Lil Boosie Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Lil Boosie is a former stage name of a very popular American rapper from Louisiana, who became notorious not only for his music but for his criminal activities. Many people in the media say that this is actually the only thing he can do, but he fights back and says that he is surely very talented, but others do not recognize that.

Those criminal activities eventually led him to prison where he spent 5 years serving a sentence. He said that the world is putting obstacles his way, but he will get through them all.

Early years

He was born on November 14, 1982, and was given a birth name Torrence Hatch Jr. Torrence was born and grew up in the town of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, one of the most southern states of the United States. He says that growing up in the USA, a kid is exposed to many bad things and that you need to have a tough will in order to go through it.

Baron Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and is often referred to as Red Stick.

His parents are Connie and Raymond Hatch with whom he had a good relationship with both of them, especially his father who motivated him to pursue his dreams. Many thought that his unfortunate life was caused by an unhappy childhood, but this proves otherwise.

He was very interested in sports from an early age and he soon became very skilled in basketball. His parents were very happy because they thought that he would maybe become a famous player but turns out this wasn’t his thing.

On the other hand, he was also very interested in poetry and rhymes too. While he was in high school he focused on basketball a lot and has gained some awards in this sport. He said that he liked to get rid of his extra energy through it and it was very motivating to him as well.

The tragic death of his father in 1996 turned him more to poetry and music and his interest turned to hip-hop. This is a big obstacle in his childhood that he could not move past and many say that this is what lead him to a seriously dangerous life.

Hatch started making rhymes, writing songs and singing, trying to pursue a career as a rapper. He thought that getting his feelings out this way will help him through daily life and will maybe even result in more positive changes: earning money.

He found songwriting helped him a lot to overcome his father’s tragic death and bring him more serenity. However, things didn’t go too well when it comes to finding a producer.

He had spent most of his time trying to find his way into the world of hip hop and introducing himself to producers and managers. It was his cousin Young Dee that introduced him to C-Loc. 

Career development

C-Loc was a Baton Rouge rapper who liked him and his talent and decided to take Hatch under his wing. Young Bleed was also one of the people who mentored him for a while. These are all names you would know at the time.

They were very pleased with his work so they decided that he should join their hip hop group they called „Concentration Camp“. This idea was supposed to lead everyone to success, but little did they know that it wouldn’t really be like that.

He was only 14 at that time and he was the youngest member of this rap group. It was in 1996. The group had nine members all together: C-Loc, Young Bleed. Boo, Max, Happy Perez, Lee Tyme, J-Von and Lucky Knuckles.

His first performance was on the C-Loc’s album called „It’s a Gamble“ which was released in 2000. He was very excited to be a part of this and said that he was finally getting his life together. Sadly, he wasn’t doing too well when it comes to statistics.

The same year he appeared on an album made by Concentration Camp called „Camp III: Thug Brothas“. It was a fun time to hang out around the boys.

After Young Bleed decided to leave the group Boosie gained more authority in the group and became the face of the group, alongside C-Loc and Max Minnelli. He thought that he would become the main guy and soon create a more notable career.

His first solo album came out when he was just 17 years old and it was titled „Youngest of da Camp“. He was very excited to be a part of this and he said that his future in the music industry has finally come.

The album was released by C-Loc’s Record label and was produced by Happy Perez and C-Loc. The label was named Camp Life.

In 2001 he started collaborating with Pimp C and his label Trill Entertainment. The label released his second album called „For My Thugz“. It was doing well, but not as good as they wanted, so suddenly pressure arose in the group.

This album was released under his new stage name Lil Boosie in 2002.

The album was more successful than his debut album and he had a lot of guest appearances on it, like from Pimp C and Young Bleed. The same year he has released a mixtape titled „Boosie 2002“.

In 2003 he started his collaboration with another Baton Rouge rapper called Webbie. The two of them released their duo album named „Ghetto Stories“.

One year later they both appeared on Trill Azz Mixtape by Boosie Badazz. It was followed by another mixtape „Trill Azz Mixes II“, with Lil Phat featured in it.

The 2nd album he did together with Webbie is named „Gangsta Musik“. „Swerve“ and „Give Me That“ were the two biggest hits from the album which was eventually sol din over 300 000 copies.

It was produced by Happy Perez, Mouse and Lil Q. It was released by Trillz Entertainment. He was happy to be working with such great producers, but he was hoping for a bit more solo work.

In 2004 he has released an album named „Both Side of the Track“ alongside South Coast Coalition.

He also decided to release his first compilation album which he named simply „Bad Ass“.

In 2005 he released a mixtape named „United We Stand, Divided We Fall“ which was released by Lava House Records. It did well because of the song lyrics, but the music was beginning to get repetitive.

In 2005 he made a great career advancement by signing a record deal with Warned Bros Records, one of the biggest American record label.

In 2006 he has released another mixtape titled „Bad Ass Mixtape Vol 1“.

It was followed by his first album released by a major label (WB Records). It was named Bad Azz.

One of the most popular singles from that album is called „Zoom“ and it was featured by Yung Joc.

He has also released a DVD in which he shared some information about his personal life, f.e. about his father who had diabetes and couldn’t cope with the disease so he turned to drugs.

In 2006, he and his collaborator DJ Drama have released a mixtape named „Streetz Iz Mine“. Webbie made a guest appearance on this mixtape. It was one of those experiences that Boosie would never forget. He says it was truly inspiring.

Next year he released a mixtape from the series „Bad Azz Mixtapes“, this time Vol2.

He was featured on Foxx’s single „Wipe Me Down“ alongside Webbie.

In 2007 Trill Entertainment has released a compilation album of singles performed by 3 rappers: Webbie, Lil Boosie, and Focc. It was named „Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival of the Fittest“.

2008 brought another Boosie’s mixtape, this time called „Da Beginning Mixtape“. He also released a new mixtape called „4th of July Bash“ which as released on his Fourth of July party.

In the summer of 2009, he had released „Da Click“ through Music Access, Inc. Record label.

In 2008 he was arrested in Baton Rouge because marijuana and a pistol were found in his car.

He pleaded guilty and was given a sentence of 2 years. Unfortunately, Boosie violated his probation and his sentence was doubled. He was taken under house arrest.

In 2010 he got into even more serious trouble after he was charged for the murder of 1st degree.

He also received charges of possession of cocaine, marijuana, and codeine. The prosecution claimed that he was distributing it and also claimed that Terry Boyd wasn’t the only man Lil Boosie killed.

He was convicted to 8 years in prison regarding his drug possession but was eventually released of all charges in the case of the murder of 1st degree.

In 2010 he had released an album named „Incarcerated“ and it was released by Asylum Records. B.J. and Mouse produced the album.

The album was featured by Lil Trill, Webbie, and Foxx. His next work was a mixtape titled „Gone Til’ December“ which was released on DiscoDogs.

In 2014 while in prison, he had signed a contract with Atlantic Records. He and Webbie made collaboration and released a single „Show Da World“.

He was also featured on singles of many artists such as 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, and DJ Mustard.

In 2014 Lil’ Boosie changed his stage name again to Boosie Badazz because he claimed that he „was tired of being called Lil“.

His 6th album was supposed to be released in 2014 but „Touchdown 2 Cause Hell“ came out in the spring of 2015.

It was featured by Rich Homie Quanm Chris Brown and Rick Ross. He was released from prison in the spring of 2014 but he was on parole for 4 more years.

After he was released from prison he made „Life After Deathrow“ mixtape which was produced by his brother Taquan Hatch, also known as TQ. One of the hits from this album was a song „NO JUICE“.

In 2016 he entered a collab with C-Murder which resulted in the release of a joint album named „Penitentiary Chances“.

In 2017 his 7th album „studio) was released and it was titled „BOO Pac“. In 2018 and 2019 he had released two projects: „Boosie Blues Cafe“ and „Badazz 3.5“.

He and his brother own their record label named „Bad Azz Music Syndicate“ which was first named „Bad Azz Ent“.

He has his clothing line called „Jewel House“ which brings him a loto f money.

He also released his vodka brand and i is called „Boosie Juice“. His signature headphones are released for sale. The item is named Badazz audio.

He appeared in two small budget movies: „On The Grid“ in 2006 and „Ghetto Stories“ from 2010.

Personal life

As for his personal life, it is known that he lived in poverty with a drug addictive father who died in 1996. His mother was a school teacher.

Boosie has 7 siblings. He said that their family always needed someone to care about them and when his dad died, he had to be one of the people that did this.

His father had diabetes and Boosie has is as well.

He didn’t finish high school when he was young. He did it in prison where he gained his GED certificate.

In 2015 he found out that he had kidney cancer which he had to operate. The surgery was successful.

As for his love life, he has a loto f girlfriends. His longest and strongest relationship was with Walnita Decuir (also called Nita) who was his fiance.

She was sentenced on 5 years probation for trying to sneak in drugs to her fiance Boosie.

After some time, he has launched her makeup collection and had published a book titled „When the Music Stops“.

She got married in 2017 but not to Boosie although they have 3 kids together: Iviona born in 2001, and Michael and Ivy Ray.

He has another daughter, named Ty, with Trivia Weatherspoon.

His third son came from a relationship with Tracy Tyler and his name is Torrence.

Another daughter was born in his short relationship with Gerlissa Haze. His fourth daughter is called Tori and her mother is Rachael Wagner.

He was also in a relationship with Deiondra Sanders after he was released from prison.

She is known as the daughter of pro football player Deion Sanders. It was a shock for his former girlfriend Walnita who waited for him to get out of prison and he went on seeing another woman.

His last child is named Laila and is born in a relationship with Courtney.

Boosie often says that he will never get married because he likes his lifestyle this way. He has 3 sons and 5 daughters and claims that he wants to reach the number of 10 children.

Boosie is also a father of two adopted children. Trell and Emairi Nicole are children of his killed cousins Lil Ivy and Bleek and he adopted them both after that.

He takes good care of his children and often takes them out. He has a signature hairstyle which was named „The Boosie Fade“. He has a loto f tattoo but his biggest love is flashy gold jewelry.

His favorite rapper is Tupac Shakur.

He was an excellent basketball player in school and thought of it as a career. After his father died he left school because he had to provide for his family so he never became a professional basketball player.

He has written over 1000 songs in the years he spent in prison.

He tattoed the names of all his children on his chest and also has tattoed named of other important people like his father, mother, best friends, etc.

All his sons have the same hairstyle as their father: „Boosie Fade“.

Quick summary

Full name: Torrence Hatch Jr

Date of birth: November 14, 1982

Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Age: 37

Profession: rapper, producer, singer

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Net Worth: $8 million