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Lydia Hearst Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube

Lydia Hearst is an American fashion model and actress. She is also a lifestyle blogger and she has inherited a big fortune of his great-grandfather, whose name was William Randolph Hearst. It is estimated that the net worth of Lydia Hearst is about $100 million.

In this article you will find out more about Lydia Hearst and her life. We will tell you something about her early life, her family and her career development. Also, you will find out something more about her personal life and how to find her on social networks.

Early Years

Lydia Hearst, whose real name is Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw, was born on September 19, 1984 in Wilton, Connecticut. We have already said that her great-grandfather was William Randolph Hearst. He was a legendary media mogul who lived from 1863 until 1951. It is estimated that the fortune of Hearst family is about $28 million.

Lydia Hearst is a daughter of famous Patricia Hearst, called also Patty Hearst. Lydia Hearst usually says that she is proud of her mother because her mother has the biggest influence in her life. Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and she was in prison. She was arrested because she was involved in the bank robbery. She was in prison only 22 months even though she was sentenced to 7 years. Patty Hearst married a bodyguard who was protecting her while she was on bail. His name was Bernard Shaw and he was Lydia Hearst’s father. Unfortunately, he died in 2013.

Lydia Hearst graduated from Wilton High School and then she attended Sacred Heart University where she majored in Communication and Technology.

Lydia Hearst has always loved fashion and photography, so below you will see something more about her career development.

Career Development

Lydia Hearst was discovered by the photographer Steven Meisel. In April 2004 he shot her first magazine cover for Vogue Italia and it was the beginning of her modeling career. It is known that Lydia Hearst was on the cover pages of many fashion magazines all around the world. She became popular in France, Italy, United States, Latin America and Japan and she worked with the most popular photographers in the world. If you are interested in modeling, you may have heard of Steven Meisel, Ellen Von Unwerth, Bettina Rheims, Patrick DeMarchelier and many others.

Lydia Hearst received many awards for her modeling success. In 2008 she was recognized as the Model of the Year at the Michael Awards and she was also chosen as the Best International Supermodel at the Madrid Glamour Awards.

When we talk about the career development of Lydia Hearst, it is also important to mention her advertising work. She has appeared in many advertising campaigns for world-known brands, such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal Ferria, MAC Cosmetics, Moschino Cheap&Chic, Alexander McQueen, etc. In 2007 she has also appeared in advertising campaign for Puma, so she decided to design a line of handbags for Puma.

In 2012 Lydia Hearst was named as the ambassador of the Heart Truth campaign launched by Swarowski.

Career of Lydia Hearst also includes journalism. She was a columnist for Page Six magazine, which was a part of the Sunday edition of the New York Post.

Lydia Hearts has also her own fashion and lifestyle blog and she is very active on social media. Her blog is called Love Lydia Hearst. She posts regularly and her blogs are very popular, especially among young girls.

Lydia Hearst has also been active in the world of filmography. She has appeared in many films and series, such as Last International Playboy (2008), Fame Fatale (2008), Gossip Girl (2009), Amnesia (2012), Delirium (2013), The Barber (2014), Condemned (2015), South of Hell (2015), Two for One (2016) and many others.

You have seen that Lydia Hearst is not only a model, but she is also actress, blogger, journalist and YouTube star. In January 2016 she starred in advertisement for Equinox gyms where she was breastfeeding two babies.

Personal Life

Lydia Hearst is married with Chris Hardwick. They have been engaged since September 2015 and they got married in August 2016 in Pasadena, California. Chris Hardwick is a popular stand-up comedian, actor, writer, musician and producer. They still don’t have a child, but they are planning to have it next year.


Full name: Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw

Nick name: Lydia Hearst

Date of birth:  September 19, 1984

Birth-sign: Virgo

Birth place: Wilton, Connecticut, U.S.

Residence: Lydia Hearst is residing between New York City and Los Angeles.

Age: 33

Occupation: Fashion model, blogger, actress

Education: Wilton High School

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut

Awards: She was recognized Model of the Year at the Michael Awards 2008.

She was also recognized as the Best International Supermodel at the Madrid Glamour Awards 2008.

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Father name: Bernard Shaw

Mother name: Patricia Hearst (She was the granddaughter of Randolph Hearst and Catherine Hearst. She spent 22 months in prison, as we have already said.)

Sister name: Gillian Hearst – Shaw

Cousin name: Amanda Hearst (She is a popular American socialite and fashion model and also the heiress of the media empire of William Randolph Hearst.)

Marital status: Married (since 2016)

Spouse name: Chris Hardwick

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: Lydia Hearst and her husband are thinking of having children, but maybe next year.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)

Weight: 49.9 kg (110 lbs)

Body measurements: 32-23-33

Bra size: 32

Hair Color: Lydia Hearst is natural blonde, but she dyes her hair red or brown.

Eye color: Green

Shoe size: 8.5 US

Dress size: 2

Waist size: 23 in

Hip size: 33

Body: Slim

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $100 Million

Social networks

She has about 176 000 followers on Twitter and over 106 000 followers on Instagram. Lydia Hearst has also her own blog called Love Lydia Hearst.

Instagram: (@lydiahearst)


Twitter: (@LydiaHearst)

Snapchat: Lydia Hearst doesn’t have a public or official profile on Snapchat.


Quick Summary

Lydia Hearst is a popular supermodel, actress and blogger. She is very successful in her job, but she is also known as the great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. She was born in 1984 in Wilton, Connecticut where she attended Wilton High School. Later she majored in Communications and Technology at the Sacred Heart University. Soon after that the famous fashion photographer discovered Lydia Hearst and she was on the cover of Vogue Italia in 2004. That’s how her career began.

We have already told you that Lydia Hearst has worked with many famous photographers and she was on the cover pages of the most popular magazines all over the world. She has also received many awards for her modeling career.

Not only is Lydia Hearst a supermodel, but she is also dedicated to journalism and advertising. She is a popular YouTube blogger and she posts regularly. Also, she is now seriously focused on acting and she had roles in many films. She is becoming more and more popular in Hollywood and she is acting with the most popular actors in the world.

The net worth of Lydia Hearst is $100 million, so we can say that she is one of the most popular and one of the richest YouTube stars and models.