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Michael Symon Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Even though chefs aren’t that often considered to be celebrities, they can still gather a lot of attention from the media. Michael Symon is one of them.

Michael is a famous American chef that often appears as a guest or as a host on many reality TV shows.

Michael is also an owner of the restaurant and a successful businessman, so he is a regular guest in many cities around in the USA.

In today’s text, we are going to learn more about his life, career and personal life, so prepare yourself for the interesting life of Michael Symon.

Early life

Michael Symon was born on September 30th 1969 in Cleveland in Ohio. Michael spent his childhood in Ohio. His descent is Greek, Eastern European and Italian.

Michael’s parents are Dennis and Angel. Due to his mixed heritage, Michael has several passports, which allows him to travel frequently.

Michael went to the St. Richard School, and according to sources, he was a good student. Besides that, he also attended the Lakewood’s St. Edward High School.

Michael finished his school in 1987. America’s Culinary Institute was his next stop, and he finished it in 1990.

Michael progressed on his way to the chef he is today from scratch. At first, after graduating from high school, he was a cook in Cleveland’s Geppetto’s Pizza and Ribs.

He studied at the Culinary Institute of America, New York, after realizing that cooking was his go-to-career and graduating in 1990.

He had a job at Players in Lakewood, Piccolo Mondo and eventually in Caxton Cafe as a professional cook. He raised enough from the three to set up his first restaurant in February 1997, renamed Lola, in Tremont, Cleveland.

It was a joint venture that ultimately paid off between Michael Symon and his wife, Liz Shanahan. He opened up many more with time, creating countless opportunities for him.

Michael is a family man all the way through, and his wife and Michael welcomed their first child in 2018, their daughter.

The couple instantly share the beautiful girl with their fans on social media, and everyone was so happy for the young parents.

Michael loves sharing his private moments with his fans, but he still managed to keep his personal life as private as he can. Many celebrities definitely envy him on this.

Since there isn’t more information about his early years, we are going to jump on to his career path and his personal life.

Career path

Michael Symon began his career journey when he began working as a cook as his part-time job for Geppetto’s Pizza and Ribs. This first job was something important for him, and this was the place where he learned all of the tricks of the trade, that came in handy to him in the future.

He showed great interest in the field of cooking. He moved as a chef to Piccolo Mondo in 1993 and then to Caxton Cafe.

After changing his job position several times, he then decided it was time to open something of his own that is going to allow him to express his talent for cooking and his unique style.

He then decided to open Lola, The B Location, and Lolita, his own restaurants. His restaurant Lola was listed in Gourmet magazine in October 2000 to be America’s Best Restaurants.

Instead he opened a Roast restaurant at the Washington B Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Jefferson, Michigan.

Roast was named by the Detroit Free Press as the 2009 Year’s Restaurant. He has opened several restaurants that satisfy the client.

He has featured in numerous TV programs, including Food Feuds, Iron Chef USA, Cook like an Iron Chef, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, while gaining popularity in the food field.

Symon is an author as well. Throughout publications such as Gourmet, Bon Appetite, Esquire, and The Oprah Show, he discussed his cooking skills.

He also wrote cookbooks such as The Chew: What’s for Dinner, Michael, Rock Your Kitchen Techniques, Carnivore from Michael Symon: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers, The Chew: Food. Live, live. Fun, and Live to Cook for Symon: Recipes.

He appeared on Food Networks as well. He was also part of the cooking show Cook like an Iron Chef in July 2010. He was also invited to Conan’s late-night talk show on February 14, 2011.

Then he co-hosted the ABC networks show The Chew, a daily talk show that began in September 2011. The show focused on topics related to food. He has a net worth of $4 million by all the hard work, but he has not yet revealed his salary.

Michael Symon has gained $4 million in net worth as the developer of restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio, including Lola, The B Spot, and Lolita.

He began thinking about making a cooking and eating life and attended the American Culinary Institute in New York, where he graduated in 1990. Since then, with his skill, he has worked as a cook and made a name for himself.

The first restaurant named Lola he opened together with his wife in February 1997. Later, in 2005, the couple changed it to Lolita.

He has received a lot of rewards in his life as a great Chef. In 1995, he was named the Hottest Chef of Cleveland, who was declared by the Sunday Magazine of the Plain Dealer.

Michael Symon was the recipient of the Iron Chef in 2007. He was named Best Local Chef in the same year, as Cleveland Magazine determined. He was awarded the James Beard Foundation Fellowship in 2009.

In 2010 to 2012, in the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival, he was the recipient of the best burger prize. He has since been given the Daytime Emmy Award as a participant of The Chew.

In 2009, Michael told the public that he is going to create a foodservice called Aramark in the arena of Cleveland Cavaliers, his restaurants changed their names into Spot and Bar Symon.

Michael opened another few restaurants around the USA, and his retardants seemed to be working great.

In 2016 he welcomed another restaurant called Mabel BBQ, close to his first restaurant. From 2017 to 2018 he opened three more restaurants in Detroit, Columbus and Indianapolis.

His net worth is estimated at around 4$ million, but this number could be even higher. Since he is still a young chef, there is plenty of time for him to earn even more money and to create an even bigger empire around him.

Most of the net worth is made on the account of his restaurants, and this is so far his most lucrative business. Some of the money comes from his reality TV show participation.

We are going to see in the following years, whether his net worth is going to go up more or not.

Personal life

The couple met while they both served in Cleveland’s restaurant. Yet at the time, Liz was married to a son, Kyle, who at the moment was two years old.

A few years later, she divorced her husband and in the early 1990s she became Symon’s fiancée.

It’s here that both in opening a restaurant and in a marriage that has been going on for decades they formed a partnership. Michael has no children of his own, but unconditionally loves his wife.

Liz Shanahan is a native of Georgia who celebrates her anniversary on 30 March each year. She hasn’t revealed her exact birth year, which makes telling her age impossible.

In addition, there are no details about her early life, childhood, and education. Some sources, however, claim that Michael Symon was born in the late 60s at some point.

Regardless, we may not know much about Liz, but she is actually talking about her restaurant management skills.

Liz Shanahan partnered with her husband and opened the great success of the Lola restaurant in Tremont, Cleveland. Now she’s just as much a restaurateur as her child, without the TV attention, of course.

Besides being a successful chef, he is also a spokesperson for Calphalon and Vitamix, and he uses their products anytime he appears on TV.

In 2011 he signed a contract with Weston Products, which also brought him a large amount of money.

In 2012 he teamed up with Eva Longoria to promote the Pepsico Lay’s chips, and he got 1$ million for the sales of this product.

Michael is first and foremost a family man, and his family is something that comes first. He seems to be living a fine life with his wife and there are no rumors surrounding him and his life. There is nothing scandalous about his career and personal life.

His Instagram account is filled with photos both from his personal life and his career, and he mostly uses social media to announce new projects, so his fans can have a close look into his world.

Quick summary

Full name: Michael Symon

Date of birth: September 19th 1969

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Age: 50

Profession: Chef, Reality TV star

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million