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Paige Hathaway Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube

If you have an Instagram account and if you spend a lot of time on this social network, you must have heard of Paige Hathaway. She has attracted millions of fans with her amazing body and with her tips how to get such body. Paige Hathaway is a fitness professional and one of the most popular YouTube personalities today. She is also considered the sexiest fitness icon on internet. She became very popular on social media due to her amazing look and her workout videos on YouTube. She has more than 1 million followers on social media.

If you continue reading this article, you will have the opportunity to find out more about Paige Hathaway and her life. First we will tell you something about her early years and difficult childhood and then we will talk about her career development. Also, we will tell you how to find Paige Hathaway on social networks. We hope you will enjoy this article and you will get to know better this sexy fitness icon.

Early Years

Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987 in Minnesota, U.S. Her childhood was very difficult because her parents divorced when she was a baby. Her father was alcoholic and there was a lot of abuse in her family. When her parents divorced, her mother went to Texas to live with a man who she had met on internet and she took Paige with her. But, the police came and took Paige from her mother. Paige was brought to her grandmother. Unfortunately, it was not the end of Paige’s difficult childhood.

In the next 13 years Paige Hathaway had to move to foster homes and she spent time in two families. She grew up in small town in Minnesota, but she moved to Oklahama City after her 16th birthday. She decided to live on her own and to reach her goals. As you can see, the childhood of Paige Hathaway was not easy, but all these experiences have made her stronger.

She didn’t have any plans to be a fitness instructor. It happened suddenly and it was the best thing that has happened in her life, that’s what Paige Hathaway says. She started with her modeling career and she went to gym in order to get some muscles because she was too thin. Her trainer helped her gain muscles and make her body perfect. She started with fitness when she was 20. Since then she has a healthy lifestyle and she has become one of the most popular YouTube personalities.

Career Development

Paige Hathaway entered the fitness world in 2011. She says that she started with fitness because she wanted to change something and to have a new direction in her life. She started to train with the well known fitness trainer in Oklahama City and very soon fitness became her biggest passion. Today Paige Hathaway admits that she is addicted to fitness because it can help you improve your body and your mind, as well as your lifestyle.

The trainer motivated Paige Hathaway to participate in fitness contests, which changed her life completely. She was training for about 4 months before she entered her first bikini competition in U.S. and she won the second place at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. It was an amazing experience for her and it also gave her self-confidence. In that period she decided to focus more on bodybuilding and fitness and she started to make her career more seriously.

In 2016 Paige Hathaway attended the BodyPower Expo in UK. Also, she manages her personal fitness courses at the moment.

Paige Hathaway is very popular nowadays on social networks. She discovered the true power of the social media and she uses it to promote herself and her work. Also, she uses the social media to inspire millions of people who want to change their lives. It is known that her photos on Facebook and other social media have millions of likes. In her videos and posts on social networks she promotes weight loss and bodybuilding products. You can find Paige Hathaway on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, but more about that you will see below.


Full name: Paige Hathaway

Nick name: /

Date of birth:  July 31, 1987

Birth-sign: Leo

Birth place: Minnesota, USA

Residence: California, U.S.

Age: 30

Occupation: Fitness model and motivator, YouTube star, bikini athlete, personal trainer

Education: Degree in sports medicine

Accomplishments: Ronnie Coleman Class C, 2nd (2011)

NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix Class D, 2th (2012)

NPC USA Championships Class D, 16th (2013)

NPC Junior USA Championships, 14th (2013)

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White (Caucasian)

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Siblings: /

Marital status: Single

Spouse name: /

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: /

Pet: Paige Hathaway has a bulldog and she usually posts pictures with him on Instagram.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 162.5 cm (5 feet 4 inches)

Weight: 52.2-56.7 (115-125 lbs)

Body measurements: 38-26-38 inches (97-66-97 cm)

Bra size: 34D (She has a firm and gorgeous bust because she had breast implants surgery.)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Shoe size: 7 US

Waist size: 26 inches (66 cm)

Hip size: 38 inches (97 cm)

Body: Paige Hathaway has a perfect toned body and athletic figure. This perfect body is made by hours and hours in a gym.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2.5 million (Her estimated net worth is about $2.5 million and the main source of her salary comes from social media promotion and modeling.)

Annual Salary: $600 000

Monthly Income: $50 000

Weekly Income: $12 500

Social networks

As we have already said, Paige Hathaway is very popular on social networks. She has around 3.9 million followers on Instagram and also 417 000 followers on Facebook. She is posting her selfies as well as her workout videos regularly.

Instagram: (@paigehathaway)


Twitter: (@PaigeHathaway)

Snapchat: PhFit


Quick Summary

You have seen in this article who Paige Hathaway is and why she is so popular. As we have already said, this social media star is best known for her fitness and also motivational posts on Instagram and other social networks. She has also her own Youtube channel where she posts her selfies, workout videos as well as her motivational speaks.

You have seen in this article that Paige Hathaway had a very difficult childhood, but it made her stronger. She was persistent and she reached her goals. She spent hours and hours in a gym in order to become what she is today.

We hope you like this article about Paige Hathaway. After reading this article you can see that it is possible to achieve whatever you want in your life, regardless of where you come from. All problems that you may have in your life will make you stronger. You just need to believe in yourself and your own qualities and you will make it. We hope this article has also motivated you to set high ambitions and to do everything you can to reach your goals. Good luck!