 6 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views, so it is obvious that Philip DeFranco is a very popular YouTube personality.

Below you will find out more about Philip DeFranco and his life, both professional and personal. We will tell you something about his early life first and then we will talk about his career development. Also, we will tell you more about his personal life and his family.

If you want to know more about Philip DeFranco and his life, you need to read this article and we hope you will find out many things you didn’t know.

Early Years

Philip DeFranco was born on December 1, 1985 in New York City – The Bronx. Philip DeFranco attended various universities. He attended the University of South Florida and then he studied biology.

It is known that in 2007 Philip DeFranco lived in Florida and later he moved to Atlanta. He used to work as a waiter in many restaurants and he started to make his videos in that period. It is interesting that Philip DeFranco didn’t have money at the beginning of his career and he lived in his car for some time.

Philip De Franco moved back to Tampa Florida with his father because he should return to the college, but he didn’t do it. Philip De Franco has a stepmother and she is working at a car shop.

Career Development

YouTube career of Philip DeFranco has begun when he was at East Calorina University. At that time he created his YouTube channel, which was called The Phillip DeFranco Show. In this show Philip DeFranco is presenting pop culture, politics, celebrity gossip and current events on his own satirical manner and with lots of humor.

At the beginning of his YouTube career, Philip DeFranco asked his viewers for donations and he claimed that he didn’t have money at all. He sold everything he had except camera, his clothes and Mac.

It is known that in 2007 Philip DeFranco also created his 2nd YouTube channel, which was called PhilipDeFranco and it consisted of a series of different vlogs called The Vloggity.

Also, in 2007 Philip DeFranco uploaded a video which was called Big Boobs and You. This video was very popular at that time and it had more than 1.8 million views. After that Philip DeFranco started to create videos about sex and gossip.

As we have already said, Philip DeFranco had a large audience and he used it to win a game promotion competition called the Spore Creature Creator. He won that competition and he had the chance to choose the charity which will receive $15 000 donation. In 2008 Philip DeFranco also won Wired’s Sexiest Geek competition due to his large online audience.

In October 2008 Philip DeFranco had a role in popular web series Hooking Up. This series consisted of 10 episodes. In this series Filip DeFranco co-starred Kevin Wu and Jessica Rose. Also, many other internet celebrities have appeared as guests in this web series.

In 2012 Philip DeFranco became very popular and he had even 30 miliion views in only one month. In that year he was the host at the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.          

However, it is known that in 2013 the channels of Philip DeFranco have been sold to Discovery Digital Networks. After that Philip DeFranco launched ForHumanPeoples, the channel which is based on his own merchandise line. Later this channel became a sketch channel which was called Nuclear Family. Philip DeFranco launched Super Panic Frenzy gaming channel and also TheDeFrancoFam, a vlogging channel that is featuring his family.

In April 2016 Philip DeFranco added the weekend content of this show, called The Friday Show, NSFW Saturday and also Sunday Funday.

Philip DeFranco’s main channel on YouTube has over 5 million subscribers and about 1 billion views. We have already said that his network of channels has over 6 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. His popular YouTube channels are also Philly D (PhilipDeFranco), and SourceFed. Philly D is actually his personal vlog and it is his behind the scenes channel, SourceFed is focused more on pop culture and current events.

Now when you know about the career development of Philip DeFranco, we will also tell you about his personal life.

Personal Life

The first thing we will say about Philip DeFranco’s personal life is his polycystic kidney disease. His father and his grandfather also suffered from this disease.

Philip DeFranco lives in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles and he is married with Lindsay Jordan DeFranco. He proposed Lindsay in August 2013 at his show called DeFranco Loves Dat AZ. This show was in Tempe, Arizona and the audience asked Lindsay would she ever marry with Philip DeFranco. It is very interesting that Philip DeFranco proposed Lindsay on the stage. Now they have a son whose name is Philip “Trey” DeFranco III. He was born in April 2014. In February 2017 Philip DeFranco announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child that will be born in September this year.

Philip DeFranco admits that he used cannabis when he was younger because it helped him sleep better.

If we are talking about his political opinions, we must say that Philip DeFranco is a libertarian. In the presidential election in 2012 he voted for Gary Johnson, who was a Libertarian nominee.


Full name: Philip James Franchini

Nick name: Philip DeFranco

Pseudonym: PhillyD


Date of birth:  December 1, 1985

Birth-sign: Sagittarius

Birth place: The Bronx, New York City, New York U.S.

Residence: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Age: 32

Occupation: YouTube star, video blogger, Senior VP of Phil DeFranco Networks and Merchandise

Education: University of South Florida

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (biology)

East Carolina University

Awards: Wired magazine, category: Sexiest Geek (2008)

2nd IAWTV Awards, category: Best News Series (2013)

3rd Streamy Awards, category: Best News and Culture Series (2013)

3rd Streamy Awards, category: Audience Choice for Best Series of the Year (2013)

4th Streamy Awards, category: News and Current Events (2014)

6th Streamy Awards, category: Best News and Culture Series (2016)

6th Streamy Awards, category: Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year (2016)

Philip DeFranco won all these awards that we have mentioned and he has also been nominated for many other awards.

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White (Caucasian)

Religion: He was raised Roman Catholic, but he is atheist.

Father name: Philip Franchini, Sr

Mother name: Unknown

Marital status: Married (since 2015)

Wife name: Lindsay Jordan DeFranco (ex Lindsay Jordan Doty)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: Son Philip “Trey” DeFranco III

Pets: Philip DeFranco has two Yorkshire Terriers.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)

Weight: Unknown

Body: Athletic

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $4 million

Social networks

Philip DeFranco has about 932 000 followers on Twitter and over 556 000 followers on Instagram. His online alias is PhillyD, but Philip DeFranco is also known as sxephil, which is his username on YouTube.

Instagram: (@phillydefranco)

Twitter: (@PhillyD)


Snapchat: @philipdefranco


Quick Summary

You have seen in this article who Philip DeFranco is and how he has earned his net worth of $4 million. As we have said, Philip De Franco is a popular American video blogger and YouTube star and he has earned his net worth by posting his videos on YouTube. His videos are covering celebrity gossips, politics and current events. He uses ironic comments and a lot of humor in his videos, which is very interesting to the audience. His YouTube channel PhilipDeFranco is one of the most popular channels on YouTube and it has more than 6 million subscribers.

We have also mentioned The Philip DeFranco Show (PDS), which have brought big popularity to Philip DeFranco. He also created other channels on YouTube such as SourceFed and ForHumanPeoples, but he sold these channels to Disocvery Digital Networks in 2003.

When it comes to the personal life of Philip DeFranco, we have said that he is suffering from polycystic kidney disease, which he has inherited from his father and grandfather. Philip DeFranco is married with Lindsay Jordan DeFranco and they have a son. Also, they are currently expecting their second child.

Philip DeFranco has won many awards in his YouTube career and he is one of the most popular YouTube personalities today.