Max Greenfield Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Being a celebrity is no easy task, but we have to admit, they do have a lot of fun as well.

Expensive cars, big homes and jewelry, are just some of the benefits of being a famous person.

To discover more about each celebrity and to see what lies under the surface, we will dig deeper into their personal lives, backgrounds and careers, so we can have a clear idea of who they actually are.

In today’s text, we will talk about a famous American actor Max Greenfield, who became famous for his role in hit comedy show “The New Girl”.

Early Years

Max Greenfield was born on September 4th 1980 in Dobbs Ferry in New York. As far as his childhood goes, there aren’t’ many information about it online, and Max doesn’t like sharing his family background with the audience as well.

We do know that Max was always in love with performance, acting and singing, which was the main reason he decided to pursue a career in acting.

Career Path

Max’s first steps in acting were taken in various smaller projects, where he mostly played the supporting role.

A year later he was already acting, and his first works were in brief appearances or as a guest artist in different series, including “Undressed”, “Boston Public”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Sleeper Cell”, or “The OC”.

His first biggest role in a project was in Modern Men where he portrayed a role of one of the bachelors, who couldn’t understand women at all.

In 2005, he obtained one of his most remembered leading roles, when he played Leo D’Amato in the series “Veronica Mars”, in which he worked until 2007.

A year earlier, in 2006, he had been chosen for another leading character; it was about Kyle Brewster in the comedy series “Modern Men”, but it was canceled after only seven episodes were aired.

Finished “Veronica Mars” he was a guest artist on other television shows such as “Kath & Kim”, “Life”, and “Melrose Place”; He also had recurring roles in “Ugly Betty”, “Greek”, and “Raising the Bar”.

Greenfield is currently one of the protagonists of the FOX series, “New Girl”, whose cast heads Zooey Deschanel in the role of a young woman who moves to an apartment she shares with three young singles: the bartender Nick (Jake M. Johnson ), Casanova Schmidt (played by Max) and former athlete Coach.

In recent years he has also remained active, working on other series in which he participated as a guest, including “Castle”, “Lie to me”, “Undercovers”, “The Gentlemen’s League” or “Happy Endings”.

His film debut was in 2004 when he joined the cast of the winning independent film at the Tribeca Festival, “Cross Bronx”; a year later he could see it in his second – and until the last date – feature film, the comedy “When Do We Eat?” (2005), whose cast was headed by Michael Lerner, Lesley Ann Warren and Shiri Appleby.

Greenfield has participated as a guest star in several television series including Gilmore Girls, Undressed, Boston Public and Newport Beach among young Sandy Cohen in a flashback.

He also starred in gay student Michael in Greece – The Brothers, the English teacher Mr. Robbins No Ordinary Family and Ian, the owner of the Happy Endings café (TV series). Greenfield played as Leo D’Amato in the 2005 Veronica Mars series a 2007.

In the film career, he recalls much participation in the indie film Cross Bronx, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival, and the Cinevegas Urban World and Festivals. He also starred in When We Eat, in which he plays the role of a Dot-com entrepreneur who loses everything and is converted to Hassidism.

Since 2011, he has a role to co-star New Girl with actress Zooey Deschanel. Buddy She placed at number 6 in the “Sexiest Men’s TV of the 2011 List”. [3]

in 2015 joined the cast of the fifth season of the anthology series American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, and starring in three episodes in May 2017 has his presence was confirmed in the main cast of the second season American Crime Story (Also directed by Murphy), titled The Killing by Gianni Versace, where he will play Santo Versace.

Max’s career has certainly taken an upwards route and he managed to create quite a name for himself, by acting in some of the most popular shows today. His net worth is estimated at around 3$ million.

Most of the money comes from his engagement in a comedy show The New Girl, but also from other acting roles he has been taking in past few years.

His career is definitely not over, and he has a lot more to offer to his fans. Considering that his last few roles were amazingly popular, we expect nothing less from him in the future.

Personal life

The actor Max Greenfield was born on September 4, 1980 in the town of Dobbs Ferry, New York State, in the United States, where he attended the local high school, graduating in 1998.

Almost everyone knows Max Greenfield as the actor who plays the energetic and witty Schmidt in the popular Fox comedy “New Girl.”

However, those who train at BRICK Los Angeles know a different “Greenfield.” For them, Max is the number one fan of the toes-to-bar and an eternal member of his CrossFit community.

And like most members of the community, Greenfield usually prepares both physically and mentally not to miss the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, which began on February 23. Greenfield began practicing CrossFit in 2010, just one year before the Open was first organized in 2011.

Greenfield participated in an Open competition, and he is very proud of his success. Like the vast majority, Greenfield does not register in the Open with the intention of qualifying for the Regionals or to reach the Games. For Max, training week is an opportunity to measure how much your fitness level has improved over the past year.

Max explained that his journey with CrossFit began slowly and he never imagined that one day he will become as strong as he is today. He started off with smaller weights and later on increased them, until he was finally proud of his achievements.

According to Greenfield, what leads him to increase his level of strength in each Open goes beyond spending a few hours in the gym; It is the energy that emanates from an entire community training together and encouraging what makes the Open so special.

During that week, all athletes (regardless of whether they will participate in the Games or if they have only been practicing CrossFit for a month) perform a variation of the same training.

Something that is difficult to make people understand that they don’t practice CrossFit is how powerful the community is and, for him, how important it is to be able to count on that community and train with it, and how much it motivates him to try harder.

He participated in the Open since its inception, and always aware that he had no opportunity to reach the Regionals. What he loves is to see the evolution it has had, to understand how this competition has become increasingly intense and the better and better athletes.

As long as they don’t do the burpees and thrusters training, everything is fine, in reference to the Open 14.5 training, which was later repeated in 16.5. There are workouts that he reads and instantly thinks this is going to be horrible, and the one he mentioned are the two of those.

Max’s private life is mostly secluded from the media attention and he does a good job in hiding from everyone else. His wife’s name is Tess Sanchez and the couple got married in 2008. So far there have been no scandals in his life, and he seems to be leading a pretty private life, if we exclude the fact that he has been in some of the biggest shows past seasons.

Max and Tess have two children together, son Ozzie and daughter Lily. Another interesting thing about Max is that he is Jewish and his bar mitzvah was inspired by the popular Saturday night Live, which only tells us he has been in love with cameras, performances and acting from an early age.

Max was a part of the Young Storytellers Foundation that focuses on helping kids find their voice and express their creativity.

Max is definitely one of the more popular actors today, and even though he was mostly oriented towards shows and series, this doesn’t mean we won’t see him in one of the hot movies in the future.

Until he releases something new, we can always go back and enjoy some of the most memorable TV moments from his roles in the New Girl or Neighborhood that will surely be remembered for a very long time.

Quick summary

Full name: Max Greenfield

Date of birth: September 4th 1980

Birthplace: Dobbs Ferry, New York

Age: 39

Profession: Actor

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million