Lena Headey Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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Early Years

Lena Kathren Headey was born on October 3, 1973 in Hamilton in Bermuda. She is a British actress known worldwide for her masterful portrayal of Cersei Lannister in the acclaimed television series Game of Thrones.

Within the biography of Lena Heady you will know her first years of life, her hard promotion to fame and her consolidation as one of the most respected stars of her country.

Although her idiosyncrasy is British, Lena Headey was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Bermuda, where the first five years of her childhood were spent.

Her family was in that place for work reasons, but sometime later they decided to return to England, where this actress, known by all as the fascinating villain of Game of Thrones, finally grew up.

Here Lena stays up to seventeen, when she decides to go to London to perform in the productions of the Royal National Theater. During one of these performances she was noticed by a casting agent who proposed her a role in the film Water land (1992) with Jeremy Irons and a young Ethan Hawke.

An interesting and even funny fact is that Lena Headey did not take good care of her pets when she was little. The little hamster his father had given her died drowned after trying to play with him and make a kind of makeshift whirlpool.

During her childhood, Lena had several paranormal experiences. The actress said that the first time she had contact with the afterlife was when she felt a presence in her own home, a fact that was repeated on several occasions.

The acting was not always in her main interests, but a talent scout discovered her in a play at the school she attended and convinced her that she could achieve a lot in the entertainment industry.

After several failed attempts to open a path as an artist, the then young woman received her first contract to participate in The Country of Water, a film that tells the story of a tormented history teacher who decides to inspire his students with a profound teaching of life .

Career Path

Her career started in the movie The Country of Water and sometime later she got a call to act in what is left by day, film in which he made the small role of Lizzie. A good opportunity to draw the attention of the agents and the world public came with The Jungle Book: the adventure continues, where she played Katherine “Kitty” Brydon.

The new millennium opens with a dramatic film, Gossip (2000), which sees the actress, James Marsden and Norman Reedus in the role of three fellow roommates grappling with a thesis on gossip, which will result in a series of events, leading to light a truth long hidden.

The following year she was awarded the Silver Iris Award for Best Actress for her performance in Aberdeen, in which she starred alongside Stellan Skarsgård. Active since the early nineties on the small screen, Headey plays the role of Geneva in the Merlino miniseries (1998) and takes part in the biographical telefilm Guerra imminente (2002), centered on the life of Winston Churchill.

Also in 2002 he is in the cast of two film adaptations: he is at the center of a homosexual love triangle in the dramatic Possession – A romantic story, based on the 1990 novel of the same name, and in the thriller Ripley’s game, inspired by “The American friend “by Patricia Highsmith.

In 2005 he was in the cinema three times with films of different genres: in the horror film The Cave – The Cave is an American scientist struggling with the exploration of a cave system in Romania; in the fantasy The Brothers Grimm and the enchanting witch of Terry Gilliam is the hunter Angelika; finally, in the sentimental comedy Imagine Me and You is Light, the flower girl whose new bride Rachel will fall in love with.

In 2007 she received one of the roles that consecrated her to success, that of Regina Gorgo in 300 by Zack Snyder, a role that will resume in the sequel 300 – L’alba di un empero (2014). This character makes her known in the cinema scene and to the general public, so much as she receives a nomination for Saturn at the Teen Choice Award for the first film in the saga.

In the following years, the actress participated in unmemorable productions such as Rain in the Shoes, Perverse, Probation, Aberdeen, Possession, The American Friend, Anazapta, The Brothers Grimm, The Bride of the Bride and The Cave.

The recognition within England and the rest of the world would arrive in 2006 with 300, American film in which she played the role of Queen Gorgo. This one became a great success of ticket office when managing to collect more than 450 million dollars within the North American nation.

After gaining some notoriety, Lena Headey received a contract to participate in Girls well (Supercañeras: The boarding school can be a party 🇪🇸), a comic film that focuses on a plan of theft that they intend to commit a bad cover girls of a bankrupt institute .

Lena Headey became an international superstar thanks to her role as Cersei in the acclaimed HBO series Game of Throne. This woman visualizes herself as cold, brutally ruthless and self-centered, who hates love as a symbol of frailty.

In the nude scenes of the series, Lena Headey used a double. Also, a curious fact is that she had to spend long hours in makeup to hide her various tattoos.

Cersei hid a dark secret: her twin brother and she were intimate since they were teenagers. This closeness made them have three children, which everyone thought they were her husband, Robert Baratheon. Moments of high tension like this one could be visualized throughout all the seasons of this series, where the interpreter demonstrated his great histriónicas abilities.

During the intense days of recording, Lena noticed her co-star, Jerome Flynn, but love soon turned into a deep hatred. Neither of the two was speaking, which is why the producers of the series decided not to put scenes together to avoid confrontations that could harm the proper development of them.

Her masterful interpretation of Cersei Lannister earned her three Emmys nominations. After a small role in the Oscar nominee James Ivory’s What Happens to the Day (1993), the first US production film, Mowgli – The Jungle Book (1994) arrives for Headey, in which he plays the beautiful Kitty, very close to the jungle boy. After joining Vanessa Redgrave in Mrs. Dalloway (1997), he returns to Europe for), starring in Twice yesterday (1998) and joining Onegin (1999) together with Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler.

Lena’s sudden success is fueled by the entry into the cast of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2017) series as Sarah Connor, continuing the events following the events narrated in Terminator 2 (1991). Despite her airing not going beyond the second season, the series allows Headey to be nominated for Best Actress at Saturn, Scream and SFX Awards.

Her net worth is estimated at around 5$ million but judging by the massive popularity of the show Game of Thrones, she could be worth much more.

Personal life

The true global success the actress gets, however, with the role of Cersei Lannister in the cult series Il Game of Thrones (2007), which will keep her busy until 2017, the year of the eighth and last season. The role of the Queen of Seven Kingdoms, in addition to world fame, allows her to win several nominations, including those for Golden Globes and Emmy Awards.

This popularity is also reflected in the world of cinema, where Headey is chosen to play Jocelyn Fray in Shadowhunters – City of Bones (2013), Mary Sandin in The Night of Judgment (2013) and Lady Catherine de Bourgh in PPZ – Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016). Very busy with the character of Cersei, she returns to the big screen as a mom wrestler in Una Famiglia al Tappeto (2019), a film based on the story of the fighter Paige.

Lena was a vegetarian but she stated in 2011 that she began eating meat again in smaller amounts. She also adores tattoos and has several of them. She got married to Peter Loughran and the couple divorced in 2012 after Lena admitted that she suffered from postpartum depression. In 2015, she gave birth to a daughter Teddy. She had her daughter with Dan Cadan but the couple split in 2019.

She managed to form strong friendships with people with whom she worked on various sets, so she is a close friend with Piper Pablo, Peter Dinklage and Piper Perabo.

Lena is a strong voice for the animal rights. She is an activist and often participates in various animal shelter welfare groups.

She is also a strong activist for the LGBT organization NOH8 but also for the Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Her love life might not be as perfect as her career, but she has her two children and she seems to be enjoying her single life so far.

Quick summary

Full name: Kathren Lena Headey

Date of birth: October 3rd 1973

Birthplace: Hamilton, Bermuda

Age: 46

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.66 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 5$ million