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Paul Denino Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Paul Denino, also known as Ice Poseidon, is a known American streamer, Twitcher and a Youtuber, who became even more known for his pranks.

He became famous for his great skills in playing the most played and updated free fantasy MMORPG game which was developed in 2001 by Jagex.

MMORPG stands short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game.

It is stated that this game has almost 200 million gaming accounts made.

Paul has a well viewed Youtube channel and is focused on IRL streaming which is considered the top kind of streaming. IRL stands for “in real life”.

Early years

Paul was born on September 29, in year 1994, in Stuart, Martin County in Florida.

He is very young but is already quite famous, especially by teenagers who find his gaming great.

His father is Michael and his mother is called Enza. Both of his parents were very supportive of their kid and have spent a lot of quality time together with their kid.

His childhood was quite happy and wasn’t interrupted by a lot of dramatic events.

After finishing and graduating high school, Paul recognized himself in finance and decided to follow this path by entering finance studies.

He is considered to have an IQ a little higher than average which made him believe that he is far better than lot of people and his ego grew bigger.

Career development

In 2015, he decided to start playing  Runescape on Twitch. He was excellent at it and soon he has joined  IRL and there he started playing another famous game: Pokemon.

His gaming career started growing rapidly and soon he became one of the most followed gamers that year.

This confirmed him that this career was right for him and that it is crucial for him to keep it going. That is the reason behind his moving to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a big centre of events and Paul realized that a lot of people similar to him lived there.

Due to some of his bad decisions, he got banned from Twitch, so he decided to give YouTube a go.

Most of his fans followed him to his new channel which he named “Ice Poseidon”. This was going to be his new stage name.

Paul aka Ice Poseidon continued making his gaming videos and his fanbase grew rapidly.

He became a leader of the clan he created. The clan was named Purple Army Cx.

A lot of people have problems with his character, stating that he cannot see the difference from good and bad and that he often surprises with some bad behaviour which nobody understands.

People watch his channel because of his gaming videos but they have a hard time relating to his jokes.

He is making pranks very often but his fans don’t like them, because they are often mean and upseting.

He was banned from Twitch several times due to the controversy he rose with his gameplays. His behaviour couldn’t be tolerated any more.

It is interesting that some of his viewers send him money on a monthly basis, showing their affection and devotion.

Paul lifts weights too and finds it very relaxing but also powerful at the same time. He thinks that it gives him the energy to play better and faster.

In the end, Paul is  permanently banned from Twitch, which means forever, due to all the reports people send about him and to his bad behaviour.

Paul was one of the creators involved in making a video titled “Emily faked cancer”, which went viral but also caused big controversies and problems.

Other Runescape streamers also have an issue with Paul due to his habit to spend his own money in the game by buying gold.

Streamers are not supposed to help themselves in gaming because it makes challenges easier to cross.

Paul continued doing that no matter what others said and people started considering him an egoist.

He can bragg about being the first streamer to play Pokemon GO while the game was still not spread  and was mostly played by teens. This gave him recognition as he  mastered the game perfectly.

In 2016, he was nominated for the Golden Gnome Awards for the Best OSRS streamer.

In 2017, he was again nominated for an award, but this time for Streamer of the Year Esports Industry Award.

He never received any award although he was nominated for it.

Personal life

Paul often collaborated with Celeste Holsterman, a known Twitch streamer, and they were very close.

People even thought the two of them dated but it was never confirmed by neither of them.

They posted a lot of photos together but never spoke anything more personal about them.

He is currently dating Carolina Burt but her fans dislike him very much.

They advised Carolina to break up with him but she was reluctant do it.

Paul decided to do it his way: he broke up with her but it was fake and they secretly stayed together.

After it was revealed as a con, his fabs were very angry and he got a lot of hate messages.

This rose a question about his character, and his past on Twitch where from he was banned because of his racist jokes and comments and also pranks which were extremely unprofessional.

Twitch CEO’s couldn’t believe he was so immature and had to cancel their collab with him.

He had to move a few times (change his home), because people hated him and made issue about it. They harrased him and made fun of him.

He has a few good friends – streamers, named Reckful, Andy and Gross Gore and is also often in touch with Sodapoppin.

He was a member of some clans but considers it a waste of time. The reason probably lies in the fact that they all kicked him out.

The other reason why he is so disliked amongst other streamers is the fact that he doesn’t add any special effort in making his videos.

He is not concerned with the quality of his videos nor does he edits them at all. He focuses on himself, and is opinion that his persona is enough for his video.

Once, while he was flying a plane, someone told the police that he carries a bomb so he was searched by the FBI and was put in an unpleasant situation. This happened in spring 2017.

Once, he made a lot of noise by making a contoversy song which had many racist elements.

One of the biggest pranks people believed was made in 2018. He has told all of his family, relatives and friends to fake mourning of his death. People believed that he was dead and after it was found out it was a joke, everybody was angry.

He also did a fake wedding with Halie Atisuto which was very funny for him. But for Halie’s and for his fans – it wasn’t funny at all.

Quick summary

Full name: Paul Denino

Date of birth: September 29, 1994

Birthplace: Stuart, Martin County, Florida, United States

Age: 24

Profession: Twitch streamer, YouTube star, comedian,

Height: 185 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300,000