Lil’ Fizz Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Lil’ Fizz is known to every serious hip hop fan as the youngest rapper in the American R&B group named B2K. Most of his fans came because he entered the group and they were introduced to his work through other members.

He is also a very skilled songwriter and a music producer and has been very publicly exposed while he appeared as the member of the cast of an extremely popular TV show named: “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”. He knew that TV exposure would give him a good chance to become famous and therefore he used it to get more fans.

This reality show is very popular in the United States and has great ratings but was even more viewed during the time Lil’ was the part of the series.

Early years

This famous hip hop artist Lil’ Fiz was born under his real name Dreux Pierre Frederic on November 26, 1985, in a town of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana, in the United States. He said that it was a great childhood he had in The States because he got the opportunity to meet a lot of people and to meet artists and work with them.

He has spent all of his early childhood in New Orleans and it is known that he is of Louisiana Creole heritage because his ancestors are also Creole. He was never much of a “school-loving” kid and he always knew that he wanted to be in the industry.

He has a brother named Chez and a sister Brooke and he is still very close to them.

When he was an older teen he decided that it is time to move away from home to start his music career somewhere where he will get a better chance so he moved to Los Angeles in California because he wanted to get serious about starting his music career and Los Angeles was a great place to start it in.

His early childhood back home in Louisiana was mostly spent by listening to music and rapping. He fell in love with hip-hop when he was just a little kid. It was love at first sight and he knew that he wanted to create music later on in life.

Lil’ was very eager to become a notable rapper so he has spent most of his time making rhymes and music and wasn’t really interested in anything else. He spent most of his teen years writing lyrics and trying to make friends with important people that were going to give him exposure.

He woke up every day with only one thought: to make a career in music which will give him the opportunity to earn money doing something he loves.

Career development

In 1998 he decided to create a boy band named “B2K”. He chose that name because he had created the band at the beginning of the new millennium so he named the band Boys of the New Millenium or Boys 2000.

The group has consisted of 4 members he already knew. One of them was Omarion, who was the main vocal,  then there were Raz-B and J-Boog who were also vocals and there was Lil’ Fizz who was the only rapper in the group.

The group soon became very popular and had a lot of female fans since boy bands were very popular at that time. He enjoyed this and used to get on and off girlfriends all of the time. It was about a few months after their most popular show that he decided to calm down a bit.

Lil’ Fizz was in the group from 1998 but has left it in 2004 after the group broke up.

During the time he was in the group he had toured a lot with them and earned money and accolades. The tour was named “Scream”.

They became widely known in 2001 with their hit “Uh Huh!”,  followed by another hit named “Gots Ta Be.”

His B2K group released several albums such as “Pandemonium” and they were becoming known in the city.

His personal mixtapes which were launched after Payday was titled “Becky”, “Famous” and “Good Lotion”. These all did pretty well and their fanbase was growing really fast.

In 2002 his B2K released their first album titled simply “B2K”. It came to No.2 on the Billboard album chart.

Before releasing his first EP named Payday he has released a single named “Fluid”.

The most important thing for him was that he had earned the money to start his own career and become a prominent rapper. He was very proud of this and his parents were as well because he could pay stuff himself.

Lil” decided to start his own independent career as a rapper and in 2007 he had released his first EP named “Payday”. The single could be found on iTunes and downloaded for a certain amount of money.

He has also decided to become a businessman so he has started a new record label named “Popular Entertainment” and has done it alongside his friend and a former B2K colleague J-Boog.

The two of them stayed in good relations after he left the group so they decided t partner up and give it a try. He was never about fighting and is actually not as controversial as rappers usually are.

They did it with the help of Damuer Lefridge who was also Lil’s close friend and his business manager who helped him evolve his music career.

Leftridge was a big supporter of Fizz but was also a very skilled manager who helped him get the most of his name.

He soon released his new EP feat J-Boog and it was titled “Night Life”. It was released in 2009 and yet again it was available by digital download on iTunes.

Meanwhile, in 2004 he filed for bankruptcy due to his lavish lifestyle: he bought a condo and not one but three cars he couldn’t afford.

It was a very successful single which boosted back his career again. He was very happy to see that his popularity was growing back.

He had several movie and television roles. In 2004 he was Roshann in “You Got Served” and in 2009 he was playing Jay in “Steppin: The Movie”.

Five years later he starred as Tommy in “Hype Nation 3D”.

He starred in TV from2005 to 2007 as Taye in “The War at Home”, a popular TV series.

In January 2019 he became a cast member of “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition” so we can say that he is a TV star now. He stars in it with his current girlfriend named Tiffany and he is loving it.

He is aware that this TV appearance can only be good for him, giving him space in the media and introducing him to a wider audience.

He has over 1,2 million followers on his Instagram account.

His net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

Personal life

His former girlfriend Moniece Slaughter gave birth to his son Kamron David Frederic in January 2010.

Lil” Fizz was raised by his single mother and has a lot of sisters. His biggest role models in rapping were Eminem and Jay-Z.

In 2011 he was accused of being involved in the dispatch of marijuana.

Lil’ Fizz has dated a lot of girls, from Nikki Mudarris, Mia Riely to Kamiah Adams.

Kamiah Adams is a known model and an actress known from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She dated Lil’ in 2014 and 2015 but she currently dates a known NBA player Bradley Beal.

Nikki Mudarris is a popular influencer and a reality star known for her great looks.

He was dating Tiffany Campbell in 2017, a beautiful model who is also starring in a reality TV show. Today she is in a relationship with Peter Rich and expecting a baby with him.

She has confirmed that she hasn’t seen Lil’ in over a year and that they don’t share anything anymore.

At the beginning of 2019, he got involved in a controversy after it was reported that he is expecting a baby with Apryl, a woman who already has a baby with Omarion, one of his fellow members in B2K.

This didn’t sit well with the rest of the group since they just got reunited and started their “Millenium” tour at the beginning of 2019.

Both Apryl Jones and Fizz stated it is not true.

It seems that all of this is just a rumor which was falsely made by his ex-girlfriend Moniece.

The two of them are constantly fighting over Kamiron. Moniece first had custody over her son but after a few years Lil” Fizz asked for it so he is spending a lot of time with his son now.

His nickname is airfizzo and that is also the name of his Instagram account.

He loves dogs so he has one.

Quick summary

Full name: Dreux Pierre Frederic

Date of birth: November 26, 1985

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Age: 34

Profession: hip hop artist, producer, reality TV star

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 70 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million