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Peter Popoff Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Born in Germany Peter Popoff is a televangelist, faith healer, fraudulent and a prophet declared by himself. Peter was born in the year 1946, and he became popular around 1980 for hosting a national television program which was about curing people.

Peter was exposed by a lot of people over the years, and he still came up with new ways to keep his operations working. Many people have investigated Peter and came up with the theory that his healing was totally fake. People have also claimed him as a con-man.

Early Life

Peter was born on July 2, 1946, in Berlin. His father’s name was George Popoff and mother’s name was Gerda Popoff.

When Peter was a child, his family decided to move to America for a better life and future for Peter. Peter received his education from Chaffey College and the University of California which was in Santa Barbara. Peter got married in 1970 to his wife Elizabeth and went to Upland California to start a life.

Career Development

In the early 1980s, Peter started to do television ministry and became about the most talked about person at that time.

Since Peter started healing people in national television, everyone got very curious. Peter would cure people who were in wheelchairs, and they would be able to walk without any support in just matter of minutes. Peter collected a lot of money for buying bibles in the form of donation so that he could send the bibles to the Soviet Union.

After Peter was investigated on the whereabouts of the money collected over donation he made some people go steal all his money in office and with the help of that he was able to raise funds again for repairing his head office.

Personal Life

Peter’s father and mother George and Gerda were settled in Germany when Peter was born. When Peter was young, they decided to move to America for a better life for themselves and their kid. Peter grew up and spent most of his life in the United States of America. He started his career as a television minister who is also known as a televangelist.

He started to heal people on national television. Peter was able to make a man on a wheelchair in a matter of just a few minutes without any support. People started getting curious about his methods and started to question the genuineness of the healing.

Soon people started to study his methods, and there was a scandal about everything being false. Peter was exposed to the world that everything he did was false somehow he managed to get into business every time even after a scandal.

Peter collected a lot of money in the name of donation, and when he was investigated about the whereabouts of the money, he planted burglars in his head office and made them destroy everything and steal all the money. Then he collected more money in the form of donations so that he would be able to repair all the losses.


Full name: Peter Popoff

Nickname: Peter

Birth-sign: Cancer

Birth Place: Germany

Residence: Bradbury, California, United States

Age: 71 years

Occupation: Reality TV Personality, Televangelist

Education: Chaffey College and the University of California

Personal Life and Family

Nationality:  Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Religion: Unknown

Father’s name: George Popoff

Mother’s name: Gerda Popoff

Marital status: Married

Wife: Elizabeth Popoff

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: Three

Hobbies: Unknown

Pet own: Unknown

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 1.87m

Weight: 65 kilograms

Body: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Unknown

Shoe Size: Unknown

Measurements: Unknown

Net Worth and Salary

Peter is an American German television healer who is called televangelist who has a net worth of more than 10 million.

He started his reality television show in 1980 and earned a lot of money from there. He also wrote 11 books and published them all and earned a lot of money from that.

Peter used to collect more than $4 million a year by donations, and after his investigation when he was exposed he owed a lot of people money, and he declared bankruptcy. Peter also has a home worth almost $4.5 million in Bradbury, California and he also owns expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

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Quick Summary

In the year 1992, the movie Leap of Faith was an inspiration of the life of Peter’s fraudulent ministry his false methods of healing and his scams to collect more money from people in the form of donations for his personal purposes.

Peter has been exposed by a lot of people and still every time he made a comeback, and somehow people still believed in his false claims that he was able to cure patients of paralysis or from a wheelchair and made them walk in a matter of minutes without any support.

Peter was also an inspiration for the movie named Red Lights which got released in the year 2012 where the character was a psychic who gets all the information to him through an eyepiece and are able to fool the audience with his act.

Peter has scammed a lot of audiences, and after a lot of investigation, it was found that all the people he cured were totally fit and were just sitting in wheel-chairs and acting as they were paralyzed. All the actors were hired by the people from the set and trained before bringing them to the stage to be a part of the false healing.