Mase Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Mase is a stage name of Mason Durell Betha, also known as the Ma$e who is a known rapper and a songwriter from the United States.

It is also known that he is a church minister. This is very interesting and isn’t a regular combination so people found it very interesting to see how he’s combining the two.

Early years

He was born as Mason Durell Betha on August 27, 1975, in a town of Jacksonville in Florida, in the United States as one of the twins in a large family.

He always states how thankful he is for the fact he was born there because he knew that he got some chances that others might have not gotten. It’s much easier to find a manager when you’re in The States.

He and his twin sister Stason were born two months before they were supposed to. He is a few minutes older than her so it makes him her older brother. They often joke about the fact that he’s older and he likes to play smart because of this, but it’s good intentions only.

Their parents had four more children so Mason had two more brothers and two sisters alongside his twin sister.

His parents didn’t have a stable marriage and it eventually ended up in a split when his father left them and their mother. This resulted in the duo being distant and their family suffered a lot of trauma trying to get back and reconnect.

Mason was a kid of 3 when it happened, so he doesn’t remember it as a traumatic experience but he recalls the move to their new home. He said that this only influenced him later on because he felt as if it was a really devastating thing for all of them. He started to see the consequences.

After his parents separated, his mum decided to relocate to Harlem in New York in 1982. She wanted to provide a good life for them but didn’t know if her kids will be able to get over family trauma so she decided to go for a new start somewhere new.

Mason has spent his early years on the streets of Harlem and became known there as a troublemaker and the boy who liked making problems unprovoked. Much people don’t believe this when they see him now, but they understand that all people can change.

Since he kept up getting in troubles his mother sent him to her relatives when he was a young teen.

She was worried that hanging with the wrong crowd would cause him to end up in jail or worse so she wanted to keep him out of that world.

He claims that he was young and stupid and that he is very sorry for what he had done to his mother.

He was around 13 when he moved to Jacksonville to his mothers family where she felt that he would calm himself. He said that he started to realize what kind of pressure he was putting on his mother.

It was there that he began going to church on a regular basis. He said that he instantly felt calm when he was there and that it was quite a miracle.

Two years after he returned to Harlem when he became more serious as a basketball player. He played for his high school’s team and in 1993 he was the leading point guard for his Manhattan high-school team.

It is interesting that another future rapper also played for the same team: Cam’ron.  He said that working with other rappers in the industry helped him build his own taste because he was coming in contact with the music he has never seen before.

Mase wanted to become an NBA player and get into a basketball college decision but he didn’t have good enough grades. He was devastated and decided that he will go back to church for some reconciliation. This is when he truly bonded with his faith.

He did enroll the State University of NY based on a sports scholarship but he soon realized that making it to the NBA was going to be a very hard task to fulfill.

That is when he decided to focus more on his music, which he set aside due to basketball.

He started composing music and writing lyrics and began producing original demo tapes. He started working at nightclubs which liked his music very much and he began getting more and more gigs, earning more and more money.

He realized that he is wasting precious time in college so he made a choice to leave the college and start working on his lyrics 24/7.

This wasn’t an easy decision for him but he knew it was a necessary decision. He was very worried about what his mother may think because he didn’t want to humiliate her or make her feel as if she was worthless.

Career development

Betha and Cam’ron had a big dream of becoming huge named on the hip hop scene.

They changed their names and Mason became Murda Mase while Cameron became Killa Cam trying to be more representable.

They were a part of Children of the Corn hip-hop group for a very short period of time.

In 1996, Mase was introduced to Cudda Love, who was a very prominent character, in the hip hop world since he was the manager of Notorious B.I.G., who was and still is one of the most prominent rappers of all times, including Tupac Shakur.

Cudda Love liked his music and took him to Atlanta where he met Puff Daddy and signed 14 million worth contract starting his work relationship with Bad Boy Records.

He shortened his stage name to Mase, from Murda Mase. He was soon featured on a single called „Only You“ by 112.

He collaborated with many other artists signed to the same label and he even appeared on Puff Daddy’s single named „Can’t“.

His debut album was named „Harlem World” and was released in October 1997. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts in the Pop & R&B Category.

„Feel So Good“ came to No.1. on almost all the Rap charts, jus tas „Lookin’ at Me“ which was a huge thing for a beginner. In 1997 he was featured on a hit single called „Top of the World“.

In 1998, Mase started thinking about how he could release other artists’ albums so he creared a label which he named All Out Records. He signed his twin sisters group „Harlem World” to his label.

In 1999,  his album No.2 „Double Up“ came out and it was released by Bad Boys Recordings. It went as high as No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart but it was also darker.

In spring 1999, Mase discovered that he received a calling from God and that he realized that his music is taking people away from goodness.

He stated that he will retire from music and become a student. He enrolled the Atlanta University. He became an ordained minister while he was away from music but he returned to music in 2004 with an album called „Welcome Back“.

The lead single of the album had the same name and it peaked at No. 4 and later reached gold sales.

The album spoke about Christianity and cleansing but it wasn’t received as well as his first album. In 2005, he started touring G-unit and 50 Cents and appeared on many of their videos.

He released a mixtape called „Crucified 4 The Hood: 10 Year of Hate“.

In 2009 he was featured on Harry O’s single and on Drake’s hit song „Best I Ever Had“. He published his single „Thinkin’ Bout You“, produced by Ron Browz.

He also released a single „Shut the City Down” which was the lead single off his new mixtape „I Bleed Money”.

In 2009 he announced that he will start appearing on songs of artists which are not signed to Bad Boy label, which brought anxiety between him and Puff Diddy.

They had a public dispute but Diddy wouldn’t let him back away from the obligations on his signed contract.

He started working with the rapper French Montana and appeared on his „Everything’s a Go“ single.

In 2012 he was featured on „Cruel Sumer“ by Kanye West and „Higher“ by The Dream and Pusha T.

In 2012 he was released from the Bad Boy Records.

In 2017 his artwork named „The Oracle“ came out,  which was really a diss track at Cam’ron, his former friend, who made a diss track at him first.

He is a pastor in Atlanta’s El Elyon Church. He is also an inspirational speaker.

He made his first movie appearance in a comedy „Girls Trip“ in 2017, but his first appearance on a TV show was 20 years before that. It was in 1997 with „The Chris Rock Show“:

Personal life

As for his personal life, it is rumored that he had a thing with Karrine Steffans, a former stripper who dated a lot of celebrities. She wrote about it in her memoirs.

In 1998 he was in a short relationship with Brandy with whom he made a single „Top of the World“.

In 2001 he got married to Twyla Betha who gave birth to two kids. They split up in 2012 but got divorced in 2014.

The rumors spoke about his wife alcoholism and the fact that she was arrested for DIU. They started arguing over custody of their children.

As for his physical appearances he is known for his pencil mustache and baseball caps.

Quick summary

Full name: Mason Durell Betha

Date of birth: August 27, 1975

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Age: 44

Profession: rapper, songwriter, pastor, inspirational speaker, TV persona

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 82 kgs

Net Worth: $8 million