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Manny Mua Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Manny MUA is the stage name of a widely popular make-up artist (MUA is short for make-up artist),  whose real name is Manuel Gutierezz. He is of Hispanic descent.

MannyMua733 is the name of his most popular Youtube channel.

He got popular through social media and was one of the top viewed Youtuber for a period of time. Now his career is falling down because of the controversy that happened between him and Jeffree Star and Laura Lee.

People don’t want to absorb any of his negative energy anymore so they never visit his channel.

He owns a beauty blogg, where he posts about himself, writes his product reviews and uploads videos of events he attends.

Manny can bragg about the fact that he is the first male in history to promote Maybelline cosmetics.

Early years

He was born on April 4, 1991 as Manny Gutierrez in San Diego in California, United States.

He was one of three brothers (the oldest of them) and he grew up in the family of Mormons. Religion was very important in his family and Manny respected it.

When he discovered to his family that he was gay, he was forced into therapy, and his parents hoped that they could cure him of that “illness”.

He went through that therapy for half a year, and ofcourse it hasn’t worked as everyone wished. On the contrary, he was later diagnosed with severe depression, as a result of the ineffective treatment.

He had no issues in accepting that he was gay, because he felt different from his brothers from an early age. But he was troubled with the fact that his own family cannot accept him the way he is.

As he always liked to learn about human body and its beauty, his first career wish was to enter a medical school and become a plastic surgeon. He thought it was a great career to have.

He later received a degree from San Diego State University and although his family made him enter premedical school, he dropped out when he learned it doesn’t work for him.

Career development

From his early age, Manny has been interested in make-up and he always watched his mother making herself more pretty with a lot of different make-up.

He was even more intrigued by it after he realized how much can make-up change someone and hide flaws. He started experimenting on himself, hidden from others who would judge his passion.

Manny started working for big cosmetics stores such as Sephora and MAC as soon as he could and as soon he was old enough.

Not happy with his workplace as assistant or consultant, he finally decided to create   his own Youtube channel to show how skilled he is in make-up.

During the time he spent at his workplace he has met an Instagram beauty star Patrick Simondac. Patrick is a very selfconscious character who loves make up and photography.

Patrick is the person who gave him the first push and support to start his career on social media. They still collaborate a lot and Manny is considered to be one of Patrick’s peers.

They became close friends and Manny goes to Patrick whenever he needs guidence.

His channel is filled with various tutorials which show different ways of wearing make-up , cosmetic products reviews and a lot of collaboration posts with other known Youtube stars, such as Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora.

Due to his growing views and popularity, he started advertising  companies such as Ofra Cosmetica and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. All of these collaborations brought him earnings and soon he was endorsed by many companies who knew that Manny can improve the selling of their products.

He made a big collaboration with Jaclyn Hill with their joint videos which brought thousands of followers to both of them. They were called “New Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette – Tutorial & My Opinion”.

In 2017, his career went to a higher level because of his collaboration with Shayla Mitchell and one of the best selling cosmetics company in the world – Maybelline.

The two of them became ambassadors and this brought huge attention to Manny since he has became the first man ambassador for Maybelline. This was a huge thing for him, and confirmed his worth to himself.

Manny was involved in a controversy when he was accused of stealing Black Moon Cosmetics logo (in the shape of the moon), which he often used to promote his make-up.

Manny’s other big success was entering the list of the “Most beautiful people” in People’s magazine. This brought him wide attention and spread words about him all over the country.

In 2018, he also entered a list of the most popular people that year, in Style & Arts category. He considers this one of his biggest carrer succeses.

Manny made a lot of collaborating videos with Jeffree Star Cosmetics and they were rumoured to be very good friends.

Manny was often mocked by fans that he is trying to become Jefrrey which was mostly seen in his constant repeating of Jeffrey’s statements. Manny states that he has that problems from his youngest age and was always warned that he has a habit of repeating words of other people.

He is also mocked because of his giggle which a lot of people find annoying. It seems that he likes to end his videos by giggling and it often looks forced and fake.

He collaborated with Lunar Beauty on their palette called Life’s a Drag. Although they advertised a lot, the palette wasn’t as big success as they expected.

Other YouTubers find his habit of flirting with every man he meets very annoying. They tell him to find a boyfriend and chill.

Due to his collaborations with a lot of famous Youtubers and using them to advertise himself, he is often called “gold deeger”.

He has over five million followers on his Youtube channel and the number is growing on a regular basis.

Some of the popular brands he collaborated with was Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics, ASOS, and Estée Lauder. This brought him big income.

Manny has over 6 million followers on his Instagram account and several million followers on Twitter.

In 2017, Manny MUA appeared on a TV show for the first time. It was named Access Hollywood.

Personal life

Manny has three younger brothers and they sometimes appear in his videos, although the whole family had a hard time reconciling with his sexual orientation.

He came out of the closet while he was a young teen but it brought him troubles with his family. He explained everything connected to this in his video “My Coming Out Story” in 2016.

He lives in Los Angeles in California, the centre of a lot of big and important events. He often has public performances and shows his make-up skills to all interested.

Manny has vitiligo since his early teens but has no problem with it. Nobody even sees it on him until he reveals it, so it is not much a problem for him.

In 2016, Manny alerted fans with some wedding photos of him and Patrick Starrr.

Patrick Starrr is also a beauty vloger and the two of them later explained that it is just an annoucement of their collaboration.

Manny often speaks about discrimination of men in the fashion industry and think that women dominate and earn more money for the same job.

He thinks that he is on a good way to become the biggest fashion beauty male guru.

He loves to travel, especially to warm places and tropics. He went to Bali this year where he fed elephants and shared travel photos on his Instagram channel.

Quick summary

Full name: Manuel Gutierrez

Date of birth: April 4, 1991

Birthplace:  San Diego, California, United States

Age: 27

Profession: make-up artist, YouTube star, internet celebrity,

Height: 1, 83 m

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth:  $350,000