Pat McAfee Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Pat McAfee is a known ex American football player and a football TV analyst who was known for his excellent play in the NFL, mostly for Indianapolis Colts where he has spend the biggest chunk of his career.

Early years

He was born as Patrick Justin McAfee on May 2, 1987 in a town of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in United States. Little did his parents know that he was going to be one of the best recognized people in the sports industry.

Pat was brought up by his father Tim and his mother Sally, alongside his brother Jason. They were all pretty close and this is something that left a huge impact on Pat. He is very thankful for the amount of support he has been getting over the past years.

His brother Jason is 3 years older than him but they always had a strong bond. Jason was the older brother who helped Pat and to whom Pat could always turn for support.

Pat was a student at Plum High School, situated in Plum (which is his hometown). He was always interested in sports so he played soccer and football and admired football players for their physical abilities.

His parents were often annoyed by the way he punched the ball into the walls of the house but quit it after a while when they realized that he just wouldn’t stop because the ball was all he cared about.

One year during high school Pat was involved in the national competition for the best field goal and he stricked nine field goals in the row.

Later he was approached by a recruiting coordinator named Tony Gibson who visited his high school and offered him a scholarship and the way to enter the world of American football.

Tony was a representative of the West Virginia College where Pat eventually left to continue his education. He was determined to become a better person in many fields, including education and sports, which makes him a bit different from the rest of sportspeople who usually don’t bother much.

That is why Pat started as a freshman at West Virginia College and was very good in his football position. One of his most memorable games was the one against Louiseville where he gave his team the chance to win the game by giving a great onside kick.

In his spohomore season his team was very good ans they had ten winning games. They even became the winners of the Gator Baul.

During his junior season he was named to All-Bowl Team because of his great play.

In 2007 he became the semi-finalist for the Lou Groza Award in the category of the best collegiate kicker. Kicking field goals was the best way for him to succeed.

He has earned Big East Special Team Player Award three times and earned his 2nd Scott Shirly Award the same year. During his senior season, he had broken the school record in the number of scored field goals.

After finishing his senior football season at West Virignia University, Pat turned to 2009 Alabama’s Senior Bowl and became their kicker.

He played there alongside Pat White and Ellis Lankaster and he also played as a Kicker at the 11th All-Star Challenge event.

At that period, he already worked out with Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and other professional teams in their training camps because they were all interested in taking Pat into their teams but had to see him at work.

Career development

At the 2009 NFL Draft he was drafted by Indianapolis Colts and was soon signed to the team. This was a major event in his life and was probably the moment that started his true career. He later got opportunities based upon this one.

In 2010, Pat was arrested for public intoxication in the area of Broad Ripple, which brought him a one-game suspension from his club. This was the only time in his life that he had problems with the law.

Pat partied a lot at that time because he finally had a secure playing position, he had money and he has fans. He also had a lot of people surrounding him and living at his expense.

When he was arrested it was the best thing that happened to him: he realized he was going the wrong path. His father hang up on him when he called him from prison stating that Pat must first help himself then expect others to help him.

He had to apologize to his mother over Facebook Messenger because he broke his phone in the event.

It seems that he was so drunk that he swam over the channel and was found without clothing.

That is when he decided to change his life and get serious, not wanting to embarass his family again. Pat decided to turn a new leaf in his life.

He focused on his game and the next season was the best in his life.

Pat McAfee became very stabile, devoted player and played very well through his 2011 season.

In 2014, he was offered a new contract with the Colts, on a period of 5 years, and he decided to take it since he had a very good relationship with his teammates and his coach.

In September 2014, he was named as the Player of the Month and at the end of the year he was chosen to play in Pro Bowl for the first time.

In January 2015 he was chosen by “Associated Press”, a news agency from New York, as the 1st Team All-Pro punter and it brought him recognition on a higher level.

At the end of 2016 he was again invited on Pro Bowl.

In 2017, after finishing his 8th season in the NFL, Pat decided to retire. Since he had to indure a knee operation no.3,  he decided to finish his career as a player because he wanted to keep his health a priority.

The decision was more easy to make since he had a few disagreements with Ryan Grigson, who was a general manager for Indianopolis Colts and with whom he couldn’t find a common language.

After he retired from NFL he became an employee for a known blog named Barstool Sports. He became a host of “The Pat McAfee Show” which was aired on Sirius XM.

Pat was only 29 when he left NFL and that i a really young age to leave the whole career behind.

He stopped working there in the summer of 2018. One of the reasons he left his job was because he thought there was a lack of business transparency in the company he worked in.

Pat is also a regular host on “The Bob & Tom Show” which is a national radio program. Bob Kevoian, one of the hosts of the show, is a very good friend of his and they hang out outside work too.

In the spring of 2018 he became a co-host of pre-show event for NXT Take Over: New Orleans and sfter that for NXT Take Over: Chicago. He did it again in the summer of 2018 for Take Over: Brooklyn 4 and finally he became the co-host of 2018 Take Over: War Games.

At the end of 2018 he had his broadcasting debut for an NFL game with Lions against Packers, which was aired on Fox TV.

Other than football, Pat had various business ventures but also some philanthrophy ventures too.

Pat started “The Pat McAfee Foundation”, an organization which provides help to the families of military personnel.

He created this with the help of his father Tim and the organization has no profit and is only focused on helping military families.

In 2016, he started a business called “Shirts for America”, to sponsor Conor Daly, an Indycar driver for his 2016 Indianapolis 500 race.

In 2011 he gave his signature locks that he was known for to help an organization called “Locks of Love”. The organization provide hair for children who lose it because of their illness.

Pat has a great sense of humour so he also works as a stand-up comedian. He goes on stage all through Indiana.

In 2016, he broke a Guiness record when he kicked a field goal from a distance of 40 yards while having a fold over his eyes.

Pat is a big fan of wrestling and often says that if he didn’t make it in football he would become a wrestler.

But now, when his days as a putner are over, Pat is focusing on his wrestling career so he started training with Rip Rogers, a wrestling legend who became a coach after his career ended.

His wrestling name is “The Boomstick” and he got it from his football days and the fact that he can do an awesome high kick and make it his finishing move.

Personal life

Pat was always experimenting with his hair and he often changed his hair color. He often argued with his mom about it.

He never had any favourite football team but his favorite football player was Randy Moss.

He is in a relationship with Samantha Ludy and they got engaged in February 2019. They run an animal foundation together. It is named “Fur The Brand” and is made to help abandoned animals.

Samantha finished the University of Southern Indiana where she gained her veterinary degree. She is a professional dog groomer.

The couple dated for seven years befoee they got engaged. It seems that they have a very stabile relationship which will probably be turned into marriage.

Quick summary

Full name: Patrick Justin McAfee

Date of birth: May 2, 1987

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 32

Profession: former football player, TV host, philanthropist

Height: 1,85m

Weight: 106 kg

Net Worth: $8 million