Nadia Comaneci Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrities are not just actors, singers and performers, we can also count in athletes and people who got into the public eye for other talents and not just performing ones.

In today’s text we are going to talk about one of those people.

Today’s text will be about Nadia Comaneci who is a famous gymnast.

We will talk about her career, personal life and net worth, so if you are eager to find out more about her, keep on reading.

Early Years

Nadia Comaneci was born on November 12th 1961 in Onesti in Romania. Her father’s name was Gheorghe and mother’s name was Stefania.

Nadia grew up with a younger brother. Her parents didn’t have such a good relationship, so the couple split in 1970. She continued to live with her mother and her younger brother.

Both of the children were raised in spirits of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Because Nadia was always full of energy, her mother decided to enroll her into a gymnast classes when she was very young, and this is how the story began.

Nadia showed extreme talent for gymnastics, but she also worked hard to achieve her goals.

Career Path

Her career started when she was really young. With only 6 years old she attended the Bela Karolyi gymnastics school where her talent got noticed. She won the Romanian nationals at the age of only 9 years, and became the youngest ever winner of the Romanian Nationals.

In the absolute category, in her first performance in international competition during the European Championships held in Skien (Norway), in 1975, demonstrated her exceptional qualities, as she beat four individual victories to the Russian Lyudmila Turishcheva, five-time champion of Europe.

In 1976, she triumphed in New York, where, in addition to winning the Copa América, she became the first woman to perform the extremely difficult double mortal on her back at the start of her asymmetric exercise.

It was, however, at the Olympic Games in Montreal (1976) where she revealed himself as a true prodigy of gymnastics: she obtained seven top scores (10) and gold medals in the disciplines of asymmetric parallels and balance beam, as well as in the individual general. Her graceful flights made her a very popular sport figure, and in her country she was received as a national heroine.

She won her first real opportunity in 1976 in the Cup of America, where the greatest gymnast talents from all over the world were presented. Of course, Nadia Comaneci dominated the competition – the training was greatly paid off, and she returned home with a gold medal.

Over the night, Nadia became a national icon whose face ended even on postage stamps, but also the person thanks to which Romania was no longer an unknown country.

Nevertheless, great success brought her difficult moments, and only a year after the Olympic triumph, a promising gymnast graduated at the hospital after she attempted to commit suicide by sweeping the bleach. The glory and the pressure that goes with her were too heavy for a teenager, and the recovery, which lasted, brought an unwanted consequence – the excess of kilograms for which it was forbidden to compete.

Nevertheless, she managed to return to the next Olympic Games, those in Moscow, to repeat the success of Montreal, but it all took on an ugly aspect after her coach, White Carolys, charged the judges that she was punished for points in order not to be better than the Russian. Everything was further complicated after her coach fled to America in 1981 and asked for asylum, and she returned to Romania.

The then Romanian President Nicolae Ceauşescu put her under surveillance to prevent her from escaping, and everything was so rigorous that Nadia was not allowed to cross the border anymore and devoted her life to education and hereditary training. She was a literally a prisoner of the Romanian regime, and later the source also reported that the son of Ceausescu’s son raped her.

After a few years of irregular results in competition, which did not prevent her from winning the World Championships in Strasbourg (1978), she obtained two new gold medals at the Olympic Games in Moscow (1980), on the ground and balance beam, and the second put in the individual general.

In 1984 she retired from active competition to become coach of the Romanian team, first, and Canadian, after. In 1989 she settled in the United States, where seven years later she married the American gymnast Bart Conner.

Nadia’s net worth is estimated at around 10$ and most of the money comes from her sport engagements, and now from her private gymnastic school. She is still very active but mostly in directorial positions, where she is helping young people to make their dreams come true, like she managed to do for herself.

Personal life

Nadia Elena Comăneci was born in Oneşti, Romania on November 12, 1961 (currently, 56 years old). She is a former gymnast of Romanian and American nationality. From an early age, Nadia is inclined towards sports.

In 1970 (at age eight) she is recruited by the well-known national coach Béla Károlyi and her wife Marta. Precursors of the new Romanian gymnastics; they would immigrate to the United States to create new American stars such as Mary Lou Retton, the first Olympic champion in Los Angeles.

In 1977 Comaneci was separated from her lifelong coaches, there fact added to the divorce of her parents meant a decline in her competitive level. In the 1978 World Cup she won a gold and a silver medal, but she fell on the asymmetric bars. After being allowed to return with the coaches that made her an Olympic champion, she shined again at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, where she won two gold and two silver medals.

After the edition of the Olympic Games of Moscow, Nadia retired of the high competition. Her last appearance in a major tournament was at the University World Championship held in Bucharest in 1981. She won five gold medals, but there were accusations of bias against the judges, given that half of them were Romanians.

Being the occasional lover of the truck driver, and finally ending up in a Florida motel, in the company of a compatriot who also abused her in exchange for soft drinks, popcorn and the room in which they lived together.

Luckily, when she arrived in the United States, she was welcomed as a legendary athlete, so she had no problems working; she dedicated herself to promotional trips of equipment for gymnastics, underwear and lingerie from Jockey, aerobics equipment and wedding dresses.

In 1994 she became engaged to American gymnast Bart Conner and returned to Romania for the first time after her immigration.

Together they invested in a chain of gyms, in the sale of sporting goods and in their own clothing line, in addition to investing in a gymnastics magazine. They were married in Romania in April 1996.

Currently, she continues to be linked with the world of gymnastics while she works with various charities around the world. She and her husband own the Conner Academy of Gymnastics, the Company to Produce the Perfect 10 and some sports equipment stores. Both publish the International Gymnastics Magazine (International Gymnast Magazine).

In December 2003 her first book came out, Letters to a Young Gymnast. On June 3, 2006, she gave birth, in Oklahoma City, to her first child, whom she named Dylan Paul (Dylan by Bob Dylan and Paul by her former coach, business partner and child’s godparent, Paul Ziert).

Currently lives in the USA and is happily married with one son, living a happy and calm family life.

Quick summary

Full name: Nadia Elena Comaneci

Date of birth: November 12th, 1961

Birthplace: Onesti, Romania

Age: 58

Profession: Professional gymnast

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 57kg

Net Worth: 10$ million