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Lauren London Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Lauren London is a very famous American personality – she has been acting, producing and hosting for a long period of time. When her career just began, she thought that her success will lie in music and singing, but later on, she started to act and got more into TV stuff.

Some of her most famous work is the role she had in a movie called ATL, and later in the famous serious TV show Entourage.

Early years

Lauren’s full name is Lauren Nicole London and she was born in 1984, in the month of December.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she spent most of her days and got her education as well.

She said that she was always mesmerized by people in LA, who always had a loto f hobbies and did many things besides their regular jobs.

Most of them had interesting jobs as well, which was a very mesmerizing thing to her.

Her mother is of African-American descent, while her father is Jewish. This created an interesting mixture in Lauren’s looks, as well as her culture. Many think that her modeling career is triggered by this interesting set of genes.

She went to a high school in her home town of Los Angeles, and it was called the Palisades Charter High School. However, soon after that, she got homeschool because her parents thought that this would be a much better environment for her.

They thought that she may be overwhelmed in school and they saw that she was interested in becoming something creative.

They wanted her to have the opportunity of developing her acting career and not spend too much time focusing on school since they saw that this was not something she was passionate about.

Career development

She started her career in a pretty weird way, without even thinking too much about it. She got into a music video for Tyrese, an American singer, and was noticed by other artists that found her beautiful as well.

Some of those were Ludacris, the hit-maker of Justin Bieber’s „Baby“, Pharrell, who is not only a singer but a producer. After that, hit hip hop star Snoop Dogg met her in one of his videos as well. This is how her name spread through the TV industry.

Her next big project was a TV series called Everybody Hates Chris. She appeared in a very interesting episode called „Everybody Hates Funerals“. This was her first TV series and her first time being on national TV – that’s why it was so interesting and exciting.

In that same year, 2006, she was in London and played an interesting role in ATL, a comedy-drama. She played a romantic partner of a famous hip hop star there, and it was a very interesting experience for her.

She soon got her first award by the Black Movie Awards. It was for the best woman in supporting roles. She was very happy about getting noticed so quick into her career. This helped her get some of her bigger roles pretty early, but her career never got much bigger than that and that’s probably the reason why she never reached her ultimate goal – acting with some of Hollywood’s biggest actors.

It was in 2007 that she got her first major role because she got a role by HBO! They gave her a role in Entourage, which is a comedy series that used to do pretty well on there.

Again, she was a partner of the character acted by Jerry Ferrara. She said that the two oft hems had great chemistry on the set, and this was one of the reasons why they did so good in the show.

Later that year, she was met by an interesting surprise. The creators of This Christmas wanted her to act in their series and they didn’t even need an audition tape, they just let her act without any preparation. They saw her performance in 2006 and this lead to their confidence in her.

She soon partnered with Sean John and acted alongside Asia Nitollano. They were spokesmodels for the company for the female collection of clothes. She said that she did modeling for a very short period of time and that she would have liked to do it more, but she had to work with her personal trainer o her bod yin order to get into some of the more demanding campaigns.

In 2008, she was met by a big task. She got to act as Christina in the hot show 90210. It was the very first season and many people thought this could be their chance to finally get out there, but the role ended up being Lauren’s.

She was supposed to be the love interest of Dixon, a character in the show. She was a bit annoyed at the fact that she was always a love interest of someone and that she never really got characters that were independent. She thinks that this happens because of her looks, but she isn’t sure.

In 2009, she was in Next Day Air. This was a very interesting project for her and she met quite a loto f new actors that she didn’t personally know. It was a big honor for her to meet them and she said that she loves to get advice from them as well because it feels very real.

After that, she was in I Love You, Beth Cooper. This was a movie produced by the famous Chris Columbus, and Lauren said that she was very happy to work with him. She actually wanted to be a Bond girl, this was her ideal role.

She said that she knows there is quite a loto f work to do to get there, but she kept trying and she thought that one day she might do it. Then she got kids and suddenly changed priorities.

At this point, she was so interesting to the media that she got on the covers of many magazines, such as King and Jewel. Some of these are African-American magazines and she was especially happy because of that.

Next, she got into a Made’s Big Happy Family, which is a comedy movie that represents African-American families very well. She was happy to work there and said that some of these things even sparked a little memory in her.

Her father is white and her mother is black, which usually ended up giving very interesting family dinners and holidays when everyone got together to celebrate something. She said that she keeps the laughter and the jokes in very positive memories.

In 2011, she was in VH1’s show called Single Ladies. This was a pretty interesting show for her because she could spend quite a loto f time with other ladies that she found inspirational and that she thought were a good company for her.

After that, she was called by the famous BET show and she played Kiera there. This was a very interesting semi-comedy experience for her. She said that she even thought about being a comedian for a moment there, but then she realized that she doesn’ have the time or the right personality for it.

In 2013, she was in Baggage Claim, a very interesting film that was made on the idea of Talbert’s novel from the year 2005. She said that she had to read the novel as well, as it gave her more perspective on her character and what she is presenting to the world.

At the end of her career, she was supposed to be in Snowfall. She passed the role, did the marketing, even recorded the pilot episode.

However, after that, she realized that she was pregnant and she didn’t want to do all of these stunts and act in such active movies. She decided that it was time for „early retirement“.

Personal life

She is very known for her notorious dating. She used to be with Lil Wayne for a short time, and they had a son called Kameron Carter in 2009. The media often asks her about this relationship and they want to know why she and Lil Wayne never really got serious.

She said, in 2011, that she met him when she was 15 and that they have been friends for much longer before that, but they never thought that the relationship they have could be romantic. Many people tried to make a big scandal out of this, as he is a bit older.

She claims that many people see only the rap part f him, while they don’t know that he is actually a very intelligent, caring, loving person that wanted to get engaged but couldn’t handle the pressure of media that was constantly around his neck.

Wayne mentioned her in some of his songs, but never by her name. It was always a „guess and tell“ sort of a thing. In Young’s Blues, he explains the way he met her, and in California Love, he talked about them being beside one another at worst times.

He also mentioned that they were engaged, but they had to cal lit off. In 1999, he even got a tattoo with her name, but later covered I tup with the name f their sun. Since he is now married to another woman, this was the only right thing to do.

In 2013, Lauren started to date another rapper. His stage name is Nipsey Hussle. The couple had a son called Kross Ermias Asghedom, but they didn’t happy a too happy life because Nipsey died in 2019. He was shot and this was a huge tragedy in her life.

Many people know her as she was a bridesmaid for one of the Kardashian sisters – Khloe. She was in theirs how as well, but they never gave her too much exposure.

After her husband dies, she was interviewed about it a lot, especially since he had a past in the gang. She said that she admires him and his work and that he was a very very loving person. She said she could never talk bad about him.

Before she dated Nipsey, she was with Trey Songz and Neef Buck. These relationships have been hiding from the media and discovered later in interviews with the singers. She claimed that she didn’t want to expose another man to this in social media.

Her personal trainer is Chris Sainsbury. She loves to work out with him and says that no one pushes her as he does. He is sometimes very ruthless, especially when she says that she needs to get into shape when she wants to get a specific role or be in a modeling campaign that caught her eye.

Her favorite personality in the showbiz is Barbara Streisand. She says that this woman is a true role model and that she wanted to be like her one day, but she had to quit a career to raise her kids.

She loves to drink wine and spend time on the beach, playing with her kids. SAhe tries to spend as much time with them as possible, especially since her husband died.

She says that she is very spiritual and that she has a prayer that she prays every day in order to create peace for herself after all of the trauma she went through. She prays that her kids feel better through it as well since they have been traumatized as well.

She said that the last thing he gifted to her was a book about parenting. The two loved books very much and they spent a lot of time reading. Her husband was very passionate about their kid and he wanted to be there for him.

She says that the hardest thing about all of this is that her son constantly asks her where is a dad and when is he coming home.

Quick summary

Full name: Lauren Nicole London

Date of birth: December 5th, 1984

Birthplace:  Los Angeles County, California, The United States of America

Age: 35

Profession: actress, singer, TV host

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: $8 Million