Marvin Hagler Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Marvelous Marvin Hagler (with the birth name od Nathaniel) is a professional sports enthusiast who found his career in boxing. He is from America.

Early years

During his childhood he lived in Newark in New Jersey. In 1967, while there were major problems in the town because of riots, his family was forced to change their living space.

His new home was in Brockton and he decided to get into boxing when he met Goody and Par who owned a local gym. They became his coaches.

Career development

Marvin didn’t start his career off with a bang. He was a middleweight performer for years and later he decided that he may go for a medal.

He had trouble finding people who were high on boxing rangs who wanted to have a fight with him. He was forced to travel a lot and therefore lost much time on finding people that were interested.

A manager called Rip Valenti was interested in Hagler because he saw that he was pretty good.

Valenti brought him to the 1972 Olympics and he won the first time, the second time nobody won because they had an equal number of points and the third time he won too.

In that moment, Bob Arum decided to give him a contract.

He became the world champion by defeating Fulgencio Obelmejias and later Antuofermo.

Hagler was later on HBO, famous and recognized by the public eye.

His next fight was with Roberto Duran whom he defeated although he was a WBA Light Middleweight Champion.

Juan Roldan later knocked him out in one of the most famous games in the history, the only one where Hagler was knocked down. However, he still won.

One of the most famous games he played was with Hearns who made such a good opponent that the game they fought was later called „The War“. There was a huge amount of blood in the ring, Hearns broke his hand and Hagler won.

He also fought against Mugabi while he had his back totally injured. Mugabi’s manager saw that Marvin was getting old and one of his hands was slower. He suggested to Mugabi that he tries to injure that side, but it didn’t go well. Turns out Marvin wasn’t getting old, he won the match.

Hagler’s last game was with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Leonard was retired for three years and came back to fight Hagler. The fight took place in LA and was very popular on TV too. Leonard was constantly pulling and holding Marvin in the match and got about 30 warnings, but no points were taken from the calculations.

In the end, their points were pretty equal and the judges however decided to make Leonard the winner. This game is a hot topic of sport lovers today because people claim it’s been set up.

Hagler did request a rematch, but Leonard retired.

In total, he played 67 fights and lost only three of them.

Personal life

Marvin had two wives, one of them being Bertha Hagler whom he married in 1980 and divorced in 1990. They have a lot of children: Charelle, Celeste, James, Marvin , Jr. and Gentry.

He married Kay Guarrera in 2000. And is still with her today.

Hagler is a big lover of Italy and lives in Milan where he met his second wife.


Full name: Marvin Nathaniel Hagler

Nick name: Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Date of birth: May 23, 1954

Birth-sign: Gemini

Birth place: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

Age: 63

Occupation: former professional boxer

Education: NA

Awards: the Excellence Guirlande D’Honneur, entered the FICTS “Hall Of Fame”, Fighter of the Decade by Boxing Illustrated, Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year (1983, 1985), Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year (1983, 1985), International Boxing Hall of Fame, the World Boxing Hall of Fame

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: NA

Father name: Robert Sims

Mother name: Ida Mae Hagler

Brother name: Robbie Sims

Sister name: /

Marital status: married

Wife: Kay Guarrera

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: James, Marvin Jr., Charelle, Gentry, Celeste

Hobbies: NA

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Body: Athletic

Hair Color: NA (bald)

Eye color: Brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: Bald head

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $45 million

Social networks

Instagram: /

Facebook: /

Twitter: /

Snapchat: /

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about Marvin Hagler

Hagler had an interesting habit of getting revenge on all of the players that defeated him or played a draw with him. He wanted to prove that he was better than the last game he played.

Marvin always wanted his fans to call him Marvelous, because it sounds good while combined with Marvin, but they never did. He later changed his name legally to Marvelous so he would finally get what he wants.

He has later talked a lot about his last fight which he lost: “Even though the outcome wasn’t the way it should have been, publicly I still feel in my heart I won the Sugar Ray Leonard fight”. He claims that he was the right winner and that the judges weren’t fair.

People make conspiracy theories to this very day about the fact that Hagler lost his last game. The theories include sickness, bribing, criminal activities as well as supernatural ones.

Marvin always talked about boxing in a bad way. He said that it’s a shady business, but as long as it’s a hobby, not a business, it’s a pleasure.

He is pretty self-centered. He loves people who adore him and he says that he finds it very important that people think he is still a true champion even now when he is retired. His first wife also says this was one of the main reasons why they separated.

Quick Summary

Marvin Hagler is one of the worlds’ most famous retired boxing players. His estimated net worth is $45 million, but is lower now since he hasn’t played for a long time.