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Loni Love Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Loni Love is a comedian, a host, an actress and also an author. She is from the United States of America, where she was born and where she appears in the media.

In the 2000s, she used to be an engineer and worked in the electrical job.

Later she started to get into „stand-up“ comedy and launched her dreams when she started to get promoted by the American television.

She is now a host amongst some of her female colleagues and she says that she is enjoying the job very much.

In 2003, she was on Star Search, but she didn’t win. Soon she was on the list of Top 10 Comedians to Watch named by the Comedy Central channel, but also the Variety media company that used to be very famous back in the day.

Currently, she is hosting a talk show called The Real, and she is there with some of her friends called Jeannie Mai, the famous Tamera Mowry, as well as Adrienne Bailon.

Early years

Loni was born on July 12th in 1971, which makes her 48 today. She was born in a popular America city called Detroit, Michigan. She was one of the residents of the Brewster – Douglass Housing Projects.

The project was done in 1952 and demolished in 2014. This was home to many African American popular figures slike Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and more.

She was a pretty good student and she was always very invested in all of the work she did. Because of her dedication, she managed to become an electrical engineer and she uses her memories and situations in comedy as well.

She said that many people thought she wouldn’t finish her university because she was African American, but because of that, she decided to prove them wrong.

She graduated from Cass Technical in 1989 and worked at General Motors for some time. She then saw that she wanted to get more opportunities and work in a more complex position, so he went to Prairie View A&M University which is located in Texas. She said that although she was a woman, she loved the position a lot.

She minored in music and majored in electrical engineering. She said that around this time she had realized that she is very good at stand up comedy.

She used to make her colleagues laugh all of the time, and she also won $50 on a small comedy contest. She was always the clown of the group, as she says, and she spends most of her time making others smile.

Career development

She continued to work in her job field, at Xerox, but after her regular job, she would go to a place called Laugh Factory, where she would be a stand-up comedian and she would polish her comedy skills.

She said that at the beginning, she was excited about both opportunities, but as time went by, she started to like the comedy a bit more.

She said that after 8 years of working as an engineer, she realized that, although she loves that, comedy is a much bigger passion of hers. She wanted to go do comedy full time and she realized that shew as going to have to stop working on her regular job to do that.

She wasn’t afraid of this, though, because she was already an established comedian and she was pretty popular in Laugh Center. However, there is always a small doubt that’s pretty healthy and reasonable, she says.

She has also been a guest on VH1 on their show called I Love the 2000s. On there, she could listen to some of her favorite songs from that time and comment on them. She said that she had a lot of fun there jamming to some of the songs that marked her exciting first years in business.

In 2003, she was on Star Search, but she lost in the finals. This was a good turning point for her career to get some beginner’s recognition.

She said that she was very sad when she lost, but she still got quite some attention and she knew that someone else is going to offer her a place somewhere.

Since that moment, she has been a guest on many different shows and movies.

She was also in different theatre plays and she said that this was an interesting experience, but it didn’t allow her the proper freedom she needed.

The Campus Activity magazine named her the „Hot Comic“ of 2009 and she was very happy to hear that.

She also got the Jury Prize on an art festival in the USA, but not by the voters, by the jury themselves. She was very proud because of this since not everyone can get that recognition.

In 2008, she worked with CNN and she was covering the big event of Obama’s inauguration. Naturally, this was in the idea of being a guest on D.L.Hughley Breaks the News, a comedy show. She said that she could never be serious about reporting these things.

She says that after all this time one of her favorite things is to visit clubs and do random stand-ups somewhere where people don’t know her name. It’s a great throwback for her and she says that she would love to do it even more often.

It was in 2009 when she made her first big one-hour special episode with Comedy Central. It was called America’s Sister and it was on air during May of 2010. It received pretty good reviews and she was very happy about it since this gave her positive exposure as well.

She has worked very hard on a book of hers as well. She published it in 2013, and it was called „Love Him Or Leave Him…“. She made a deal with Simon and Schuster, an organization that published the book. She is working on more books now and says that this is one of her hidden passions that she never thought she could be good at.

Loni is planning to release her second book in May 2020. The title of the book is already known and it is „I tried to Change So You Don9t Have To True Life Lessons“. Before publishing on the paper it can be bought through Kindle and pdf.

In 2013, she got a role as a host in The Real, and she says that this was an extremely fun project since she worked alongside some of her favorite women and has the opportunity of laughing and enjoying her daily work. The show was aired on Fox and premiered in 2013.

They have covered many topics from the world of showbiz, as well as regular politics and world news. They always joke, but they also discuss various taboo topics and because of that some of the women in the show have received hate over the last few years.

It returned in 2014 and they also got some awards that not anyone can be thrilled about – the NAACP Image Awards and a Daytime Emmy Award are just the two of those that this show earned. There were more nominations, and she was very honored to be a part of the group.

In 2015, she was called to be in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. She also was in Bad Asses on the Bayou and she said that she was fangirling a lot when hanging out with her icons Danny Trejo and Danny Glover. Those two „Dannys“ are her favorite ones, she jokes, and the only ones she had met that are both cute and famous!

She was a winner of a show called Worst Cooks in America in 2016, and she decided to donate the money won to a charity that she loves. It was $50,000. She said that she is not too proud of being the winner of this show, but at least she finally won something, referring to her loss when she lost in the finals of a talent show.

Her latest project was a movie called Adopt a Highway, where she starred as Cher. This movie directed by Logan Marshall-Green was released in November 2019 and it was this director’s first movie. The actors in it were Ethan Hawke, Elaine Hendrix, Diane Gaeta and more. The movie was premiered at the South by Southwest movie festival.

Loni has entered the world of clothing business with the first clothing line she made. It was in November 2019 and the line was made through her collaboration with Ashley Stewart. Together the two of them have made a collection which consists of ten modern pieces and it is selling good. The name of the collection is „Loni Love x  Ashley Stewart Holiday Collection“.

Personal life

As or her dating life, most o fit is not known, but we are familiar with her latest relationship that started in December of 2018. The name of her boyfriend is James Welsh, and he is a famous businessman that owns a company called Quality Painting Plus. He was also an actor!

There has been a rumor that she was engaged with Sam, a guy that was in one of the comedy clubs she was also in. She never confirmed this and it’s obvious that she has a new love interest now. She doesn’t like to be open about her relationships.

Love says that many men were intimidated by her and that many are very rude on her social media and they continue to fat shame her and call her comedy bad. She doesn’t mind any of those because she is used to people being entitled to their own opinion and sharing it where it doesn’t belong.

Loni has an Instagram with 1.4 million followers and she posts quite often. She also often posts jokes and memes on Instagram, which means that she is pursuing her comedy career even on there.

On the other hand, she uses the media to connect with her fans.

She is very comfortable with her looks and size although she was the only plus-size host in „The Real“. She believes that a person should live her life however she pleases and she is not disturbed by any comments.

She has even come up with her own social media hashtag which goes: #dontletyoursizerestrictyou, and she is happy that her mental state permits her to be like that.

She ignores every negative comment she received about her weight or about her dating a caucasian which alarmed many people of both races.

She says that her boyfriend James is her big support and that he is also a very down to earth man who doesn’t care about rumors and other people’s opinions.

He ha also receive some backlash over their relationship but he is ignoring it because he is aware that there are many haters out there.

Quick summary

Full name: Loni Love

Date of birth: July 12th, 1971

Birthplace:  Detroit, Michigan, The UNites States of America

Age: 48

Profession: comedian, writer, host

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 109 kg

Net Worth: $1 million