Michelle Visage Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Michelle Visage is one of the most versatile media personalities in the United States. She works as a TV host, producer, DJ and is also an awesome singer.

Michelle’s singing abilities can be heard in her work with a band “Seduction” while his media personality will captivate you in her work on TV shows, especially as the judge in RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Early years

She was born as Michelle Lynn Shupack on September 20, 1968, in the suburb of New Jersey called Perth Amboy. She says that she always likes to go back to her roots.

Her family has roots in Ireland and Hungary so she inherited some of those features. She doesn’t speak the languages too fluently so she would like to learn that eventually.

Her real mother is named Joanne Shupack Lewis but she gave her baby for adoption when she was only a baby of 3 months. A member of her family took the child.

She has been adopted by her loving parents Arlene Carol and Martin Shupack who were members of her family. They have changed her life forever by doing this.

She knew it since she was very little. Her parents and she knew it since she was very little. They wanted to give her this opportunity.

Her parents never wanted to hide it because they considered that it can be shocking for the kids later to find about this.

She was very creative from an early age and always liked to sing out loud. She was a student in South Plainfield high school of arts wherefrom she graduated in 1986.

She wanted to improve her musical knowledge so she enrolled in the Musical and Drama Academy located in Manhattan, New York.

She stayed there for two years, improving her skills as an artist. She was a great performer too and has appeared in numerous look-alike competitions. It was her big dream to be recognized as a big artist.

She even won the one in which a person should look alike Madonna as much as possible. Madonna, Belinda Carlisle, and Cyndi Lauper were here teen role models.

After she finished her studies at the Academy she decided to completely move to New York and try to find work as an actress. Her looks and charisma helped her a lot in this quest, but she was very happy about just being there.

Career development

She soon entered New York’s club scene where she tried to make connections with people in the media business. Since she was great at costuming she soon became popular at New York’s ball scene, in competitions at the underground scene like drag ball scene.

She became great at voguing and soon entered a relationship with Cesar Valentina one of the best vogue dancers who earned several ballroom trophies.

After learning a lot of dance moves from Willi Ninja, Cesar learned her even more and they began voguing together on various events.

In 1988 the duo was featured on The Latin Connection TV show where they vogued together. They stayed remember as the first ones to vogue on TV.

Michelle became very popular at the ball scene and earned herself a nickname “Cara”, which means face in Spanish.

But a lot of people pronounced it wrong so she decided to change ber nickname/surname to “face” in French: Visage. She said that this would give her better recognition and she could finally be one of the many famous people everybody seems to know.

It was in the ’80s that she got acquainted with RuPaul who later became a significant part of her life. She often visited Susanne Bartsch parties and RuPaul was often there.

In 1989, she appeared at the benefit ball called “The Love Ball”. It was the same ball where Madonna picked up inspiration for her song “Vogue”. This was all very exciting for her.

However, Michelle could not support herself from participating in such events so she also worked on the reception of a shop.

In 1990, Michelle’s career came to a turning point. She showed up on an audition for a musical trio called “Seduction” and she became the part of the group.

The group was very successful and their biggest hit was named “Two to Make It Right”. After this female dance trio assembled by Robert Clivilles broke up in 1991 she started collaborating with other artists.

She was a great vocal on TKA’s “Crash” and worked with the S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. Their hit single “It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day” was a huge hit and it became a part of “The Bodyguard” soundtrack in 1992.

Visage started her collaboration with RuPaul’s on his albums and appeared in two videos from his Green Screen Christmas special. She also guests appeared in other of his videos, like “The Beginning” and “Glamazon”.

From 2002 until 2006 she worked as the radio DJ on a Los Angeles radio station called Hot 92 Jamz.

After she stopped working on the LA radio she came back to the Big Apple and started co-hosting The Morning Mix on NY radio station. In 2007 she became a co-host of Florida’s 93.9 MIA radio.

In 2014 she joined the team which worked on Ru Paul’s weekly podcast titled “What’s the Tee”. It was very fun to be in it, she claims.

She made several celebrity interviews and spoke about many different topics like RuPaul’s Drag Race or even their personal life. In 2018 this weekly podcast gained a Webby Awards.

All through her work on the radio, she had also worked on TV. It was her big dream to become a well known Hollywood star, but something else happened.

In 1997 she started her collaboration with RuPaul on his RuPaul show. She was a co-host of a show alongside RuPaul for six years. She said that this was a very empowering experience and that she loved meeting all of these artists.

In 1988 she covered the Red Carpet on the Grammy Awards. This was a great honor for her, although she hoped to be on the other side of the spectrum.

In 1989 she had played herself in a TV movie Dance Party USA.

After RuPaul became a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race 1st season he wanted Visage to join him. She couldn’t because she worked as a DJ in West Palm Beach CBS radio station and was under a contract.

It passed two years when RuPaul invited her to join him in season three and her loss at the CBS still forbidden her to enter the shoe she took her issue to the top of CBS and their officials game her the green light to enter the show.

In 1990 she was a part of Club MTV where she guested in. MTV was one of her favorite shows while she was growing up.

In 2002 she played the role of Tania in the movie “Maybe It’s Me”. It was a very interesting experience for her because she got to meet a lot of people.

In 2011 she became one of the permanent judges on the show together with Billy B, a known make up artist and Santino Rice, a fashion designer.

Visage became a very popular judge and appeared in every season, even on the spin-off named RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. In 2015 she entered a British TV show Celebrity Big Brother but didn’t last to the finals. She left the show as one of the last 5 candidates.

From 2013 until 2015 she had played the role of Mrs. Zales in a web series named “The Most Popular Girls in School”.

In 2017 Ross Mathews and her were hosts of logo Tv’s release of Eurovision Song Contest. This was a big honor for her and her daughters were very proud of their mother because she has done a splendid job.

In 2018 she became one of the judges on Ireland Got Talent. She did it again in 2019. She said that she had so much fun and that she loves Ireland and its passionate people.

She was a guest in Simon Cowell’s house in The X-Factor. This was a very big thing for her and she gained some popularity by doing this.

In 2019 she joined Strictly Come Dancing which aired on BBC and her partner in Giovanni Renice.

She also made a theatre debut the West End theatre on “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”. This experience was great for her and she was very glad that she did it. She was successful in it.

In 2015, Michelle has released her book which she has written with the help of her husband. The book is titled “The Diva Rules”.

Personal life

She was in her early teens when she started suffering from an eating disorder. This continued to her adult life, and it was especially prominent during her days of clubbing. She fought with anorexia and often fell in depression over her looks.

Before settling down with her husband she has been involved in sexual relationships both with women and men. She said that she is attracted to a person, not a gender.

Michelle is in a happy marriage with David Case, a known screenwriter and a skilled author with whom she has two daughters named Lillie and Lola.

Her daughters are young people now since Michelle has been married to David in over 23 years.

She stated that she was very terrified while her daughter Lilie was a teenager because she fell into depression caused by her struggle with sexuality. After her daughter embraced the fact that she is gay it took years and she is happy that it is finally done.

She had breast implants until 2019 when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease so she had to remove the implants.

Hashimoto’s disease means that her thyroid is attacked by her immune system. Because of that, it was important that she gets rid of everything foreign in her body.

She has a special diet, it’s gluten-free, soy-free and vegan, so it is very hard for her to eat when she’s on the road. She also tries to have a sugar-free diet as much as possible.

When she speaks about her childhood she says that she was bullied almost every day in both primary and secondary school because she was different.

At that time she wore a blue mohawk and listened to Sex Pistols so everybody judged her and spoke badly of her without even knowing her.

She said that there was no point in telling her family about it because they probably wouldn’t understand and her mother would probably hit her for crying which is something really sad to hear.

Quick summary

Full name:  Michelle Lynn Shupack

Date of birth: September 20, 1968

Birthplace: New Jersey, United States

Age: 51

Profession: singer, TV host, producer, radio host, media personality

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 50 kg

Net Worth: $1 million