Nyjah Huston Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Nyjah Huston is a very popular American skateboarder in the professional skateboarding league. He always dreamt of becoming famous, but he never thought that it could possibly be his true job.

He has won five street League Competitions in skateboarding which is the biggest success in the skateboarding world. The latest success and a win were in 2019.

He can also brag with his finances since it is common knowledge that he is the best-paid skateboarder on the planet. That’s why many internet sites talk about him.

Early years

He was born as Nyjah Imani Huston on November 30, 1994, in a town named Davis (which was earlier known as the Davisville), situated in Yolo County in the state of California in the United States.

Although he was born in Davis he spent most of his childhood in San Lorenzo in Puerto Rico where his parents relocated. He says that living in Puerto Rico taught him many important life lessons.

He was 8 years old when he started to be noticed by the skateboarder’s companies but his father (who was his manager) decided that the family should relocate to Puerto Rico. He thought that the family would have better choices.

This was a bad choice for Nyjah since there were no skateboarders there and he was forgotten about. He never left his dream, though, and he started to practice more often.

His mother wanted to come back to California but didn’t succeed until 2010, when she gained  custody and took her children back to California. She was also trying to help Huston gaining back his name.

The famous skateboarder says that he has a lot of respect for his mother because she was always fighting to gain back her custody and keep their family together.

His mother was on the verge of a financial breakdown but had spent her last money to send him to the Street League Crown Championship he won in the ned.

He earned over 100 K and solved his family’s financial problems. This was the moment the knee that his life was finally peaceful because he gave back to those who took care of him.

Nyjah gained his first skateboard when he was two years old and hadn’t come off of it since then. Slowly stepping up in his game and gaining impressive skateboarding skills he rose to prominence after he was offered a sponsorship deal from a very respectable American company which is manufacturing skateboards and is known for other merchandise connected to this sport.

The company is named Element and he joined their team of skateboarders and got engaged in their advertising. He easily reached many people this way.

Career development

This was the first period of his career and during that time Nyjah has made various videos for Elemental and was cast in their „Elementality” series which was highly viewed.

He was also very engaged in numerous contest, with most of them being high-profile and widely popular. Nyjah was one of the skateboarders who performed at the Dew tour and also on Vans Downtown Showdown.

Huston has a big wish to become the first skateboarder to go on Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. This is something that all skateboarders wish to do, but little actually succeed.

In 2008, Huston decided to finish his collaboration with the Element company and one year later he released his own skateboard line and started a skateboard deck company named „I&I“.

He was known then but he still needed partners because a lot of money had to be invested in the company for the startup. Nobody wanted to lend him cash because they thought his job was stupid.

He has decided to make it on his own although he was still an amateur skateboarder at that time. He decided to give it a go and this turned out to be the best decision he had ever made.

His company wasn’t functional for a very long time but was shut down after two years. That is why he closed the business he started with two other entrepreneurs that were interested in it: Richard Jefferson and Tony Williams.

Although they have tried to promote their brand and they made online videos and advertised in trying to promote their brand, they haven’t succeeded.

The main aesthetic vibe of their brand was connected to Rastafarianism so their logo has consisted of red, yellow and green which are mostly seen as Pan-African colors and look great on skates.

After this unsuccessful solo business try, Huston eventually returned to his collaboration with the Element and in 2011 he has released his very first solo video titled „Rise & Shine“ and it was offered for purchase on iTunes.

He was rewarded for this video by „Transworld Skateboarding“ magazine which gave him an award for the „Best Video Part“. This meant a lot to him because he gained a lot of exposure from people that have to do with his job. This opened up further career opportunities.

He signed a sponsorship deal with DC Shoes in the same period since he was without a shoe sponsor at that time. He became a team rider for them and it brought him a lot of money. He was very happy with the way they were collaborating, it wasn’t too hard on him.

Other skateboarders pointed out how he is one of the best skateboarders they have ever seen, and one of them is Josh Kalis who is known as one of the biggest „Street Skateboarders” ever.

They were stunned at how fast he learned and how he could learn a new trick in just a few tries. Many say that he is a natural talent and that it can be seen that he didn’t just “force the career”.

He has won the 2011 and 2013 Los Angeles Summer X games and then was on his way to Barcelona, fighting for a gold skateboarding medal in Europe.

Nyjah succeeded in his plan and won a gold medal in Barcelona, at the 2013 X Street League Games. This was a huge media thing as well.

It was a great experience for him and he was happy to see Spain and Europe. He said that he would maybe like to revisit.

It was in the same month (May) when he gained his first shoe model named by him and they were called the „Nya+jah Huston Signature Shoe”. They were presented by DC Shoes on an event in Los Angeles and they rose huge interest in the city.

In the summer of 2013, he has suffered a rib injury due to the fall and couldn’t compete at Munich’s X Games. This was a big disappointment for him because he trained hard for it.

Nevertheless, he recovered very soon, ready for his next contest which was one month later in Oregon, in a town named Portland. At one point, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to regain his full potential.

In the fall of 2013, he was one of the contesters at the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup which he won and gained a huge profit of $1 million.

In 2006, he was the winner of the „Kentucky Unbridled Award“. This was a huge accomplishment and he was very proud of it.

In 2013 he was nominated for „Skater of the Year“, by the Trasher Magazine, a respectable skateboarding magazine which was created in 1981.

Outside skateboarding he is involved in the work of a charity organization named „Let it Flow“ which was founded by him and his mum Kelle Huston.

It is aiming at getting clear water to everyone everywhere. Their last project was intended to Thailand and Cambodia where they provided many families with water cleaning systems which will last for years and give them huge benefits due to their health.

Their big success was to build a sanitation station in the northeastern African state of Ethiopia. He got a lot of positive reactions from other people as well and became a true role model.

As for his personal life, Huston has a good relationship with his mother but not as good with his father.

He stated that his father was a control freak and that it forced him to move away from him. The two of them ended up estranged one from another. He was especially hurt by the fact that his father didn’t want to return several of his videos to him.

Huston today lives in San Juan Capistrano in California which is valued somewhere around $3 million.

2018 and 2019 were especially great for him because he won gold medals at all of the X games skateboarding events (in Sydney, Minneapolis, and Rio De Janeiro).

Nyjah is very active on his social media and has good contact with his followers and fans. He has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram channel.

He loved dreadlocks and had them as a teenager. He wore them during his starting skateboarding years.  He has been featured in a lot of videos and projects, such as Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Tony Hawk: Ride and more.

He has a lot of sponsors and Monster Energy and Silver Trucks are just some of them. This endorsement deals bring him huge amounts of money so he is a very rich skateboarder.

His skateboarding skills are very appreciated because of grinding, using stairs or rails. Making videos of him is a pretty popular thing for photographers because those look best in motion.

He became a member of Nike SB team which is a great deal for all skateboarders. He joined the team in 2015.

He is known in the company of world-famous skaters like named P Rod, Luan, and Shane. They are good friends, although many speculate that they hang out only because they are all famous.

He was the youngest competitor at X-games (he was only 11 when he entered the competition). In 2017 he has won the Supercrown championship.

Nyjah can brag about being listed into the FoxWeekly list of the most influential skateboarder ever and he was placed in the 5th place.

Personal life

He has two brothers with whom he is very close. They are named Ahbi and Jahmai and both of them also skate. Kiade is the name of his younger brother.

He is very close to his sister Isha who is currently a student at New York University School of Business. He often posts their together photos and uses all the chances he has to congratulate her or support her in everything she does.

His father is Adeyemi Huston. He had issues with his father from his youth because his father was never supportive of his skateboarding career and always made him feel not good enough.

He also has a sister named Isha with whom he gets along very well. They all supported each other throughout the years and they have worked their way up.

He is currently dating a beautiful model Kateri Dion. They started dating in 2017. Many people are confused about their relationship since it is so secretive.

She is a model and is currently getting a degree in nutrition at Perdue University. He says that people often assume his girlfriend is stupid because she is a model, and he tries to tell them that it isn’t true.

Nyjah is vegan from his youth so the two of them have many similarities and like the same food and exercise.

He likes tattoos so he has got them all over his body. On the inner side of his right elbow, he has a tattoo that says: “Skate or Destroy”.

He was involved in a controversy after he got into a fight with Ryan Sheehy at one party.He was facing battery charges after he was arrested in February 2017, but it was discovered that it was in self-defense.

He has a beautiful home with a pool and drives an expensive Audi R8. He enjoys using sportscars and finds the adrenaline soothing.

Quick summary

Full name: Nyjah Imani Huston

Date of birth: November 30, 1994

Birthplace: Davis, California, United States

Age: 25

Profession: professional skateboarder

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Net Worth: $6 million