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Linda Ikeji – Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

Linda Ikeji is one of the highest paid bloggers in the world. She is a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur and writer. She used to be a model when she was younger and her way to success was not easy. Today the net worth of Linda Ikeji is $3.2 Billion. Linda is a very persistent and hardworking person, so she is a role model to many young girls today.

Now you will see more about her early years, career development and personal life.

Early Years

Linda Ikeji was born on 19 Septembar 1980 in Nkwerre, the Local Government Area of Imo State. She comes from a poor Catholic family. Linda was the second of seven children in the family. She has five sisters and one brother.

Linda started writing at the age of 10 when she was still in primary school. She was writing about her family and her friends. Writing has always been her favorite hobby, but later she became interested in news. While her friends were playing outside, Linda was listening to the news carefully.

After she finisihed the high school, Linda started studying English language at the University of Lagos. Not only was she going to school, but she was also working different jobs to help her family. She used to work as a model and she was also a waitress. After she finished the University in 2004, Linda started blogging in 2006 and she was making posts at a cybercafe. At that moment Linda had no idea that she was going to earn millions of blogging.

Career Development

As we have already mentioned, Linda Ikeji was waitress and model before she started blogging. She had to struggle to help her family which was in a very difficult financial situation. Linda started working on her own when she was only 17. She started her model career when she was 19, but she could not earn so much money of that job. She modeled for different brands and she was in some of the most popular fashion shows in Nigeria. Also, Linda was doing some outdoor advertisements and she was managing the model agency, she was training new models and finding them jobs.

Linda Ikeji is a very persistent person and she didn’t give up when it was hard. Linda started doing fashion shows and even selling beers at a hotel for a few months.

None of these jobs was easy, but Linda had to work it to survive and to support her family. However, she was determined not to be like other girls who used to sell their bodies to someone for money. Today Linda is proud of herself because she stayed pure and she made it on her own.

In 2006. Linda started blogging, as we have already mentioned. In the year 2007. Linda had already so much readers and her blog became one of the  most popular blogs in Nigeria. After five years of blogging Linda Ikeji was the blogger number 1 in her country.

You have seen that her success didn’t happen by chance, but it was the product of hard working and effort. Linda was a poor young girl who used to borrow money to create her own blog. But, it paid off and Linda’s blog is valued at 5 million dollars today.

Linda’s blog was growing over the years and today it has the readers from the whole world. Most readers are Nigerian females, but it is no secret that also males read Linda’s blog. This blog is the most active blog in Nigeria. Linda’s blog provides entertainment, so the visitors always come back for more information. Her blog contains celebrity talks, gossips about society, as well as the details from Linda’s personal life.

Today Linda is a famous blogger and she is earning millions of dollars from it. Most important is that she loves doing that job. She doesn’t need money anymore, but she is blogging because it makes her happy. She met great friends via the blog. Her blog receives about 50 000 visitors every day, which is absolutely amazing.

There is no doubt that blogging has brought Linda Ikeji fame and succees, but it is also important to mention that Linda Ikeji is a motivational writer. She is writing motivational books.

Difficult Life Situation

There were very difficult situations in Linda Ikeji’s life before she became popular. Sometimes she didn’t have food to eat and she didn’t have money to buy it. Her sister was calling Linda to ask her to send money home, but Linda didn’t have it. Linda was in a difficult situation, so she finally decided to see an older man who used to give her money sometimes. He was a rich married man and the friend of Linda’s boss. Linda saw him as the only opportunity to get money and she called him.

She met with this man in a hotel but it was not like she expected. The man wanted to abuse her body and to pay for it. Of course, Linda denied it, she was crying and she made him angry. The man was angry because he didn’t get what he wanted and he left the room. Linda was following him and begging him to give her money because she needed it for school. But, he drove off and Linda was stying in front of the hotel alone. She didn’t have money to turn back home. She asked one guy to give her money and she explained him the situation. Fortunately, she got the money from that guy and she went home. All that was a great experience for Linda Ikeji.

Personal Life

Linda Ikeji doesn’t talk too much about her love life. A few years ago she was dated Dan Foster, CoolFM presenter, but it was her last relationship that we know.

Linda Ikeji had a lot of luck in her professional life, but she still hasn’t found the man of her dreams. She is single and  she is searching for the right one. Linda is dreaming about a decent guy  who looks good and who is working, even though he doesn’t need to earn as much as she earns. Most important for her is to have a support of the guy who is with her. An interesting fact is that Linda doesn’t like younger guys.


Full name: Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

Date of birth: 19 September 1980

Birth place: Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria

Age: 37

Occupation: Blogger, writer and entrepreneur, ex model

Education: University of Lagos

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: Nigerian

Sign: Virgo

Father name: Chief Michael Ikeji

Mother name: /

Brother name: Peks Ikeji

Sisters names: Laura Ikeji, Benita Ikeji, Sandra Ikeji, Edna Ikeji, Vera Ikeji Shilobod

Marital status: Not married

Net Worth and Salary:

Net Worth: $3.2 Billion

With the net worth of $3.2 Billion, Linda Ikeji is considered the first billionaire blogger and writer in Nigeria. Even though Linda Ikeji looks like an average girl, she is actually a billionaire.

Social Networks:

Instagram: (@officiallindaikeji, @lindaikeji )

Facebook: Linda Ikeji is not very active on Facebook, so there are many fake accounts under the name of Linda Ikeji.

Twitter: (@LindaIkeji)

Linda Ikeji is the most followed female celebrity in Nigeria and she has about 550 000 followers.

Snapchat: @lindaikeji

Youtube: /


Telephone: 08163941957

Interesting Facts about Linda Ikeji and Her Life

As we have already said, Linda Ikeji is a rich woman today. She can provide herself whatever she wants. She has bought recently two big houses to her parents, one in the village Nkwerre and the other in Lagos. She also purchased Range Rover Sport car to herself and it was the car she has been dreaming about the whole life. It is known that Linda Ikeji has spent about $50 million on the cars for herself and for her family, while she has spent about $300 million for houses that she has bought to herself and her parents.

An interesting fact is also that Linda’s sister, Laura Ikeji, has created her own blog.

There were no serious scandals in Linda Ikeji’s life. There are only people who accuse her of destroying their lives and marriages because of the gossips that may be found on Linda’s blogs.

There is also another interesting fact about Linda Ikeji’s blog. In 2011 Linda discussed about the case of a Nigerian girl who was in prison for about 4 years. The girl was in prison because she has stolen a mobile phone. Through her blog and due to the support of many followers, Linda helped the young girl to be released from the prison.

Future Plans

Linda Ikeji has two biggest plans for her future. She wants to start a talk show or some other TV program and she wants also to get married and to have children.


As you have seen in this article, Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria and one of the richest celebrities in the world.

She has started blogging in 2006, but she had no particular intention to make money that way. Her life was not so easy, but she was hard working and persistent. She was struggling since she was 17 because she wanted to help her family financially. Linda had different jobs before she became a blogger.

She had a lot of luck and her efforts paid off. Linda made a great success and today she is an inspiration for many young girls. Linda Ikeji is proud of herself because she made all of it on her own.