Mendeecees Harris Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Mendeecees Harris was born in New York City, on October 26th, 1978. He starred in the VH1 reality TV show called Love & Hip Hop: New York.

In this show, he made an appearance in the third, fifth, sixth seasons.

Harris is also a manager and he is a part of the music industry as well as an entrepreneur.

He is the owner of the music-recording studio, situated in the Bronx, and it is called Beat Factory. Many famous rappers from New York City recorded their songs in this studio.

Short biography

His parents, Judy and Roberto, came from Panama. His early childhood was tough since his parents were immigrants who lived in Harlem.

Eventually, he was raised only by his mother. Harris has only one sibling, and his name is Tyrus.

Harris and Tyrus had a problem with drugs and for its trafficking, they were accused of.

There is no information about his education. Members of his family, his mother Judy and his ex-partners, Erika and Samantha, have made several appearances in the reality TV show, in multiple seasons.

His first job was an entrepreneur since he was a part of the industry connected to real estate.

After some time, he became a part of the United State’s music scene.

Harris’s music career began by opening Beat Factory, which is the studio for recording music, situated in the Bronx. Various rappers produced their albums in his studio.

He had good exposure in the music world, which helped him to get through in music business.

Because of his good relations with Yandy Smith, he got a role in the VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: New York, in the third season.

During the appearance in this show, he and Yandy had a love affair. They even got married right on the stage.

This ceremony was broadcast live on TV, and it was shown as a unique episode.

This particular event brought them greater popularity and they also gained numerous viewers.

A newly married couple, Yandy and Harris, became the most famous stars of this reality show. The popularity which he gained brought him new appearances in three more seasons.

After some time, Yandy admitted to the media that their marriage was never legalized.

While he was in jail, he featured via phone conversations in a few seasons.

Personal life

Harris got married to Yandy in 2015. The ceremony of their marriage happened on Memorial Day Weekend.

They got two children, called Omere and Scylar. He also has two sons from the former relationships.

While he was in a relationship with Samantha Wallace, he got a child called Lil Mendeecees. This couple separated soon after the child was born.

He also had a short relationship with Erika DeShazo. From this relationship, he has a child named Aasim.

Due to his tough childhood, Mendeecees often tried to help teenagers and children to find motivation for better life and opportunities and to overcome all the obstacles that they have.

From St. Nicholas housing he learned about housing projects. This experience helped him to earn a distinguished name in this business.

He became a good entrepreneur and he developed a successful career both in music and real estate business.

Now his main focus is on the music world, in which he creates beats with other musicians

Trouble with Law

Because of drug trafficking, federal charges were brought against him, and he was sentenced to jail.

After some time he was sent on bail for a while. Mendeecees pleaded guilty for all the charges.

Judging by the documents that were presented at the court, his Tyrus was also a part of this conspiracy.

The drugs that they were trafficking included the heroin and cocaine, were sent to Rochester and both of the brothers were part of this crime.

Tyrus and Mendeecees were charged for supplying heroin and cocaine and they were sentenced to eight years in jail.

They also had to pay a penalty of $171,000. Since he didn’t have this money, all the profit which he gained from Love & Hip Hop he had to give away and he also had to sell his R8 Audi.

This lawsuit, about the drugs, was the second one that he had. Before this, he was charged for a sexual assault of a teenage girl, which happened in New Jersey.

Since he didn’t want to go to jail, he decided to make a plea agreement, and he agreed to give 2,5 million dollars, all in assets.

This large sum of money included all the money that he gained by appearing in the VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Harris was sentenced to eight years in federal jail, because of drug trafficking which was worth more than 25 million dollars.

He made an attempt to get a smaller sentence. In this attempt, he told the judge that his two children helped him become a better and new man and they also helped him to start his life from the beginning.

There was even a petition that was signed in order to lower his punishment. Harris’ whole family and children gathered together and in this way, they showed him how much they loved and cared about him.

His family did their best in the attempt to lower the punishment and to make him come out from the jail earlier than it was expected.

Unfortunately, the judge did not agree with this petition, and eventually, it was denied. Harris’ family hoped that the punishment would be decreased to five years, yet it did not decrease.

In order to try his best to succeed in the attempt of lowering the punishment, he came up with various excuses. One of the excuses was that he was only a middleman that was passing on the cocaine and heroin between the other members of the crime.

His lawyer also claimed that Harris was only an unimportant person in this whole situation of drug trafficking and that this great sea of crime had much bigger fish swimming in it.

Yet, it was already too late, since the imprisonment was announced.

Last Christmas, Harris spent and celebrated with his family. During this occasion, he thanked all the members and promised them that he was going to get back home as soon as possible.

Since this wasn’t the only and the first time that he was a participant of some crime, Harris’ family had certain doubts about his returning back easily.

Yandy Smith took care of Harris’ four children, all by herself. Lil’s biological mother, Samantha Wallace, accused Yandy of not behaving as an appropriate mother for her child, and she wanted to take over custody of Lil.

The court denied this custody to Samantha.

Harris’ days in jail

During the time that he spent in jail, certain people claimed that Harris snitched on some other person in order to get favor from the police.

The reporters from VH1 asked him whether he was snitching on rappers Juelz Santana and Vado.

Harris replied that he didn’t know those rappers at the time when they were still living in the streets. He also said that Vado never sold any kind of drugs and that it was sad that people always believed in everything that they read in newspapers or hear on the television.

Initially, the deal was that the plea would be ten years, yet the judge decided to give Harris an eight years’ sentence.

While he was in prison, Harris continues with the music business. Since he was having a lot of free time, he made the decision to spend this time on music.

Quick Summary

Full name: Mendeeces Harris

Date of birth: October 26th, 1978

Birthplace: Harlem, New York,

Age: 41

Profession: entrepreneur, reality TV star and music manager

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 77 kg

Net worth: $400,000