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Michelle Phan – Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Instagram, Snapchat

Michelle Phan is a popular YouTube personality. She is an American entrepreneur and make-up demonstrator and she became very popular through her videos on YouTube. It is known that her YouTube channel has more than 8 million subscribers, so there’s no doubt that she is one of the most popular American video bloggers. This American YouTube star has a net worth of $50 million.

In this article you will see how to find Michelle Phan on social networks. Also, you will see something more about Michelle Phan’s life, early years and her career development. We will also tell you something about her personal and love life.

Early Years

Michelle Phan was born in Boston in April 1987. Michelle Phan was the second child in her family.  She has also an older brother and a half sister who is younger than Michelle. Michelle Phan’s mother is originally from Vietnam and she came in U.S. after the war. Michelle Phan said that her mother was a big inspiration for her. Her mother is a beautician and she is doing nails, so Michelle has always been amazed how her mother could empower other women and make them prettier.

The childhood of Michelle Phan was very difficult. Her father was gambling and he left the family when Michelle was 6 years old. Her mother married again and gave birth to Christine, Michelle’s younger half sister. But, very soon, Michelle’s mother divorced again and she moved to one bedroom apartment with all 3 children (Michelle, Christine and Michelle’s older brother). They lived in a small place and they had to sleep on the floor, but they were happy because they had each other.

When Michelle Phan finished her primary school, her family moved to Tampa, Florida and she went there to Tampa Bay Technical High School. After that Michelle Phan studied art and design at the Ringling College of Art and Design. Her mother wanted that Michelle Phan choose medicine, but Michelle enjoyed art, so she decided to study that. She was very successful at her studies, so she was given an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree in 2014. While she was a student, Michelle Phan also worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant.

When Michelle Phan has gained enough knowledge in makeup and cosmetic in general, she started with her YouTube career. She was providing free beauty tips and tutorials on YouTube. Then she started posting YouTube videos, which have brought her enormous popularity. More about Michelle Phan’s career development you will see below.

Career Development

It is known that Michelle Phan’s career began in 2005 when she discussed make-up tutorials in her personal blog. Actually, she was writing articles about makeup and similar tutorials. After that she posted videos on Xanga where she used the username Ricebunny. Her first YouTube video about make-up tutorial was published in 2007.

The most popular tutorials of Michelle Phan in 2009 and 2010 were tutorials “How to get Lady Gaga’s eyes”. It is also important to mention tutorials such as “Lady Gaga Bad Romance look” and “Lady Gaga Poker Face”. It is known that the video “Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look” has been watched over 50 million times, but this video became viral in 2009.

All these tutorials about Lady Gaga brought Michelle Phan more than a million subscribers. Other most popular beauty tutorials of Michelle Phan are “Brighter larger Looking Eyes”, “Romantic Valentine Look”, ”Mysterious Masquerade Look” and “Makeup for Glasses”.

In 2009 Michelle Phan appeared in different magazines, such as St.Petersburg Times, the Sun Sentinel and also on the blog BellaSugar.

Due to her popularity on YouTube, the giant company Lancome asked her to be a star of their own channel. In 2010 Michelle Phan became an official video makeup artist of Lancome. She promoted the products of Lancome in her videos, so she became the Lancome’s representative in U.S. but also all around the world.

It is also important to mention that Michelle Phan was a co-founder of “MyGlam, a subscription service of beauty products. This service was renamed “Ipsy” and it was launched in September 2012.

It is known that in August 2013 Michelle Phan has launched a cosmetic line called em in partnership with L’Oreal. This cosmetic line was dedicated to Michelle Phan’s mother. When Michelle got her own makeup line with L’Oreal she called her mother and told her to quit the job. At that moment Michelle and her mother were crying of happiness.

In 2014 Michelle Phan launched a book called “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – – Online and Off”. This book was launched in cooperation with Random House.

In the year 2014 the YouTube channel of Michelle Phan was on the 48th place on New Media Rockstars’ Top 100 Channels.

In 2016 Michelle Phan voiced Jessica Jones on the “Marvel Avengers Academy” mobile game.

Today her beauty channel is the channel with most subscribers on YouTube (over 8 million subscribers) and she has uploaded more than 300 videos. She also appeared in many talk shows and TV series.

There is no doubt that Michelle Phan is one of the richest YouTube personalities in America but also in the whole world. The net worth of this make up instructor is about 3 million dollars. She earned this net worth by posting her make-up, fashion and beauty tutorials on YouTube. Now you will see something more about the personal life of Michelle Phan.

Personal Life

Michelle Phan is in a relationship with Dominique Capraro. He is a popular model and he is 29 years old. He comes from Switzerland, but he moved to Los Angeles to be with Michelle. Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro started their relationship several years ago and it was a long-distance relationship in the beginning.

There is an interesting fact that Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro waited around 2 years until they kissed for the first time. Dominique Capraro appeared in Michelle Phan’s videos and there is also one video where he is doing Michelle’s makeup. But, Capraro is not appearing anymore in Michelle’s videos because Michelle wants to keep their relationship more private. It is not true that they have broken up, but they just want to keep their relationship offline.

If someone asks Michelle when she is going to get married, she says that she is not in any rush to have children and to get married. She doesn’t like any kind of pressure and she doesn’t care what people think.


Full name: Michelle Pan

Nick name: Michelle

Date of birth:  April 11, 1987

Birth-sign: Aries

Birth place: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Residence: Los Angeles, U.S.

Age: 30

Occupation: YouTube video blogger, entrepreneur and make-up demonstrator

Education: Tampa Bay Technical High School in Florida

Ringling College of Art and Design (It is known that Michelle Phan received an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree in 2014)

Awards: Streamy Award for Inspiration Icon Award (2014)

Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru (2014)

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Asian (It is known that Michelle Phan has Vietnamese ancestry.)

Religion: Christianity

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Jennifer Phan

Brother name: Steve Phan (older brother)

Sister name: Christine Phan (Younger half-sister)

Marital status: In relationship

Boyfriend: Dominique Capraro

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: /

Hobbies: watching zombie movies

Pet own: Michelle Phan has a pet rabbit.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 155 cm (5 feet 1 inch)

Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)

Body: slim

Hair Color: dark brown

Eye color: dark brown

Shoe Size: Unknown

Measurements: 86-58.5-86 cm (34-23-34 inches)

Dress size: 30-32 (EU) 0-2 (US)

Bra size: 32 B

Distinctive Features: soft voice

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $50 million (It is considered that Michelle Phan is earning around $3 million a year)

Social networks

You can find Michelle Phan on many social networks.

Instagram: (@michellephan)


Twitter: (@RiceBunny) (@michelleephan)

Snapchat: (@hellodreamer)


Interesting Facts about Michelle Phan

There are a few interesting facts about Michelle Phan that you probably didn’t heard about. Michelle Phan loves to read about zombies and to investigate about them. She adores zombie books and zombie movies. Her favorite books are Warm Bodies and World War Z.

As we have already said, Michelle Phan has around 8 million subscribers on YouTube, but you may didn’t know that she is the first woman who reached one billion views on YouTube.

When she became rich, the first thing she bought was the apartment for her family. They could finally move from one bedroom and to live normal life.

Another interesting fact about Michelle Phan is that she sleeps only 5 hours a day because she has always too much work. Sometimes she can sleep 6 hours thanks to her amazing team who helps her.

Quick Summary

Michelle Phan is one of the most popular YouTube video bloggers and make-up demonstrators. She was born in Boston in 1987 but her family moved to Tampa, Florida, where she attended high school. As we have already said, Michelle Phan had a very difficult childhood. The father left the family, so Michelle and her siblings grew up with mother. Michelle Phan’s mother is a nail technician, so she was a big inspiration for Michelle.

After that Michelle Phan attended the Ringling College of Art and Design and she started making her own make-up tutorials. In 2007 she posted her first make-up video on YouTube and that’s how her career began.

After that she was hired by Lancome company and she featured their beauty products in her videos. The most popular videos of Michelle Phan are videos about Lady Gaga style. These videos brought Michelle Phan big popularity and millions of subscribers. Her net worth today is $50 million, so there is no doubt that she is one of the highest paid YouTube personalities nowadays.