Mannie Fresh Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

If ever, anyone who knew how to catapult a successful career to a whole new level would definitely be in-house producer Mannie Fresh of Cash Money Records.

Mannie is undeniably one of the most successful hip-hop artists today, with production credits on more than 20 albums totaling over 23 million unit’s sales collectively.

He’s the musical mastermind behind the Cash Money dynasty’s phenomenal rise. Mannie Fresh is, as a performer, one-half of the Big Tymers platinum-selling duo, who’s five albums, How You Luv That Vol. 1, How you’ve had that vol. II, I Got The Job, Hood Rich and Big Money Heavy Weight sold more than four million copies.

As an American rapper and artist, Mannie receives an amount of $15 million from his total assets. He also steps in as a DJ apart from being a musician and rapper.

At the age of 15, he became a DJ in 1984, and his father was his inspiration. Mannie came out with his debut album in 1987, called Throw down, collaborating with Rapper MC Gregory D.

Mannie Fresh, a native of New Orleans, began his career in 1984 as a member of the notorious New York Incorporated Crescent City DJ / hip-hop crew. Several local music historians have cited NYI as the City’s first hip-hop group.

Mannie soon gained a reputation as one of New Orleans ‘ most famous DJs. His rocking party skills were legendary as was his scratching ability. Mannie left NYI in the early 1990s and joined his first duet, the iconic MC Gregory D.

The two landed a contract with RCA and dropped an album called the Real Deal in 1992.

Early Life

Mannie Fresh was born on March 20, 1969, in New Orleans, LA. He is known for his work with Cash Money Records and for being one half of the Big Tymers rap duo, Born Byron Otto Thomas.

Featuring Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, and Turk, he produced songs for Hot Girls. In the 1980s, he was a local New Orleans DJ playing clubs and parties.

In 1993, Mannie was convinced to be the owner of Cash Money Records, his record company. He made numerous collections for the Hot Boys at that point, bringing all chart-topping tunes to the majority of the gathering’s singles.

Mannie released his solo debut album, The Mind of Mannie Fresh, in 2004, which included 30 songs and highlighted the Real Big track, which reached 72 on the Hot 100.

He released his second album on October 27, 2009, Return of the Ballin, featuring singers such as Lil Jon and Rick Ross.

At that time, after giving another hit album, Big Things Poppin, Mannie was on his way back to New Orleans and stayed with the husband and family of his aunt.

Mannie Fresh’s aunt, Angela Bryant, suffered a terrible death in 2007 when she was murdered in New Orleans ‘ very own home.

At that time, Angela was only 42, and her two children were present during her death, which had to be traumatic for any child.

He was born in LA, one of the richest music producers. He also ranks among Most Popular Music Producer’s list. Mannie Fresh is one of the famous 50-year-olds in our database.

Career Path

Byron O. Thomas, or Mannie Fresh, is a legendary rapper from USA, DJ and record producer. He is a very popular rapper and music enthusiast who shows up very well in his early life as he walked in his father’s road to be a DJ at a pretty young age.

He was popular with Cash Money Records for his work and is the founder of a Chubby Boy Records division company. He is also currently working with Def Jam West.

He also works as a DJ as well as being a musician and rapper. After being inspired by the work his dad did, working as a disco jokey, he wanted to be a DJ when he was 15 during the eighties for New Orleans hip-hop group New York Incorporated.

He started a deal with NO musician called MC Gregory D a few years later and they came out with their first record called Throwdown, in 1987.

Mannie had an opportunity to be his record company Cash Money Records’ in-house producer in 1993. Later he made a lot of records with the Hot Boys, creating the singles of the group that were all top chart songs.

Earlier, with his former partner William, Mannie founded the Big Tymers and came out with five albums. During the 2004, he came out with a debut record The Mind of Mannie Fresh, that had 30 songs and included the song Real Big on the Hot 100, which came up to number 72.

Born Byron O. Thomas has an estimated $20 million in net worth. Thomas is a rapper and hip-hop producer, professionally known as Mannie Fresh. From his works, Fresh has earned his net worth, including starting in 1993 as a rapper and hip-hop producer. Thomas started playing songs as a local New Orleans DJ at parties and clubs at the age of nine.

He went on to partner with a rapper called MC Gregory D to release their first record called Throwdown in 1987 with him as producer and MC Gregory D as rapper. Thomas became the in-house manager of the Cash Money Records record label in 1993, where he produced the Hot Boys chart-topping records.

Thomas started to love music as a local New Orleans DJ when he was nine years old, playing songs at parties and clubs. This was his most popular hit so far and, due to financial problems, he became a part of Def Jam South in 2005 after going away from Cash Money.

Mannie Fresh showed his 2nd album on October 27, 2009, Return of the Ballin, produced solely by Fresh himself, featuring famous rappers.

Thomas got to know Bryan “Baby” Williams during the nineties, after their last album together, and he offered him an opportunity to start working as an in-house manager for his record company.

He then made hit albums for the Hot Boys with the help of Williams, which was comp…

Birdman, whose real name is Bryan “Baby” Williams, was born on February 15, 1969 in New Orleans. He is a producer and rapper.

In 1991, Bryan Williams and his brother Ronald Williams founded the hip-hop label Cash Money Records.

Before Birdman, Bryan Williams used the nickname B-32 and released his album I Need A Bag Of Dope in 1993. He was also part of a band Big Tymers with Mannie Fresh.

Birdman has “spiritually adopted” rapper Lil Wayne, and both have done many musical collaborations. He has also collaborated with artists such as Rick Ross.

Cash Money Records is one of the labels that has enjoyed great commercial success, with no less than 50 million albums sold and annual revenues of more than $ 100 million.

Birdman owns a $ 30 million condo in Miami and a $ 2 million Bugatti Veyron. In addition, he owns one of the two never-built copies of the Maybach Exelero that he bought for the modest sum of 8 million dollars.

In 2011, Birdman’s fortune is estimated at $ 100 million, making him the fourth richest rapper in the world behind Dr Dre, Jay-Z and Diddy-Dirty Money.

In November 2007, Birdman was arrested with more than half an ounce of marijuana. He was released with a $ 1,500 fine. His last record, Priceless, was released in November 2009.

To this day Birdman and his brother Ronald have developed an oil company named Bronald Oil & Gas; the head of the cash money label, which makes Lil Wayne yield millions of dollars by investing heavily in energy commodities.

In 1991, Bryan Williams and his brother Ronald Williams founded the hip-hop label Cash Money Records. Before Birdman, Bryan Williams used the nickname B-32 (Baby with the 32 Golds) and released his album I Need A Bag Of Dope in 1993. He was also part of a group the Big Tymers with Mannie Fresh

Birdman “spiritually adopted” rapper Lil Wayne, and both have made numerous musical collaborations. He has also collaborated with artists such as Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, Jadakiss, T-Pain, Hurricane Chris or Jim Jones.

Today, the Williams label has sold more than 50 million albums. In November 2007, Birdman was arrested in possession of more than half an ounce of marijuana. He was released with a $ 1,500 fine. His latest album, Priceless, was released in November 2009.

Personal life

The sister of Mannie Fresh, Angela Bryant, died tragically in 2007 when she was killed in New Orleans in her house. She was 42 when she died and her two kids were there when the incident happened, but fortunately they weren’t hurt.

Mannie Fresh was, according to reports, going home to New Orleans coming back from Texas, that wrote one of his big hits. Mannie was there with the husband of his sister at a very difficult time for him.

When we talk about his personality, there hasn’t been any information about him having a wife. Although he has a very confidential personal life, his encouragement for the personality and sexuality of the person is pretty clear.

He is living in New Orleans, and being homosexual is nothing unusual, and people show respect to each other.

As of now, he’s quite busy with his music career and record label company, and he’s still going to talk about getting married. He enjoys his own life now that he is older and is fighting his way to create great music.

Fresh is a dedicated car lover and his vehicles are often shared on his Instagram. He owns an old school Harley truck (2019 Super Duty) that on the market costs $60,775.

Similarly, he also has retro Chevrolet Blazer, vintage red classic car, and Audi.

The native of New Orleans started as a member of New York Incorporated in 1984, the city’s first hip-hop crew. Mannie started out as a DJ at parties, becoming very successful and attracting the attention of rapper Gregory D and released an album called Throwdown, a project that could be considered Miami Bass, with the aid of Records in 1987.

Quick summary

Full name: Byron Otto Thomas

Date of birth: March 20th 1969

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Age: 51

Profession: Rapper, Record producer

Height: 1.90 m

Weight: 110 kg

Net Worth: 15$ million