Nadia Buari Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Nigerian musical market is not the only one blooming. More and more actors from Nigeria are starting to gain popularity around the world, and their movies are becoming increasingly popular with the audiences in the world.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about one of the most famous actresses from Nigeria, called Nadia Buari.

This celebrity actress has starred in countless movies, and her popularity in Nigeria is undeniable.

So, if you would like to find out more about this talented actress, here is a great opportunity to do that.

Early years

Nadia Buari was born November 21, 1982 in Sekondi Takoradi, she lives in Ghana and the United States.

She has played in more than 150 films. Nadia Buari also ventured into production. His outstanding performances have earned him many awards. Nadia Buari is one of Ghana’s richest actresses.

Nadia is a graduate in fine arts. After high school, she enrolled at the Ghana University to study Fine Arts.

She also played in theaters organized by the school and the university authorities.

Career path

She made her screen debut in 2005 by appearing in Games People Play, definitely one of the most popular TV shows in Ghana. In 2006, she played in her first main movie, “Mummy’s Daughter”.

Her role in the movie “Beyoncé: The Girl of the President” made her famous. Nadia made her debut with “Diary of Imogen Brown” as a director. This film conveys a social message about the deadly consequences of drug use.

Her role in The President’s Daughter will mark the dedication of his career. In this romantic comedy, Nadia Buari embodies a glamorous and sophisticated young woman who falls madly in love with a man and tries everything to destroy her relationship with her rival Ciara. This role has given her many opportunities and allowed him to be the headliner of twenty films.

In this feature film, Nadia plays the daughter of a mother who is lost in a relationship with a man about to marry another woman.

When his mother dies as a result of a tragic accident, his father begs his wife to look after the young Anita (Buari) and then confesses the extramarital relationship he had for many months before to marry. This adventure is very similar to that of Cinderella but Mummy’s daughter has her own twists.

The film was a great success, thanks to the talent of actress Nadia Buari who has captured all the focus of the press. Nadia has been playing with Ghanaian footballer Michael Essien for several months.

The two lovebirds were even engaged. The relationship, full of ups and downs, finally ended in bitterness. Today, Michael is married to his PR agent with whom he has 3 adorable children.

She loudly proclaimed her love for her Golden Retriever Phedo: “I cannot imagine my life without my dog. I love the fact that he waits for me at the door every day and cherishes each of our reunions. He is my most beautiful love story. Sometimes I even have fun putting on a pretty outfit … He is the love of my life. ”

In 2008, she turned her attention to Nigerian cinema and was praised for her performance as Beyoncé in the movie “Beyoncé and Rihanna”. Nadia Buari created a security company named “Resolution Security Limited”. She is the CEO of NSB Investment Limited.

She has also created a company specializing in the manufacture of baby diapers and all other baby products. Nadia was appointed ambassador for Tablet India Limited (TIL) in 2013. Previously, Nadia was the ambassador for ICGG.

Nadia Buari’s family is made up of her and her twins. The actress gave birth to these two adorable girls in 2015 but she never revealed the identity of the father of her children. Unlike many of her co-stars on screen, Nadia has a university degree.

She attended the University of Ghana Legon and earned a diploma in fine arts. Nadia thinks that this diploma will give her a credibility to commit to other ways if one day her career begins to go downwards.

Nadia Buari’s father is Alhaji Sidiku Buari and his mother is Caddy Buari. His Lebanese father was an actor, a composer and a great businessman. He played a big role in his daughter’s career. He has worked as Vice President and President of the International Federation of Musicians and Union of Musicians of Ghana respectively. His mother was a beautician.

After their separation, she fell in love with Nigerian actor Jim Lyke. At 35, Nadia Buari is still not married. The fortune of the movie star amounts to more than 750,000 dollars. In 2012, it was reported that she had bought a house in Hollywood.

Nadia Buari definitely made a name for herself in Nigeria. She has an estimated net worth of around 750$ thousand and this number will probably continue to grow, since she hasn’t finished her career yet.

We can expect to see her in many more projects in the future, so her fans can definitely expect a spectacle from her as soon as she comes out with something new.

Personal life

Thanks to this precious advice from her mother, Nadia plunged into prayer and won her fight against alcoholism, to become the Ghanaian film icon that we know today. Not a day goes by without Nadia tweeting. This allows him to connect and share moments of his life with his fans. Nadia also admits Instagram, network on which she is more and more active.

Nadia Buari has been an ambassador for the International Children’s Games Ghana association, which offers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds development tools through sport. She has also represented the Golden Movie Awards Africa for two consecutive years.

This award ceremony, supported by the African Women’s Development Fund, aims to change the narrative about Africa through cinema. Nadia Buari began her career with a TV series called “Games People Play”.

At 34, and despite her success and beautiful face, Nadia does not have the ring finger. Michael Essien and Jim Ike, Nollywood star, could not hold the beautiful. In February 2015, Nadia becomes a mother of twins whose identity of the father is still unknown. Rumors suggest, however, that he is one of his former classmates at the university.

Unlike many of her co-stars on screen, Nadia has a university degree. She attended the University of Ghana Legon and earned a diploma in fine arts. Nadia thinks that this diploma will give her a credibility to commit to other ways if one day her career begins to flounder.

Nadia has always dreamed of telling her own stories in the cinema. It is now done with the production of her first film entitled Diary of Imogen Brown in which Nadia Buari replies to her ex Jim Lyke, Hrbs Khaled and many others.

At a young age, Nadia had serious problems with alcohol. It was his mother who eradicated him from this addiction and his destructive lifestyle. Nadia reiterates that her mother saved her just in time and that she has always been there to remind her of the importance of God.

Nadia is still a strong believer and she teaches her two twins the same morals in life. She is a dedicated mother and hard worker, who managed to create an empire for herself and her children.

She is a strong minded woman who is definitely a role model for all the younger girls who are dreaming of becoming something one day.

This is all the information we managed to collect about this famous Nigerian actress, so hopefully this article has been helpful and you learned more about your favorite actress.

Quick summary

Full name: Nadia S. Buari

Date of birth: 21 November 1982

Birthplace: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana

Age: 37

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 750$ thousand