Patience Ozokwor Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Nigerian movie scene is growing increasingly popular, and with it the people who represent it. There are many talented actors, actresses, singers and other celebrities who compile this huge scene, and for many people haven’t even heard of.

We are going to focus on their net worth, their personal lives, their careers and their net worth.

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In today’s text, we are going to talk about the famous Patience Ozokwor, a famous Nigerian fashion designer, singer and actress.

So, if you want to find out more about her, here is great opportunity to do that.

Early years

Patience Ozokwor was born on September 14th 1958 in Ngwo, Enugu State in Nigeria. Patience went to the Abimola Gibson Memorial School and always had a love for acting, even when she was very young. Many didn’t like the idea of her acting, especially her family who didn’t think this was a good choice for her future.

There isn’t any more information about her childhood and early life, so we are going to talk about her career path and her personal life, so stick with us to find out more.

Career path

In school, she would participate in school plays and was always the first one in row for all the roles. As years went by, her parents wanted her to go to a different school and find a different profession that will bring her more money in the future. This is why she went to the Institute of management and technology located in Enugu.

There, she got a degree in applied and fine arts. Her goal was to pick up acting, but first, she had to go through various stages such as radio show hosting.

She also tried her talent in radio drama. Her first acting role was in a show called Someone Cares on NTA. After this role, she got married and was soon in a family with three children.

She often speaks about the burden women have on themselves to start a family and how little focus it leaves for them to be themselves. She also has 5 adopted children and of the children have her name.

The cycle of life is linked, multiple events and not everyone benefits from the same benefits. This is the case of the famous Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor, who, at the age of 60, welcomed his 16 the grandson at the beginning of April.

Mama Gee as we nicknamed him wanted to share his joy with his fans. It is through a post on his Instagram account that the actress announced the news.

In her post she said: Come and join me sing hallelujah Jehovah Jireh did me good oh! My 16th grandson was born. Thank God for giving me one more star in my life. I am truly blessed by the Lord. Welcome grandson, welcome to the Ozokwor clan. You are loved unconditionally #MamaG #PatienceOzokwo.

The wish of any parent, especially in Africa, is to see their children and grandchildren grow up. The joy of the Nollywood star is quite understandable.

It should be noted that Patience Ozokwor is one of the best paid actresses in Nollywood. But his career is not without pitfalls without a job with a suffering husband, the actress had to fight hard to take care of her family.

A family originally assigned to her by forced marriage at the age of 19. In a conversation with a magazine from Ghana, the actress admitted that she married against her will: I was forced to enter a long time ago, and I saw no reason for which my parents put me up to it because I was still young. And even at this age, I had so many pretenders (…) in the end, I had to listen to my parents. I couldn’t not listen to them because I wasn’t raised to disobey them at all.

Patience’s net worth is estimated at around 500$ thousand. Her net worth slightly decreased over the years, but she is still on the list of the richest Nollywood actresses. She has starred in almost 250 different roles and her career is a substantial one for sure.

Personal life

The actress who is illustrated by a rare malice in her role in movies has, according to a report, wanted to obey the call of God. Mama G turning to Jesus and his cross now wants to experience a new life in the service of his master.

For the rest, the source who reported the conversion of Patience Ozokwor said that the actress wants to give up extravagant makeup, wearing jewelry, pants because during his fast and prayer before his conversion, God warned him subject of his adornment.

Deciding to lead a new life in Christ, Patience Ozokwor urged parents to lead exemplary lives so that they are good examples for their children.

This is a Wandayante statement that the dean of Nigerian cinema Patience Ozokwor delivered to the Ghanaian media this weekend Wanda Peeps. Indeed, the mater of 59 years has just revealed that she had so many draggers at 19 years that her parents found it wise to force him to marry against his will.

She is one of the deans of the Nigerian film industry Wanda People. Actress in more than a hundred films, Patience Ozokwor is a personality in Nigeria and she decided to shed light on a major issue in Nigerian society, early marriage.

She admitted that: It was not my decision to get married at 19, I was forced to. At that age I had so many suitors and as we were in a polygamous home, my mother thought it would be wise to marry me to one of them so I would not end up in the street, she said. We never asked for my choice, he came and we left. ”

An experience not very happy for the star who remembers it sadly. “I have never felt comfortable in this marriage. But with the watchful eyes of my parents who did not want me to walk from men to men, I stayed there and had no choice but to endure. She adds. The opportunity for her to educate young girls and parents on the evils of this plague that still affects many families in Africa:

I advise women to stay in their homes no matter what. The only reason a woman has to leave her husband is when her life is involved.

However, we must do everything to avoid finding ourselves in the same situation that I lived. She concludes.

A testimony that shows us another facet of this talented actress that we enjoyed seeing on our small screens. Let’s just hope his message has been heard. In 200 she suffered a tragedy, after her husband died. She admitted that her children didn’t allow her to remarry after losing her husband and she often speaks about the difficulties for women in Nigeria to have a freedom of will.

Her latest project was a movie Chief Daddy she filmed in 2018 and before that, she had a minor role in Agbomma as one of the artists in 2016. He hasn’t announced any new projects so far, so we believe this 60 year old actress is ready to retire and live a calm life with her family.

Her contribution to the Nollywood scene and also to the Nigerian culture has been tremendous, so she should definitely be taken as a role model for all the young girls. Her life is a testimony of what we should avoid and how to live in happiness.

Quick summary

Full name: Patience Ozokwor

Date of birth: September 14th 1958

Birthplace: Ngwo, Enugu State, Nigeria

Age: 61

Profession: actress

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 500$ thousand