Melissa McKnight Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In Hollywood’s long and rich history, various profiles of people appeared. The poor, the wealthy, lone rangers and certainly the ones with family or personal partner’s connection to the world of acting. More famous for her failed marriages than her acting career, Melissa McKnight is definitely one of them. Although her movie and television career is not something to disregard, her marriage to popular “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc is the reason she rose to fame.

Even though she is not an A-list star, she made substantial effort to stay in business and made enough money to have a comfortable life.

In world circles, among rich and famous people, many women gained social status, what money and power by marrying someone who is wealthy and successful.

This is not anything new and innovative, and it is something that will happen always, but maybe today more than ever, these women are not the object of ridicule, and they more than once show their own worth, by investing their money in something profitable.

And in this sense, some cases are more prominent than Melissa’s case – for example, Rupert Murdoch suffered the worst, which paid very much for his two marriages. In one divorce he had to pay his former wife 1.7 billion dollars and to other a total of $ 3.5 billion.

So, Melissa McKnight, who worked with moderate success as a fashion model, actress and TV host, gained the most out of her fortune from divorcing her husband Mat Le Blanc, or the famous and bellowed character Joey from the favorite TV show “Friends.”

She herself never got the stardom success, but she is a recognizable name, especially for the older audience who remember her from the day when she worked as a model.

It is a known fact that Melissa has started her career very young, and she has been a star of numerous publications. After that, she tried to be a part of the movie industry – and her first role was in the film that was titled “Triangles and Tribulations”.

But the most prominent success that she had was her part in a TV show in VH1 production called “All Access.” This serial is a VH1 special production that speaks about successful people in music, about their rise to fame and fortune. Everyone who made something significant in the area of music, television and fashion was a part of the show.

In the year 2005, Melissa was the part of “The 31Annual People Choice Awards.”

This is the show that is dedicated to people who made something extraordinary or significant in their area of work, primarily in the entertainment industry.

Early Years

Melissa McKnight came to this world on March 10, 1965. The place of her birth is the United Kingdom, but she didn’t live there long. When she was just a little girl, her parents decided to move to the United States. The reasons for moving are not known to the public, nor are the details about her parents such as their names, professions or age.

She received American citizenship early upon their arrival to the country.

She was nicknamed Missy, a nickname her closest friends and family use to this day. Unfortunately, there isn’t any additional information about her childhood and growing up in America at an early age.

One thing is certain, and she was immediately fascinated with the show business.

Dreaming of life as an actress, she became a model, hoping to pave her way to Hollywood.

With blue eyes and blonde hair, thin and tall, this career choice was perfect for her. The modeling gigs allowed her to travel and earn some money to support herself.

At the same time, she got acquainted with many people from the movie industry.

Through modeling, she attended many parties, dinners and social events where she got the chance to speak with other fellow actors and directors.

As a fashion model, she was reasonably successful, but it was time to make her dream come true.

Financing herself with modeling, she attended many auditions so she could land her breaking role.

That period was hard. Caught between modeling and auditioning, she could barely manage her life.  After many failed auditions, she was ready to give up. Appearing on the covers in multiple fashion magazines helped her to get noticed. Also, thanks to her good looks, she landed jobs on the runway.

But, her wish for the big screen never abandoned her. Melissa continued to fight for her chance to pursue her long-awaited acting career.

Finally, in 2001, her dreams come true. After one audition, for which she thought was another failure, she got the call she was waiting for a long time.

Director Amine Bitar was starting to shoot a movie called “Triangles and Tribulations” and was looking for assemble a cast. The movie is a so-called mockumentary and follows a history professor whose wish is to become a triangle player. It was a low budget film but often characterised as an independent gem, especially by the viewers, with discreet and great humor, as well as funny supporting roles. Melissa had a minimal part, with no words in the entire film, but it was good enough for her for the moment being.

Not much information is available about Melissa and her early years of life – she has been born in England, and soon after her family moved to the USA.

She is blessed with good looks, and in this sense, it was always evident that she can be a successful model or actress.

Her slim figure, great blond hair and deep-set eyes allow her to be the most wanted cover girl of that time.

She appeared in numerous covers, most notably for Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Career Development

But she desired to be an actress, something more than a beautiful face – and her big career break came in the early 2000s when she got her big break in the film titled “Triangles and Tribulations”.

This was the movie that was not for everyone’s taste, it had an exciting plot, and on IMBD it was described as documentary – a sarcastic documentary.

Later on, Melissa appeared in All Access and at the People Choice Awards.

But everything changed for Melissa after becoming Mr. LeBlanc.

Leblanc is a successful actor and comedian who on recent years find or remain popularity by hosting TV Shows.

He was one of the stars of a popular TV show called Married With Children, but his break came when he landed the role of Joy Tribiani in much-loved TV series, “Friends”.

He was nominated for all significant rewards.

He starred in the favorite movie “The Charlie’s Angels”.

Divorcing Melissa took its toll on him also, so he also had a big break from acting.

He was the part of the Friends spinoff, called Joey, where he played again bellowed character Joey Tribiani.

After his acting career, he took a shot at being a TV presenter for BBC show about cars that have cult following called “Top Gear.” He co-hosted it with Chris Evans.

Personal Life

Melissa had two marriages – she was married to film director named Anthony Esposito and the pair share two children, they are called Tyler and Jacqueline.

She met Met first in 1997 by mutual friends, and one year later, the pair were engaged and married in 2003.

The lavish ceremony was held in Hawaii in front of almost 200 guests, and the majority of them were Hollywood A-listers.

But the wedding bliss did not last very long since the duo split just three years later, as she said, she could not deal with this kind of pressure and had to quit the pain she was feeling.

Melissa was silent about the divorce, but there are claims that they have been divorced because Met was unfaithful to her. There have been numerous reports of cheating by his part.

He was even connected to stripers and was constantly in the night clubs with anonymous women – it seems that he was everywhere, but not with Melissa.

He was seen and photographed many times while drunk and surrounded with women that were, allegedly prostitutes, and the fact that there was a report that he was having an extra-marital affair with his co-star from the show, was unforgivable for Melissa.

It was reported that Melissa confronted him with this issue but that he did not do anything about this, and continued to do things as he wanted, he just could not stop cheating. Not even the birth of their daughter that they called Marina Pearl could make him change.

And we must add that for Melissa, the problem at that time was not just her relationship with Met, but something much worse, because it had to do with her daughter and her health.

When the little girl was born, she had an uncommon condition that affected the brain and caused many problematic things for then, just a baby. The most common things that are connected to this are frequent convulsions – this was traumatic for the baby and both of them.

Their daughter was treated for almost a year.

But this added up to depression that Melissa felt, and at that moment, there was nothing that could bring her back to Met.

Luckily the family has overcome this health issue, and both of them said that this was the most painful time of their lives.

After divorcing Met the pair shared joint custody of Marina – both parents dedicate their time to their loving daughter, and she may be the reason why they are still communicating.

Both of them stated in some reports that she is the reason for their lives and that they will do anything for her.

Met spoke about his daughter in one interview (Melissa has rarely spoken about any of her three kids), where he said that would do anything for Marina and that he forgive her when she does something stupid.


It has not been revealed how much Net Worth belongs just to Mellissa, but she has gained a certain amount of money from her career as a model and actress.

She earned some money from appearing in numerous fashion shows, and as a part of some modeling campaigns, for swimwear, etc.

There are some claims that she gained 60 thousand dollars from one TV show, for example, but the majority of her money came after divorcing her husband, who is worth almost 60 million dollars.

For example, just per episode of a famous show, he earned almost 25 million dollars, and on top of that, he receives money from his other work, like a TV show about cars.

She, as a wife, gained some of that cash after divorce, and she has some common properties, but now she is the owner of some of those properties, and she can sell them whenever she wants to.

So, being an ex-husband, an ex-girlfriend is not anything new in Hollywood; and these “titles” and occupations lately have proven to be very useful, when it comes to gaining wealth.

These are some of the ladies to whom the “ex-wife” label has brought an incredible amount of money, such that their grandchildren will not have to work ever. Melissa’s case is not so prominent; by we must admit that this the most significant source of income for her.

Her ex-husband pays a monthly amount for their daughter, and the amount is not known to the public.

Many ladies from the world have made their marriage a fairy tale, and from the divorces, they hit the jackpot.

But the fact that she stays away from the spotlight, adds to her charm, maybe she is not one of many, and fame and fortune are not what she is after. She lives reclusively with her kids.

Quick Summary

Full name: Melissa McKnight

Date of birth: March 10, 1965

Birthplace: England

Age: 54 years

Profession: Model, Actress

Height:  5 feet 10 inches

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: 60 million