Lil Xan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Today’s article will be about Lil Xan and his career. We will tell you all you need to know about the beginnings and development of his career, as well as about his personal life.

There are so many interesting things about this rapper that we will tell you, so you should stay with us, especially if you are a lover of rap music.

Early Years

Nicholas Diego Leanos was born on September 6, 1996, which means that he is 23 years old now. He was born in Redlands, California.

However, his parents come from Mexico and they were very poor. Because of that Nicholas Diego Leanos spent the biggest part of his childhood in different motels all around the U.S. If we take into account his Mexican ancestry, we can say that he is one of the most popular young rappers with Latin roots. The name of the mother of Nicholas Diego Leanos is Candy.

His education was not on a very big level. Actually, he was going to Redlands East Valley High School, but he quit it.

After dropping out from school he was sitting at home and he didn’t have any job. This part of Leanos’ life was not very good, so he knew that he had to do something for living

However, he decided to go in a wrong direction and he was dealing drugs at that time.

After some time he was also working as a cleaner of streets. He wanted to be a photographer as well, but in the end he decided that he wanted to be a rapper. However, he was working as a photographer, but only a short period of time.

Following chapter is going to help you find out a lot of things about his rap career. Until now Leanos has released only one studio album, but it has made him very popular among the lovers of rap music. You are going to find out the most popular hits of this young American rapper and you may have already heard some of them.


Before we tell you what the most important singles of Leanos are and what the title of his first album is, we have to say that there were a couple of rappers, hip hop and rock bands who had an influence on the career of this young rapper. Leanos mentioned Pharrell Williams as one of his biggest inspirations and as a rapper who had the biggest influence on him at the beginning of his career.

Also, a hip hop and rock band known as N.E.R.D as well as a rock band Cage the Elephant had also influences on the music that Leanos is producing.

The career of Lil Xan began in the year 2016 and he got his nickname by his friends. There is also a certain connection between his nickname and xanax drug that he used, but later we will talk more thoroughly about that.

The first track that Lil Xan released in Mai 2016 was Xanny Montoya. A few months later, actually in September 2016, he released his debut EP known as CITGO. There were popular tracks, such as OTW and Who Are You. His EP under the name Tootache was released one year later, more precisely in June 2017.

The first music video that Leanos released was for the song Betrayed and it was in summer 2017. This video made him very popular, especially on YouTube and SoundCloud. You will realize how popular this video was when we tell you that it had around 254 million views on YouTube.

We will also mention the first album of Lil Xan and its name is Total Xanarchy. This album was released in April 2018 by an American record label called Columbia records. The following songs are contained on that album and those are Betrayed, Wake Up, Slingshot, Far and Color Blind. It is interesting to know that Lil Xan wanted to give the title No Love to this album because he had a song with that name, but then he gave up of putting this song on the album. This way the title of the album was also changed in Total Xanarchy.

It is also important to mention that there are a couple of guest appearances on this album and those are Rae Sremmurd, Yo Gotti, Charli XCX, etc. Also, Lil Xan collaborated with Diplo while preparing this album. Diplo is known as a popular American DJ, record producer and also a songwriter. An American singer and rapper Swae Lee was also very helpful to Leanos in the preparation of this album that became very popular for a short period of time. When it comes to the popularity of this album, we can mention that it was on the 10th place on Billboard 200.

In July 2018 Leanos released a mixtape with the name Heartbreak Soldiers. The second album of Leanos is not released yet, but he said to his public that his second album will have a title Be Safe. Actually, an American rapper Mac Miller said those words to Leanos before he died. That’s why Leanos decided to title his next album this way.

When it comes to Leanos’ career, we have also to say that he wanted to change his stage name Lil Xan into Diego, because Xan may be associated with drug xanax, as we have already said. Now he is fighting against drugs and that’s why he wanted to change his stage name, but later he gave up from that idea. Public usually knows this rapper as Lil Xan.

We have also to say that The New Yorker has described his music as the sad rap. Many other young rappers have followed this movement after him, but he is the creator and the leader of the so called sad rap.

The next chapter will be about the personal life of Leanos and we will try to explain you the problem that this young rapper had with drugs, but also many other interesting details from his life are expecting you if you continue reading this article.

Personal Life

When we are talking about the personal life of someone, we usually start from his love situation. This article will not be an exception because we will tell you first something about Leanos’ relationships and his marital status. It is known that he was dating Noah Cyrus, who is a popular American young actress and singer. It is supposed that the reason of their breaking up was the unfaithfulness of Leanos and he admitted it officially.

Actually, he said that he is guilty for the end of his relationship with Noah Cyrus.

It is also important to say that there were rumours that he was dating Tana Mongeau, who is a popular YouTuber. But, he never confirmed that he was in a relationship with her. Those are some of the affairs that were related to Lil Xan.

Today Leanos is in a happy relationship with Annie Smith. Actually, she is his fiancée and she was pregnant a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, Annie Smith said that they lost their child because she had a miscarriage. She announced it on social networks and this way she shared her bad experience with the public. Leanos and Annie Smith live together in Los Angeles, California. The favourite food from Leanos is the food from McDonald’s and he usually says that it is his guilty pleasure.

A very important detail from the personal life of Leanos is his addiction to drugs. It is known that he used Xanax and he was even addicted to this substance. Also, he used many opiates and other drugs, but he made a strong decision to quit it. He was addicted to drugs for more than 2 years, but the truth is that he doesn’t use them anymore.

Furthermore, he is talking against drugs in public and he is trying to motivate other people to stop using drugs because they cannot bring them anything good.

We have also to say that Leanos may be charged of threatening to someone with a firearm. Actually, recently has appeared a video in which Leanos is threatening to another man with a gun. It happened on a gas station in Los Angeles.

We will see soon what will happen with this case. Now you will see in short the most important things from Leanos’ biography, but some of them we have already mentioned.


Full name: Nicholas Diego Leanos

Nickname: Lil Xan, Diego, Xan

Date of Birth: September 6, 1996

Age: 23

Birth-sign: Libra

Birth place: Redlands, California, United States

Residence: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Education: Redlands East Valley High School, Redlands, California

Occupation: Rapper, songwriter, singer

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Multiracial (Latin roots)

Mother: Candy Leanos

Father: Unknown

Marital status: In a relationship

Children: /

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Weight: 60 kg (132.5 lbs)

Body: Slim

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Distinctive Features:  He has blue eyes and long brown hair. Also, Lil Xan has a couple of tattoos under his neck and eyes, as well as on his hands. He has two tattoos on his face and those are Candy and Zzz.

As we have already mentioned, Candy is the name of his mother, so it is obvious that he dedicated this tattoo to her.

Now you will see how much money Lil Xan is earning and what his estimated net worth is. Also, you will see what the sources of his earnings are.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2 million

The estimated net worth of Lil Xan is around 2 million dollars. The most of his money he is earning from music, actually from his tours, album sales and features.

Also, he is taking a part in many television shows and he is also selling merchandise on his website. There is no doubt that Lil Xan is very rich and there are many different sources of his wealth.

It is obvious that the life and financial situation of Lil Xan have changed completely in the recent few years. When he was young, he was working for 8 dollars per one shift of 11 hours, and now he is earning such amount of money every minute.

His net worth of 2 million dollars makes him one of the richest young artists in the U.S., as well as in other parts of the world.

Now you will see some of the links that will be useful for you if you want to find this rapper on social networks. It is known that he has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud.

Social Networks

Twitter: (539k followers)

Instagram: (5.4m followers)



Quick Summary

You could see in this article the whole story about Lil Xan, his career and his personal life as well. His real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos, but he is known by his stage name Lil Xan.

As we have said, he is a popular rapper, singer and songwriter from the U.S. When he was younger he used to be a photographer as well. He lived in poverty when he was a child, so he spent a lot of time in motels together with his family who comes from Mexico.

When it comes to his career, we have to mention his studio album that has a title Total Xanarchy. This album was released in 2018 and we have mentioned five great hits that you can find on this album.

Apart from this album, we have also to mention a mixtape that he released in 2018. This tape has a title Heartbreak Soldiers. However, the most popular of his singles is Betrayed that was released in June 2017.

Some of the artists who had the biggest influence on the work of Lil Xan and his career are Mac Miller, Pharrell Williams, Cage the Elephant, N.E.R.D, etc. His record label is Columbia Records.

Today Lil Xan lives in Los Angeles, California, United States with his fiancée Annie Smith. Recently she had a miscarriage and she shared it with their fans on social networks.

The approximate net worth of Lil Xan is 2 million dollars, so we can say that he is very rich. A couple of years ago he lived in poverty and now he can afford himself and his family whatever they want.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Lil Xan. You have seen his most important hits and we are sure that you like listening to his music. If you still haven’t heard his songs, now it is time to do that. The fans of Lil Xan usually say that his songs are full of strong messages and you can try to discover some of them.