Lori Anne Allison Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Lori Anne Allison is an experienced American artist and a talented writer who became more known after she got married to an even more popular Hollywood acting star named Johnny Depp.

This gave her much more media attention than she ever had.

Although she was a great makeup artist she would maybe never made it to the magazines that early in her career if she hadn’t married Johnny Depp.

She is often said about the fact that many people know her only as Johny Depp’s wife/spouse so she tries to fight that daily.

Early years

Lori Anne Allison was born on September 6, 1957, in the United States, but there is no detailed information about her family, siblings and other important family things.

She wasn’t really famous up until the moment when she met Johnny and started to spend more time with him on various parties and different events.

Her early life and education are not revealed on the internet but it is a fact that she liked to be pretty from a very early age and was interested in make-up very early in school.

When she was only 8 years old she learned to cut her own hair and make great hairstyles. Because of this, her relatives and her family knew that she would eventually be working in the beauty industry.

Before she tried it on herself, she was a hairdresser to all of her dolls she used to play with. Her mother says that she was always worried about the fact that maybe she will never be able to feed herself because these careers are not popular in the USA, but she was thrilled to see that her daughter was very ambitious and was going to work for big companies.

She also put makeup on them and even on her stuffed animals.

Her parents noticed her focus in everything regarding makeup but they never thought that something would come of it, especially since makeup artist wasn’t that known to the public as they are today.

Her first visit to a make-up store was when she was 13. It was in Miami Beach, on Collins Avenue, and she was so pleased after the ladies who worked there made her make-up that she continued educating herself about it and buying herself cosmetics she needed.

She was 16 years old when she began experimenting with fashion styles and different makeup, especially influenced by David Bowie and his style. Some of the kids of her age considered her weird because she was too modern for them.

She was very unconventional as a teenager and was never scared of experimenting. She did things nobody did: shaved her eyebrows and mess up her hair. Her mother said that she sometimes thought she would go crazy when going home and hearing about all of the things she did. Today they laugh about most of them.

Career development

After she moved to the big city she started going out with people who were also like her: people who pushed boundaries. She lived at the Chelsea Hotel. It was hard for her to live at a hotel and to be separated from everyone else, but she knew that she had to pursue her dreams and also have fun.

She was 21 years old when she decided to move to Los Angeles because he had a dream of becoming a record producer and working in a niche connected to music. This was not a good choice for her since she had a hearing problem on her left ear. That is when she totally focused on make-up.

You may not know this but Lorri was able to start her career as a truly professional make-up artist after her friends named Adam Ant and Christina Applegate who launched her name to the world of celebrities. She is very thankful for that.

She had a very important role in „Venus Rising“ – she was the main hairstylist and makeup artist in it. In 1977 she did all the makeup for „Drop Dead Gorgeous“, a TV documentary. Soon enough, her name was spread in the industry and she started to get even more offers that lead to better jobs. She was very happy to be working with celebrities.

Christina Applegate was responsible for giving her a professional kit for make-up, which Lorri never possessed before. She was very happy about the fact that she met her and said that she would never make it if it weren’t for her.

Christina was a very popular actress at that time and she knew the right people which would Lori give a chance. She is mostly known for her role of Kelly, a daughter of Al Bundy, from the popular TV series called “Married…with Children”.

She also found place fother on television where she started working as a make-up artist. She liked how Lori did her makeup so she knew that Lori was going to be an awesome makeup artist.

She especially liked the fact that Lori took great care of her skin too and gave her good advice how to treat it at home. It was important to Christina since she wore a lot of makeup on her shootings.

Adam Ant decided to give her a role in his movie although she didn’t have any prior experience.

Adam Ant was a very popular British singer and the founder of a band named Adam & The Ants. He was very successful as a musician and later even made several short movies because he was a big fan of cinematography.

Lori was very hardworking and soon she started receiving gigs from photographers who wanted her to put make-up on their models. It was because she was very good at her job and was also very quick but her speed never made her make-up skills worsen.

After she became noticed amongst the celebrities she started getting great gigs and worked with some of the most famous actors in the world. She said that she loved meeting them and hearing their stories while she was doing their hair and makeup. It was like a dream come true every time she would hear about these fantastic new experiences.

In 2015 Lori has launched her own cosmetic line called „Serendipity“ and it is line completely made of lip glosses. She also turned to other ventures, such as opening a cupcake business.

While she was working as a professional makeup artist she had worked on a lot of known movies and series. She worked on „ The Ultimate Lie”, „Supreme Court of Comedy” and more.

Although she had earned a lot of money through her work and business she also received a big amount of money after divorcing Johnny Depp. It seems that she has received $7 million which is a quite generous amount of money. Many people thought that she was dating Depp only for the cash.

Lori Anne Allison is known by her nickname so everybody used to call her „LD“.

Her favorite color of lipstick is red and she wears it almost the whole time. She says that it is a true statement and that every woman should be able to rock red lips whenever she wants to.

She was an assistant on a comedy movie from 1991 titled „Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead“ where she was listed as Lori A. Depp.

She also worked as a make-up artist in the MakeUp Department of a Sci-Fi Adventure movie from 1995 titled „Cyber Bandits”. He was also the make-up artist in the thriller „Acting on Impulse” (1993).

In 2016, she was the key makeup artist in „The Muse“. She also worked on „Recalculating“ from the same year.

Personal life

She met Johnny Depp in the same circle where artists gathered regularly. They started their affair quickly and passionately. In that period Johnny was not that known to a wide circle of people but he was always hanging around where things happen.

Lori Ann Allison got to know Johnny Depp because he was in a band in which her brother was a bassist and a singer. That is how the two of them met. At that time, Johnny Depp was just at the start of his career.

He even worked in telemarketing as one of his jobs. Lori Anne could say that she started of Depp’s career because she introduced him to Nicola Cage who convinced Johnny Depp that he has what it takes to be an actor.

Johnny Depp is a world-famous actor who began his career with a TV series „21 Jump Street”. He soon became a teen idol and gained more serious roles. He starred in „Sleepy Hollow”, „Edward Scissorhands” until he was chosen to play the role of Jack sparrow in a world hit „Pirates of the Caribbean”.

She was 26 years old when she married Johnny Depp. It was back in 1983 when Johnny had only 20 years. Being older than Johnny was never a big thing to her but it seems that Johnny liked that fact and that he needed someone mature besides him in that period of life.

The marriage lasted only 2 years when the couple realized that they do not function well together and that they have irreconcilable differences and lifestyle. She was jealous, he was not caring enough, many media outlets say, but we will never actually know what was happening behind the doors of this new couple’s home.

There were rumors about the real reason why their marriage fell apart. It was probably because of Sherlyn Fenn, an actress known from a cult series called „Twin Peaks”. Johnny was always very attractive to girls and has a mystic aura because of his interesting looks and the fact that he is quite a silent, calm type.

While these two years together they never considered having a child since they both agreed that they are too young for it. Many think that a child would actually help the couple to stay together, but they never even considered it.

Lori stayed friend with Johnny after the divorce was finalized and had, later on, defended him after he was accused of abusing Amber Heard. She knew Johnny deep inside and said that he would never do that. She says that many women do this for fame only.

In May 2016 Johnny’s girlfriend Amber Heard spoke about how Johnny abused her during their relationship. The two of them met in 2011 while making a movie called The Rum Diary. They got married in 2015 but just one year Amber filed for divorce. It was after Betty Sue Palmer (Johnny Depp’s mother) died.

Lori Ann stood by Johnny claiming that Johnny never did such a thing to her. She even stated that Johnny doesn’t know how to scream in anger and that in the two years they were married and the months dating before that he never saw him being aggressive in any way.

It is known that Lori Ann is an extremely passionate animal lover. She has owned a dog named Pistol and said that she would love to get much more animals, but she doesn’t really have the time for them sadly. She said that her retiring will maybe give her the chance.

Quick summary

Full name: Lori Anne Allison

Date of birth: September 6, 1957

Birthplace:  United States

Age: 62

Profession: makeup artist. businesswoman

Height: 155 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $ 1 million