MS Dhoni Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

For today, we have prepared a theme that will deal with sports and we will talk about a sport that is not common in many countries in the world. This sport is the most popular in India and in this country were the best competitors in this sport.

This sport is called cricket and some people have certainly not heard of this sport. But this sport is number one in India, and people in this country love cricket very much. In India, several people were born who left a big mark in this sport and we will be talking today about one of them.

His name is MS Dhoni and he is one of the best crickets players and he has managed to make a lot of success in this sport. MS Dhoni is 38 years old but still active in this sport and he is still one of the best players in the Indian Cricket League.

He is also the captain of the national team and he has achieved a lot of success with the national team. MS Dhoni has many fans who follow him and think that he is the best player in the history of the Indian League.

MS Dhoni has a long career, but during his career he has only played for 3 clubs in the Indian League. He was the main player in these teams, and in his last club he is the captain of the team. He still has excellent statistics in cricket and he is among the top 10 players in the league.

During his career, he was not a controversial person, but he often appeared on television shows.

He also took part in filming an Indian film, and in that way he received an additional number of fans.

MS Dhoni was repeatedly declared the best player in the league and also managed to win several titles in club and representative career.

He is one of the most famous Indian athletes and his desire is to continue playing cricket in the coming years. MS Dhoni believes that he is still very physically ready for this sport and that his fans will watch him for a long time.

If you think that cricket is an interesting sport and if you want to find out the details of the career and the life of this athlete then stay with our text.

Early Years

MS Dhoni or Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 in Ranchi, India.

MS Dhoni was born in a very small town in which he lived until his fifth year when his parents moved to Uttarakhand.

They wanted to move because they thought that they would be able to make a much better financial life in the bigger city and provide good conditions for their children. Dhoni has one brother and one sister who are younger than him.

He always tried to be in good relation with them and he gave them various tips on how to become good and honest people.

His brother also practiced cricket, but he did not deal with this sport professionally. At one time they train this sport together and had dreams to become successful.

During childhood, Dhoni had several idols who played cricket and he wanted to become as successful as they did. He often watched games on television and went along with his father and brother several times to watch the games live. His love for this sport has grown over the years and his dream was to become a successful player.

In elementary school Dhoni was a quiet and solid pupil, but he was most interested in sports. He also liked football and often followed this sport.

At the beginning of the high school Dhoni was devoted to other things because he did not have good conditions to train cricket. His desire was to become a successful student in the future and to deal with other things in life. He continued to follow the cricket, but he thought that he would not be able to make a career in this sport.

During the high school he showed good knowledge at school and his professors considered him a very smart guy. He successfully finished the school and then decided to enroll in DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

This college was considered as one of the country’s heaviest but Dhoni was sure that he would successfully complete this college.

MS Dhoni has successfully begun studying in this college and after a short period he started playing for the football team.

He was in the position of the goalkeeper, but after a short time his then coach suggested that he need to be enrolled in the local cricket club. Dhoni listened to this advice and started playing for the Commando Cricket Club.

His coaches were impressed with his skills in this sport, although he has not worked professionally with cricket until then.

After couple of training session, Dhoni got the chance to play for this club and he initially showed his talent and capabilities. The coach considered that he would succeed in making a career in the future and that he would play at a professional level. Dhoni played for this club for 3 years and participated in various cricket competitions.

He was the best player on the team and the coach had a lot of confidence in him. Dhoni was training every day and in the last year for this club he was named the best player in the college league.

His great games at this club brought him a chance to take part in the Cricket World Championship for under 20 years. His team did not have much success in this competition, and Dhoni could not show his talent in this sport.

After this competition, Dhoni was invited to play for the Bihar Cricket Club, although before that he did not play cricket at a professional level. The coach of this team decided to give him a chance to show his talent, but during the first year Dhoni worked on individual trainings in order to be physically prepared for the professional league.

After a year Dhoni got the chance to play his first game for this team and he immediately showed excellent talent and technique and he had very good statistics after the first match.

The coach was very pleased with his performance and he wanted to give him a chance to play in the first set in the continuation of the season.

In the following period, this club decided to offer him a contract and Dhoni signed his first professional contract. After this event he was very excited and said that he would do his best to make excellent results with this team in the future. He fulfilled the promise and in the following period became one of the best cricket players in India.

Nevertheless, MS Dhoni never believed that one day he would be a professional cricket player, his main occupation during High School was a learning  and school and football, because he did not have neccessery conditions to train cricket.

However, the future brought different plans and Dhoni managed to accept them. His first professional competition in cricket occurred in 1999, although he showed solid results, it was not enough to attract public attention at that time.

Still, he did not believe that he would ever be declared as the one of the best cricket player in the World, or that he would he deal with this kind of sport in professional way.

However, after finishing high school and starting the college, Dhoni realized that he wanted to change and refresh his life with sport. The decision to start dealing with this kind of sport happened quite accidentally because his trainer advised him to start training cricket.

Dhoni was sure about his decision to start professionaly deal with cricket, he believed that he could achieve his goal. However, it was clear that his life would change completely, but he was ready to except all changes and professional obligations.

The first year were very difficult for him because his training became very intense and hard and he trained every day in order to become strong and phisicaly ready. This pressure greatly influenced on his physical and mental health.

MS dhoni knew that this reversal had a great influence on the formation of his personality, he spent most of his time on training, and he did not have enough time for his friends and family.

But he was aware that they were his great support, and that they were along with him on this path. In his interview with India Cricket Magazine, Dhoni said that he was not aware of the challenge that he was taking, he had many obstacles at the begginig of career but he succeed in making big success in later period.


MS Dhoni began his professional career in 1999, but during the first year he did not have the opportunity to compete in the professional league. During the first year, he trained individually, but it helped him to physically prepare for a professional competition.

During the second year he showed talent and good physical readiness and signed a two-year contract with the Bihar Cricket Team. In these two seasons he had good statistics and showed a great talent and then he was offered to play for the Jharkhand cricket team. Dhoni has accepted this offer and since 2002 he started playing for this team.

For the next two years, MS Dhoni has made a lot of progress and has become the main player of this team. He became one of the best players in the Indian League and was invited to perform for the national team of India in 2004. In the first tournament for the national team, Dhoni scored excellent results and showed that he would become the main player in the future.

Dhoni had his first participation in the World Cup in 2007, but India failed to make a good result in this competition. At the next competition that held in 2011, Dhoni became captain of the national team and India reached the final but failed to win the title.

In the following period, Dhoni has successfully performed both for the club and for the national team, and he is still active in this sport and is still one of the best players in the league.

Personal Life

MS Dhoni is still active in cricket, and he currently plays for Chennai Super Kings, with whom he signed a one-year contract worth $ 1.5 million.

He has become the most paid player of this team although he is 38 years old. He made an excellent career and managed to make a financial profit of about $ 14 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Birthplace: Ranchi, India

Date of birth: 7 July, 1981

Age: 38

Profession: Cricket Player

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: $14 million