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Laura Lee Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Husband

Being a celebrity in modern day and age doesn’t always mean people are in acting or singing careers.

More and more modern-day celebrities are from YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Their influence on the world and generally on fans who follow them is even larger than with some singers and actors.

This is probably due to the fact that they communicate with their fans more often, through comments and meet-ups.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about a famous YouTuber and beauty influencer Laura Lee. This young, talented influencer has been around for several years, but her career reached its peak in recent years.

We are going to talk about her personal life, her net worth and all the other things that might interest you. So, if you would like to know more about Laura Lee, this is the perfect opportunity to do that.

Early Years

Laura Lee Newton was born on September 1st 1988 in Alabama. She grew up in a Southern family with her two siblings and her parents. Laura has a brother and a sister, and before she started working on YouTube, she was a medical assistant.

From an early age, Laura loved being in the center of attention and she loved fashion and beauty. While other little girls kept this as a hobby, Laura’s love for beauty and fashion soon became her main career. She used to film several videos per month and upload them on YouTube. She was filming videos from her own room.

Even though her parents saw this as a hobby and not something serious, they realized after a few years that Laura was starting to get a larger fan base and following. Her make up and fashion channel was started in 2013, and now she has several million subscribers on YouTube and Instagram.

Before she was a star on YouTube, Laura also worked as a preschool teacher, so she knew her way around children from the beginning. This probably helped her in her first years doing YouTube, since most of her audience were the younger Youtubers.

There isn’t any more information about Laura Lee’s early years, so we will jump on to her career path and discuss how this famous Youtuber became such a mega YouTube star.

Career Path

Before ever filming for YouTube, Laura worked as a medical assistant and also as a preschool teacher. We can say that she was searching for herself and a career that will be the right one for her.

In 2013, she uploaded her first video on YouTube under the title How to: Contour and Highlight. The video now has around 200 thousand views and it has been 6 years from her debut.

She continued posting videos related to make up and fashion, but primarily she was focused on makeup. Her videos have accumulated several million views since the beginning, and even Laura herself couldn’t believe that she will one day be this big of a star.

YouTube became a place where she could express her creativity and where she was able to talk about the things she personally enjoys. This went well with her audience and people enjoyed watching her videos very much.

Proof of her success are the 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and several million subscribers on Instagram and other social media.

In 2016 she teamed up with make-up company Too Faced. She likewise worked along on a watch shadow palette with another Youtuber called Violet Voss in Gregorian calendar month 2016.

In Apr 2017, she created her own lipstick conceal with raincoat Cosmetics. Later that year, she teamed up with profit Cosmetics on their profit Island assortment, talking to the exactly Brow Pencil.

In Sept 2017, she showed au fait nowadays to advance her future make-up complete, Laura Lee la. In October 2017, she discharged her initial eye shadow palette, “Feline’s Pajamas”, from her image. additional in Apr 2018, she discharged her succeeding eye shadow palette, “Nudie Patootie” aboard 3 fluid lipsticks Associate in Nursing a war paint.

In August 2018, tweets geological dating from 2012 were found within which she created advocator remarks that Lee herself delineated as “contemptible and disturbing”. within the wake of discharging a video that failed to address the circumstance, she denotes a four-minute conciliatory sentiment video, that was condemned for being dishonest and Lee’s evident “counterfeit crying”.

several of her fans likewise chastened her for her tweets and also the expression of compunction, and in a very one-week vary she lost over three hundred,000 subscribers. Businesses and sponsorships selected to deny Lee owing to her zealot remarks, together with Ulta Beauty, Diff Eyewear, and Boxycharm.

Personal life

Recently the beauty vlogger community starred in one of its biggest controversies. At the center of the discussion the controversial Jeffree Star, who this time seems to be the victim, being the subject of several accusations by his colleagues Manny MUA, Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora.

Although Jeffre, Manny and Laura were known for a while to be great friends, the relationship between them had already suffered difficulties.

In 2016, racist comments resurfaced that Jeffre had written years ago on his twitter account, costing him not only his good image in front of the community and audience, but also the loss of important friends of the media such as Kat Von D, as well as subsequent criticisms of Laura and Manny.

Jeffre publicly apologized in a video of his YouTube channel, saying that he no longer thought as he had done, which was well received by his followers. Later in November of last year, Jeffre uploaded a photo of him to his twitter account with the description “entering the funeral of my former best friends as”. The renowned beauty vlogger spoke in his other social networks about how he had been working on himself and removing negative people from his life, without even naming anyone specifically.

However, when his fans began to speculate on who those comments were directed to and some defended Laura, Jeffre said on his twitter account “They don’t know anything about their personality. His soul is pure evil. After almost a year of not knowing more about it, a video of youtuber Shane Dawson revived the discussion. In this Jeffree reveals several personal struggles, even talking about how in moments of depression he got cut.

Regarding the friendships he had lost, Jeffre also mentioned in the video that the public does not really know what happened: «Why do I feel as if they need to know? Because out there are many versions of what happened. Half of the people still believe that I was the bad guy in history, when I only loved and was interested in these people. I pushed them and gave them all my connections, but I still feel the bad guy in the story ».

A few days later, beauty vlogger Gabriel Zamora uploaded a photo of him, Laura, Manny and Nikita Dragon to his twitter account, in which the four taught the middle finger with the description “P * rra is bitter because without him we it’s going better «. Fans immediately speculated that it was a hint for Jeffree, so in his defense they dug up evidence about racist and fat-shaming comments from the people in the photo.

One of the most affected was Laura Lee, who circulated a 2012 tweet that said «Advice for all black people: if they lift their pants they can run faster #denada«. The audience strongly criticized her, so in a few days she lost more than half a million subscribers of her YouTube channel and contracts with sponsors like Ulta. Although Laura published a video apologizing for the comments, the public described her as false and hypocritical.

Parallel to what was happening with Laura, Gabriel decided to tell his version of the story. Regarding the speculations about Jeffree, in a video of almost 50 minutes of his YouTube channel, Gabriel not only apologizes for the racist comments that circulated on social networks, but also with Jeffre. Among other things, he talks about the tweet that started the controversy and reveals that his intention to point to Jeffree was born from negative comments he had heard about him, especially from Manny.

Laura started another channel Laura Lee Vlogs in 2015. In her second channel, she has already gained quite 400k subscribers and over nine million views as of Gregorian calendar month 2018. in addition, Laura currently owns her makeup complete, Lura Lee la and in Oct 2017 she additionally launched her makeup palette named Cat’s Pajamas.

Well, she may need attained an acceptable quantity throughout her career as a Youtuber and due to her own makeup company product. Moreover, she may need created her monetary standing sturdy. Her monthly earning United States of America calculable to be $5.1k to $80.9k whereas her annual financial gain is calculable to be as around a 1 million dollars.

In Sept 2017, she showed au fait nowadays to advance her future make-up complete, Laura Lee la. In October 2017, she discharged her initial eye shadow palette, “Feline’s Pajamas”, from her image. additional in Apr 2018, she discharged her succeeding eye shadow palette, “Nudie Patootie” aboard 3 fluid lipsticks Associate in Nursing a war paint.

Alabama native Laura Lee is married to Tyler Williams. Her husband is AN industrial engineer. Before enjoying their wed life, they were geological dating one another for a few time. once seeing one another for a few times, they finally declared their engagement in 2012. Moreover, once 3 long years of their engagement, they tied the knot in 2015.

Well she, initial introduced her husband Tyler to her fans via her YouTube channel. She uploaded a video titled ‘The Husband Tag | Meet My Husband’ on ten Gregorian calendar month 2015.

Even though Laura faced some backlash in the recent period, she is still holding her channel strongly at 4.5 million subscribers. Most of her videos are Haul and make up videos, because this seems to be the thing people go for the most.

Another interesting thing about Laura is that she had a nickname from her childhood, that stayed with her until now and that is Larlar. She even used this nickname as an inspiration for her Instagram nickname that is Larlalee.

Laura Lee is continuing with her YouTube career and that is what we know for certain. Whether she will switch from make up to fashion or something else, we have to wait and see.

Her content has so far been creative and inspiring for others, so her contribution to the influencer’s world has been significant.

Fans who love her will continue to support her no matter what, and that is all that is important to her.

Quick summary

Full name: Laura Ann Lee

Date of birth: September 1st 1988

Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama

Age: 31

Profession: Beauty influencer

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 1$ million