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Niurka Marcos Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Niurka Marcos is a popular dancer, actress and a singer with origins from Cuba and Mexico who became famous through her roles in various telenovelas.

She is very popular in her country because telenovelas are very important there. However, she never wanted to stay popular only in her country. She always had the dream to become much more famous and to be interviewed by people from all over the world.

Early years

Niurka was born on November 25th in 1967 in Havana, the capital city of Cuba. She says that Cuba is a lovely place to grow up in, but she wasn’t really too excited about raising her children there.

Her full name is Niurka Melanie Marcos Calles but people know her by simply her name Niurka because it is not a very common name. She said that giving up the rest of her names was essential for her career because no one was going to know it, either way, so she had to make it more memorable.

Her father is Carmelo Marcos and he was a navy major in Cuba, and her mother is Salustiana Calles, who was a housewife and who raised her mostly on her own since her father was often traveling because of his work. She said that her parents love each other very much and that, although he was not always there beside her, she knew that her father loved her very much.

Niurka has 5 siblings. Three sisters are named Martha, Maribel, Maria del Carmen, and two brothers are called Ernesto and Thomas. She loves them dearly and feels that she was honored to grow up alongside them. She says that in Cuba everyone appreciates each other very much.

Career development

Niurka has appeared in a lot of telenovelas and one of them is Velo de Novia. It was produced by Juan Osorio and while she was shooting this they started a romantic relationship. It was very important to her to get into the world of movies and series along with someone she felt comfortable with. That’s why she enjoyed their shooting together.

They got married pretty soon and had one child before their separation in 2003. The duo was in love but the amount of media pressure around them was simply too much to handle at this point.

In 2011 she got the role in another Mexican telenovela called Salomé. There he played Karici, an exotic dancer. She starred with Guy Ecker and Edith González in it. Many people judged her because of this role and they created a stigma around her, which was very problematic.

This show had 150 episodes before it stopped airing. It was pretty popular and people in Cuba said that they felt like the show was a little bit too stretched.

In 2002 on the 20th TVyNovelas Awards Niurka got an award for this role in a category of “Best Supporting Actress”. She said that it was wonderful to finally get recognition for her work, and she got the opportunity to be introduced to many directors and producers, which helped her excel later.

In 2004 she was in a reality television series as one of the 18 competitors. It was in the third season of Big Brother México. She said that the violation of human privacy in that show was obnoxious and that she was very uncomfortable while there.

In 2006 she was a supporting actress in a series La Fea Más Bella and was a part of the making of the track from the soundtrack album titled “Se Busca Un Hombre”. She said that this was a completely new experience for her and that she would like to work more in this industry.

Nuirka released her album called “La Emperadora” in 2007. It has 10 tacks and some of them are Mi Verdad, Ni Loca, and Amante Toda La Noche. A lot of people were very happy that she was finally expressing herself as much as possible, but others were annoyed by her because she was showing up everywhere.

She was also in the Mexican Playboy magazine that year. Many men adore her and critics say that the most famous telenovelas are actually created by the main actress. She made some of the shows very famous by attracting people with her looks.

In 2008 she made her show and named it “Espectacularmente Niurka”. People just loved her and spending time watching her. Because of that, she was often the favorite guests of many reality TV hosts.

Niurka also has her show called “El Show De Niurka”. In it, she plays games, dances, sings, and interviews other celebrities in a jacuzzi. She invites both men and women, and she loves to talk about various topics, mostly related to the industry.

In 2009 she was a part of a remake of a play “La Ronda de las arpías”. The original is a mysterious comedy about eight women who try to find Marcelo’s killer while they now the killer is amongst them. She said that meeting some of her favorite actors here and receiving advice from them was actually beneficial for her and her further career.

In 2011 she started actin in Emperatriz as their new villain. She plays the role of Angela “Quimera” Galvan, Emperatriz’s best friend who ultimately betrays her and makes her go to prison. She said that playing the villain is actually much more interesting than playing the rest of the cast.

In 2017 she was in a comedy titled El sexo me da risa 6 where she played the role of Veronica. It was a role very similar to those she had before.

Niurka often posts on her Instagram account on which she has over 200k followers. Many of her followers often ask her to marry them or date them, and she says that this often makes her bored.

Niurka also has her perfume called “Con Feromonas”. It was a pretty good selling product as well.

Personal life

Niurka was married multiple times. The first time she married Federico Arévalo in 1990, They unfortunately divorced. Their relationship was under a lot of media pressure and they kept trying but did not succeed.

In 1998 she married Juan Osorio, a Mexican tv producer known for his work on telenovelas like La casa al final de la Calle and Mi Corazón es Tuyo. In 2002, Niurka and Juan had a son that they named Emilio Osorio Marcos and right now he is following his parents’ footsteps by being an actor and a singer. The couple divorced in 2003.

After that, she started dating Bobby Larios, an actor, singer, producer known for his work in telenovelas like Tú y yo and Salud, dinero y Amor and also for his participation in a reality tv show, Amigos y Rivales KR 3.

They married in 2004 and divorced in 2006. After they divorced, Niurka married Yanixán Texidor only a year after. Unfortunately, they split too, in 2009 and divorced in 2011. Many people think that she often gets married and divorced because of the fact she cannot trust men and she hasn’t really gotten over her first love.

Niurka was in the first group of foreign people to be naturalized by Vincente Fox.

Niurka has three children and they are all born in Mexico. Their names are Emilio, Romina, and Kiko. She loves all of them and says that she would love to spend more time with them. However, she said that she can’t because she is on business trips so often.

While talking to an interviewer in 2018 Niurka opened about her mother’s death and how hard it was for her. Many people cried and said that this was very emotional for them. Seeing Niurka as an emotional person and not just an actress changed the way they acted towards her.

Niurka says that she is very annoyed by men who flirt with her and act like she is one of the characters she had played in telenovelas.

They often forget about the fact that she is much different from them and that her career is only a part of her life and doesn’t define her.

Her mother helped her get self-esteem when she was young and that helps her tackle things like these much better. She doesn’t even take them seriously.

Quick summary

Full name: Niurka Melanie Marcos Calles

Date of birth: November 25, 1967

Birthplace:  Havana, Cuba

Age: 52

Profession: actress, host, reality TV show star

Height: 1, 65 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: $8 million