Mally Mall Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Mally Mall is an American rapper and a record producer of Brazilian and Egyptian ancestry who became more known for his production skills.

He became popular due to his ancestry and the fact that he empowers young people of different nations to become someone and something in the industry.

Early years

He was born on July 7, 1977, in a town in California and was named Jamal Rashid by his parents. He has spent his childhood living in Northern California (also known as the Bay Area). He never forgot about his roots and often says that he would love to spend even more time in Brazil, but his job is so busy that he often cannot be in one place for more than 2 days.

He had finished Hornell High School after which he enrolled the US Military Academy. He also studied at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). He said that it is very rude that people think rappers and people in the music industry that do production are stupid and became rappers because they had nothing else to do. He likes to say that he finished both military academy and a college and people are usually very surprised to hear this.

He became interested in the hip hip from a very early age and was especially good in producing and songwriting as a teenager. Many of his friends that were doing mixtapes decided to send them to him and he started to practice on their stuff. It was safe to say that everyone was very happy about the stuff they were hearing.

He worked very hard and was very dedicated to his success so it finally paid off after he established two record labels named “MallyMall Music” and “Future Music” which signed a lot of popular artists. He wanted to start independent from the beginning because he knows about the amount of controversy that is going on in the industry.

His work was mostly based in production so he bad garnered a great team which produced singles of the most notable American artists such as Chris Brown, Tyga, and Drake. When working with them, he gained a lot of followers and this was very important to him because these people stayed active on his profile and listened to his independent music later on when he made it.

Jamal is a huge fan of the big screen so he has produced several documentary movies: “The Life and Death of Jam Master J” and “2 Turntables and a Microphone” are just some of them.

Career development

He came to limelight after he produced an album for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, an American hip hop group known also as B.O.N.E. called “Strenght and Loyalty”. He was very proud of these mixes and said that they were really enjoyable to make. He always says that his job is the best job in the whole world because he actually enjoys it.

His career started when he got introduced to Ant Banks, after which he entered the world of producers where he meets Mac Dre and Spice 1. He loves to work with different people and those who have different music tastes because it challenges him to be a better producer and to work on his skills more than he did before.

He stated that Mac Dre was like his older brother who took care of him and kept him out of trouble. It was very hard for him to loos some f4rriends while he was working on some different projects and some of them were soon gone.

He later started working with DJ Khaled and he produced Chris Brown’s hit “I Can Transform Ya”.

Mally Mall has released a popular single “Drop Bands On It” made in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa & Tyga.

He is also one of the stars in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He appeared in 6 episodes in 2014. This gave him big clout because it sees like a lot of people tend to follow these types of shows.

Personal life

As for his personal life, it is known that he was in several relationships over the years. No one truly knows if any of them were serious and if any of them were supposed to be his future wives.

He dated a known American porn star Mia Isabella but their relationship ended very quickly. After that, he began dating Carmen Electra, but this also ended in a similar way.

The last women he dated was Nikki Mudarris, who is an especially popular TV personality but it seems that she felt that he betrayed her confidence after unleashing their sex tape to the internet.

His relationship with Nikki was very intensive. They ended their affairs in 2015 with a very controversial closure: their private sex video tape leaked on the internet. It seems that Mally released it himself and now she is suing him for it.

Malaysia Pargo, who is known for her great jewelry designs was also one of his girlfriends. But she told her fans on Instagram otherwise and claimed that they never dated.

He also dated Masika Kalysha back in 2012.

Mally Mall is surrounded by many friends and colleagues but he is especially close to Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, a known Grammy Award winner.

He currently lives in Las Vegas in a beautiful mansion worth $1,4  million. The mansion has 3 extra large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a swimming pool outside.

Mally was under investigation by the FBI for a very long time. He was arrested on April 2019 after a raid which took place in his home in San Fernando Valley.

It was conducted by the FBI. It seems that he is suspected of human trafficking connected to escort business he operates. Mally Mall denied all the charges and wasn’t put into custody.

A big controversy arose in April 2019 when a civil lawsuit against him was filed by three prostitutes from Nevada.

They claimed that he lied to them and tricked them by saying that they will work in a workplace similar to Playboy Bunnies with him as Hugh Hefner.

He also forced the girls to oral sex. They claim he is one of the biggest pimps in Vegas who forced them to work as prostituted with keeping just 30% of earned money and later even none.

Another thing the FBI suspects him of is animal trafficking which was the main reason why they raided his home.

It seems that he has different species of cats in his home, some of them to be wild. The FBI agents also seized a Tamarin monkey from his home.

He is of the Christian religion but he isn’t practicing it.

He has over 1,2 million followers on his Instagram account which is an extremely high number.

He is a big fan of tattoos and has them on his arms as well on the left side of his chest.

In 2009 he had purchased $100 000 worth vocals of Tupac Amaru Shakur whom he respects a lot and later earned an enormous amount of money on it.

He has a very high opinion about himself and considers him to be one of the top records producers. 

Quick summary

Full name: Jamal Rashid

Date of birth: July 7, 1977

Birthplace: California, United

Age: 42

Profession: rapper, record producer, businessman, playboy

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $20 million