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Lena The Plug Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Adult industry is from all sides burdened with many prejudices, and people mark the biggest stars in this multi-million dollar industry as exclusively for the profession they deal with.

They are once seen as people who do not know to do anything else, so they got involved in the adult industry so that they can make a lot of money fast.

But we need to tell you something – the truth is, however, completely different, and the lifestyle and interests of many of them are more impressive than most of the famous faces from other professions.

This is also reflected in their Instagram profiles and other social networks, and many of them have successfully made a career out of their social networks. So instead of giving content on some Hub, for example, they are creating content for YouTube. And even if that content is somewhat “controversial”, it is still exciting and has its audience.

And it is getting the recognition and money they want.

This is the case of Lena the Plug, or as her real name is – Lena Nersesian.

Nowadays, Lena works as a fitness fanatic, and what gave her the most prominent following is her YouTube channel that is called “Lena The Plug”.

This is her nickname that she got in the place where she had worked – she was the expertise for doing complicated tasks, and this was the name that her boss gave to her.

Lena shares her exercises and numerous health tutorials and people adore to watch her, and through her channel, she has earned massive notoriety. Lena often uploads content on her Snapchat.

She is most famous for her big derriere – Lena often uploads different types of gluteal exercises and fitness tutorials.

She is also known for her intriguing Instagram photos – as a YouTuber, she has over 1.3 million subscribers.

Instagram is also one exciting area for Lena since she most often posts racy photos. And how does Instagram allows this – well the hectic trends on Instagram are shifted by the speed of light, and the newest is more attractive than all. Photos of entirely naked girls flooded this social network, and they successfully escape the ban on nudity that is on Instagram. Lena successfully used this trend is making money along the way.

But what should not be forgotten is the fact that Lena has a college degree, that she worked with the kids who are in need, and that she is now when she found some influence, is involved in feminism.

Early Years

Lena’s real name is Lena Nersesian, and as you can see, her last name can reveal a lot when it comes to her descent – she comes from Armenian origin.

You can see that by her looks – all Armenian woman have that dark hair and curvy body, just like Kardashians who are world-wide famous.

They have an olive tan, dark hear, that is usually very long and thick and very attractive bodies, most usually regarded as a true woman’s body.

And like in cases of many other celebrities, people who choose provocative professionals often are raised in some orthodox background, and this is the case with Lena.

She was bred in a traditional Christian house in Glendale, California, and she is an only child.

She spoke about her conservative upbringing and how her family never talked about sex, and she never could watch popular shows that talked about these topics.

She finished her High School in 2009 in then she was admitted into the University of California, and certified in 2013 with a diploma in Psychology.

There is one information that she worked in this area for some time when she was younger.

She loved to travel while she was studying and she had visited Sweden – Lund Universit.

She spent there one whole year as an exchange student and has fond memories of her time in Sweden.

In one video Lena spoke about how she loved her time there and how she enjoyed food and people there.

Even if you cannot connect academics with a provocative persona that she has, she is very smart and had finished her school with a good result.

There is one report that Lena had been granted entry into a post-graduate curriculum at the University of Southern California, but she never went there.

In one interview Lena had said that she sees herself not just as a sexual person, but the person who is a dork  – and to back this theory she has said that some of her hobbies are books and penning poetry.

Some of her jobs that she had done before getting in the spotlight are – market story employee and an Uber driver.

Lena worked in Shoppers Corner Inc., she was a babysitter to children with autism and Lena worked at the Arbiter Organization.

After this, Lena determined to attempt into the world of social media – she got this idea by working in one social media firm.

Her parents, being traditional, did not allow young Lena to put herself into such spotlight, but she did it anyway, cause this was the job she wanted to do.

Career Development

The far-reaching and various advantages of the Internet have enabled millions of people to earn a living by monetarizing almost every skill, talent or opportunity. And this is the case with Lena who deals with showcasing her life and interests to the public, often posting -racy content.

It is said that Lena belongs to the class B YouTuber -she has over 1 million subscribers, and somewhere around 70 million views for her posted videos, about 150 of them.

She uploads Vlogs, where she spoke about her personal life, and she gives a relationship recommendation.

In some of the videos she exercises, she loves providing fitness tips, and of course in many f her videos she is talking about sex, often with her friends.

She works on her body and often shares he exercises and motivational videos for other women, but Lena also does not shy away from posting her body as it is – natural, and her face can be often seen without any makeup.

Lena built up her channel and gained an audience -the younger audience who engaged to her openness and mature content (like the one video where she speaks about her boyfriend eating gummy bears from her ….most famous part of her, her booty).

So, she succeeded in engaging this audience and created a brand name – this is the spot from which she gained money.

Then, she has established a reputation (in her case, she is provocative, and for some controversial).

But she did one more thing – she noticed that the best way to monetise herself is to start directing traffic to her landing pages where you can sell premium video content to viewers.

In the beginning, she had just a couple of thousands of subscribers -not everyone is a fan of her lewd posts, and she had to struggle to hold her Instagram account online.

Some of Lena’s videos on her YouTube channel are  “Smash or Pass or Don’t Pull…?” and “I wrecked my car and got a facial” – just by looking at her channel and the names of her videos you can see what kind of content that is.

Lena The Plug was also included in feminist movements.

Personal Life

One of her relationships that are known is with a man that public knows as Adam22, but his real name is Adam Grandmaison.

He is also on YouTube with the channel called “No Jumpers”; and Adam also has a BMX website and clothesline in Los Angeles.

His videos also often feature his girlfriend Lena, and in them, they with some other guests discuss every topic they want, regardless of its controversial nature.

These two, as said, have something that they like to call an open connection -the duo like to experiment in sex, and often post their sexual videos.

One movie that gained interest is one where the couple is making love with their common friend named Taylor White.

She is a famous tattoo model who appeared in all relevant Tattoo publications and was a member of Hot Import Girls.

Lena spoke in her YouTube channel where she confirms that she let her best friend Emily Rinaudo ( she is also a social media star who has numerous followers on her Instagram page, and she earned fame there for her selfies and underwear and bikini modelling depicting her curvaceous body) sleep with Adam and the reasons why she let them do that.

Adam spoke on numerous occasions how he loves to be in a relationship with Lena – and he loves the fact that she let him sleep with her best friend.

Lena declared that she is a bisexual, that she had dated a girlfriend while she was at college. Of course, many of her videos are with girls.

Once she had promised that she would be released the sex tape with her then boyfriend Adam, only if she and her boyfriend got million subscribers each.

Now, this is all happening at the moment when Lena had less than a half a million subscribers – and truth to be told, numbers started growing drastically, just like Adams.

Many of her fans expected the sex tape on her channel, but it did not happen – they starting to call her out and after this whole thing blow out from proportion.

She had her own share of controversies – Lena has spoken openly about her sex tape debacle. She has said that she would never release anything similar since there are already numerous videos of her and that everyone has seen her in that “job”.

She spoke openly to her followers on social media – that if they are her subscribers just because of her sex tapes – to unfollow her right now.

Her YouTube channel still did not lose anything from it – just her Instagram page has over a million subscribers.

Lena has some tattoos and piercings. Lena loves everything that is connected to Harry Potter, and she is a massive fan of the series and books. She also likes to watch series like “The game of Thrones”, and “True crime”. Her favorite actor is Ashton Cutcher, and her favorite actress is Jenniffer Aniston.

Lenas dream holiday would be somewhere in Miami with her boyfriend.

He favorite color is pink, and her favorite food is seafood.


The public sees Lena as the bad girl, but if you look at her content, you will know that she has so much more to offer than it seems.

She can be hated, but Lena draws attention, and this is the thing that sells today, and this is the thing that gives her paycheck.

Lena is described as a YouTube personality with the fearless attitude, the woman that is open and uses all that she got.

She is often described as a fitness monster makes  – and the statement ‘Come for the booty, Stay for my overwhelming charm, depicts her ultimately. This sentence could be found on her page and is accurate when you look at her posts.

Lena is posting arousing photos of herself online and is selling them for 29.99 USD. She even has an opportunity that only VIP users could use – access to premium videos and pictures of her. In them, Lena is naked or involved in some kind of sexual activity.

She has a curvaceous body – and she often posts her curvy body online – she said that she is doing so that others could be motivated to work on their bodies.

She posts those pictures on her Instagram story, and the followers just want more – as all thing related to social media, this certainly means that she gains some cash from her posts, and endorsements.

She is getting closer to being one of the A-listers on YouTube, where sponsorships and commercials are opportunities that Lena uses.

She is in an interesting position since her content is not for everyone, but still many people are interested – she can negotiate all the contracts she wants, based on the size of her audience for example, or the content that she provides.

In most cases, the amount of revenue she generates from the sponsorship is significantly higher than the advertising revenue on YouTube.

One thing does not exclude the other, so besides her sponsorship income, you can still generate advertising revenue. So, she can have two sources of revenue from the same video.

Now, having said all of this, it is clear that she earned some money from adult videos on different web sites, but now the majority of her income comes from her YouTube and Instagram pages.

To know the exact quantity of money that she earns is not possible, but counting all that she is involved, the amount is somewhere around 2 million dollars, and it could be less or more.

Quick Summary

Full name: Lena Nersesian

Date of birth: June 1, 1991

Birthplace: Glendale, California

Age: 28 years

Profession: youtuber, and social media personality

Height:  156 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Net Worth: 2 million dollars