Mac Dre Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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In today’s text we are going to talk about Mac Dre, famous American rapper who sadly passed away.

We will talk about his career and early years, but also about the years following his death.

So, if you would like to learn more about this talented rapper, here is a chance to do that.

Early Years

Andre Louis Hicks was born on July 5th 1970 in Oakland, California. He grew up in the Vallejo area and was often in the Country Club Crest because it was in his neighborhood.

As a young kid, he always enjoyed music and was always either listening to it or writing his own songs.

In 1989 he came out with his first cassette tape and a single Too Hard for the F— Radio. At the time, Hicks was still in high school but the song soon started circulating around his neighborhood. NPR remembered his rap style in 2013, and described his style as bouncy and a beginning of the funk era.

He first started performing under the name MC Dre in 1984. Later, he changed the name into Mac Dre, because, as he put it, the Mc Dre sounded too East Coast-ish.

Since there aren’t many more information about his early years, we are going to jump on to his career path and talk a bit more about how he came into the spotlight.

Career Path

Mac Dre is a rapper from the Bay of San Francisco, born in Oakland and resident in Vallejo, that back in 89 he started to release records (I think three) until he was put in jail for robbing banks in 1992 (references to those thefts in his discs through, that served as evidence to put him in jail, although this also would give for another history …).

Known by almost everyone who investigated the bay is their musical adventure in the Fresno jail, where, public telephone for prisoners through, released their bars through the telephone line to continue removing references (two in total while he was imprisoned) and increase his fame in the bay.

Later, after leaving prison in 1996, he continued to publish records at a brutal pace, and among other things, gave him time to mount a label (Thizz) and be a precursor of the hiphy movement (through the Thizz Movement) that would shake the bay at the beginning-middle of the last decade.

So we got to November 2004, where Mac Dre circulated with his van, and after a “seemingly” verbal fight for money issues, is shot by, of course, strangers who were in an Infinity G36. Hicks loses control of the van and after crossing the entire highway ends up crashed into a ditch and with a fatal shot in the neck.

After the police investigations could not be blamed anyone and the murder remains unsolved. Nothing new under the sun, another rapper dead shot without anyone knowing anything. The rumors speak, they say, comment and end by pointing to a certain Kansas rapper who had collaborated with Dre himself on occasion.

This rapper is known as Fat Tone, which I have not had the opportunity to listen to, but which had the support of greats like Killa Tay or C-Bo. Tone was known in Kansas for his history of violence and for always being involved, whether true or false, in almost every shooting in the city.

Some of the most famous albums by this talented rapper were: Rapper Gone Bad, The Genie of the Lamp, The Game is Thick, Young Black Brotha, Mac Dre’s the Name and many more. Three posthumous albums that came out after his death were: Dre Day: July 5th 1970 in 2008, Judge Dre Mathis in 2005 and Pill Clinton in 2007.

Mac Dre’s net worth is estimated at around 1.5$ million. Considering that this rapper is no longer alive, his net worth mostly comes from the royalties and from the songs he created during his lifetime.

Since he was an extremely talented rapper, it is quite sad to see him go that fast, because he could have given a lot more to the rap scene than he managed to do.

His songs are still very popular and he is definitely an idol for many of the new rappers. His songs are often sampled in newer songs and many remember him as one of the more talented rappers.

What will remain in our minds forever is also the fact that he spent a lot of time in prison, but still managed to create such hit songs that wrote him into the history of rap music forever.

Personal life

The relationship between the death of Dre and Fat Tone reaches the ears of Mac Minister, a close friend of Mac Dre. The rest, you can imagine, is history.

In 2005, Mac Minister talks to Fat Tone and promises him a meeting with Snoop Dogg in Las Vegas to sign him for the seal.

However, Tone never had a chance to meet with Snoop, since on May 23 he received 20 fatal shots with a friend when they were in their car on the way to meet Mac and Snoop (if there ever was such a meeting). ). I do not think it’s necessary to explain much more.

Both Minister and his friend Jason Mathis appear on a tape of the MGM hotel accompanying Fat Tone moments before he was killed in his Toyota. In addition, eyewitnesses claim to have seen a white Pontiac Sunfire fleeing the crime scene at high speed.

Two days after the murder, said Pontiac is found burned in Vallejo. Its owner: Lee Danae Laursen, prostitute who served as Minister’s girlfriend at the time and who accompanied them on their trip to Las Vegas.

Which, in addition, was seen buying the same ammunition that was found in the body of Fat Tone a few days before the shooting. The pieces start to fit.

In November of the same year, Mac Minister (Andre Dow) and Jason Mathis are arrested for the murder of Fat Tone and his friend Jermaine Akins (who was a fugitive chased by cocaine trafficking) as revenge for the death of Andre “Mac Dre “Hicks. According to a witness of Minister’s friend, Dow told him that it was he who fired the shots that killed Tone while he was pleading for his salvation.

Meanwhile, Laursen is seen in different areas of the bay practicing prostitution before the arrest of Dow and Mathis. Interestingly, two days after they were both arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder, Laursen’s lifeless body appears shot in Fairfield.

And interestingly, the Saturn Sedan owned by Jason Mathis, and that Laursen usually led, appears burned out, with no chance of finding evidence linking his death to his more than possible (by reduction of sentence) testimony against Dow “Minister” and Mathis in the trial for the murder of Fat Tone.

But this does not end here, but in 2007, Johnny Castaneda, a protégé of Mac Dre, was killed at only 25 years old. Although there is no apparent connection between this murder and the previous ones, many point to revenge for the death of Tone.

We already know a little better everything that surrounded the death of that crack that was Mac Dre and the consequences of his murder.

It should be noted that the police have never found evidence linking Fat Tone to the murder of Mac Dre, so we will never know how much is true and how much of a rumor.

Mac Dre didn’t live enough to see how his last three albums would go, and that is the sad thing. He was one of the most talented rappers, but sadly his street life kept him far away from safety.

Mac is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery that is located in his hometown in Oakland.

Everyone agrees on one thing, and that is that Mac Dre could have given so much more to this world than he did.

But, nevertheless, we can still enjoy some of the most memorable songs from his past, and remember him through them.

Quick summary

Full name: Andre Louis Hicks

Date of birth: July 5th 1970

Birthplace: Oakland, California

Age: died at 34

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Record producer

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 79 kg

Net Worth: 1.5$ million