Lacey Chabert Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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Today, we are going to talk about a famous American actress Lacey Nicole Chabert. This young actress became famous very young and is still relevant.

We are going to learn more about her net worth, her career and personal life, so keep up with us if you want to know more.

Early Years

Lacey Nicole Chabert was born September 30, 1982 in Purvis, Mississippi. Lacey Chabert is an American actress.

She has a very early passion for theater and music, and is identified by being a finalist on the Star Search show when she is 9 years old.

She then joined the musical Les Misérables, production in which she played the role of Cosette on Broadway for two years. Passionate about music, she also learns to play the violin.

Lacey grew up in a family with Italian, Cajun and English descent. She came from a hard working middle class family, and her father worked as a maintenance representative for a big oil company.

Her mother was of similar background. Lacey grew up with two sisters and a brother T.J. Her career then continues mainly on television and cinema. She is best known for playing the role of Claudia Salinger in the series Life to Five during 142 episodes from 1994 to 2000.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Lacey Chabert worked for many television productions. We see her playing in different series like Gypsy. She also makes voices for commercials and cartoons like The Wild Family and The Griffin.

Lacey Chabert debuted at the movies in 1998 while shooting in Lost in Space. She appears in productions like Ecole paternelle and Lolita in spite of me. She also plays the lead role in several TV movies taking place during the Christmas holidays. In 2013, she married David Nehdar, and gave birth to a baby girl in September 2016.

As a young girl, she was always passionate about art, studying piano, dance, violin and singing. Her parents simply knew that one day, she will be in some kind of art, whether it will be painting or performing in some way.

In 1991, she participated in Star Search, where she finished finalist. In addition to participating in an advertisement for a cough syrup, she won the role of Cosette in Les Misérables (1992-1993), on Broadway.

Career Path

The young actress is chosen to interpret the daughter of Bette Middler in Gypsy (1993). The following year, she gets her first recurring role in La Vie à cinq, where she plays the youngest of siblings whose parents are dead. The series is a cardboard, and allows him to become a star of the small screen.

From then on her career is launched, and she starts at the cinema in Lost in Space (1998). She is also in great demand as a vocal double, and lends her voice to many cartoons: The Lion King, The Wilderness, The Rugrats, Bratz.

Having an opportunity to be on television, she was a leading actress on TV, and mostly turned to romantic TV movies (For life continues, The girl lift, A Christmas princess, A house for two …), and in series (Hey Arnold, Life foremost, Ghost Whisperer, Baby Daddy). She also plays in several feature films: Paternal School, Lolita in spite of herself, Haunted by her ex.

Considered one of her generation’s best young actors, Lacey Chabert was a very early-aged actor and dramatist who was a finalist at Star Search in Mississippi. 1991. 1991.

For two years Lacey effectively auditioned for the revival of Les Misérables Broadway, portraying Cosette Young. Since then, she has been active in several TV shows, among them Party of Five (1994).

Ypsy (1993) (TV), and in 1998 her big screen appearance at Lost in Space became more widely known as Claudia. Salt in Life at Five.

Her voice is a daily ad and she’s well-known for her natural abilities and charisma, and is a part in animated movies and TV shows like The Wild Thornberrys of Nickelodeon in 1998. She’s the face of Eliza, too. The Rare Thornhill Family’s Thornberry.

In 2003, she plays Jenny at Paternal Prep. In 2004, Lacey plays the part of Gretchen Wieners in Lolita against me (Mean Girls). Lacey is also a violinist and carries on a variety of activities, particularly footwear.

After her great start in acting career, she moved to California with her parents, two sisters and a brother.  The 2007 movies Lacey performs in various categories like A New Wave, High Hopes, AKA, ANY: Nice Guys, Be My Girl, The Found, Shrmans Way.

She began her professional career in the early 90s, participating in commercials, representing works on Broadway tables and intervening in numerous series and TV films, such as “Five in Family” (1994), a series starring Neve Campbell. Her film debut came when she put a voice on the original version of the animated film “Anastasia” (1997).

This ability to use his voice was used on many occasions to participate in various animation projects, including “Babes in Toyland” (1997) or the series “The Thornberries.”

Apart from her vocal performances, Lacey intervened in his beginnings in “Lost in Space” (1998), science fiction title with William Hurt, Mimi Rogers and Heather Graham, “Tart. I want to try it” (2001), a drama with Dominique Swain, or “Mean Girls” (2004), comedy co-starring Lindsay Lohan.

In “The Ghosts of My Ex-Girlfriends” (2009), comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, played Sandra Volkom.

In 2013 she joined the “Papá Kangaroo” television series (2013-2014). Three years later he released, also on the small screen, the series “Still The King” (2016). In the last stage of his career he has shot numerous romantic-cut TV films, including “My Secret Lover” (2018), “A Romance Of Safari” (2018) or “The Wedding” (2018).

She hasn’t announced any new projects in the future, so we will have to wait and see if she does come out with something new. Lacey has been around for a very long time and her talent is undeniable. Her road took her away from the romantic comedies, and she took on more serious roles as she became older herself.

The most recent project she has been in is the Crossword Mysteries: a Puzzle to Die for, where she appeared in three episodes as Tess Harper.

This talented actress was nominated several times as a young actress and by online television and film association, and she won the YoungStar award and best performance in 1997 for her appearance in Party of Five, MTV Movie and TV award for her appearance in 2005 Mean Girls and the latest, Independent Filmmakers Showcase IFS Film Festival award as a best supporting actress in 2017.

Her net worth is estimated at around 3$ million. Most of the money she accumulated comes from her performances in various movies and TV shows.

Personal life

On the heart, she married December 22, 2013, David Nehdar, his longtime companion. In February 2016, she announced on her Instagram account, to be pregnant with her first child. On 1 September 2016, she gives birth to her daughter Julia.

Lacey Nicole Chabert, born in Purvis, Mississippi, United States, on September 30, 1982 is an American actress. His parents are Tony Chabert, a Louisiana-language French speaking Cajun and Julie Chabert, his wife. She has a brother named T-J, and Wendy and Crissy, two daughters.

Lacey shared a picture on her Instagram account on Mother’s Day 2019 with her mother. She underlined the photo and said that it was a blessing to be a mom for the last two and a half years. She also thanked God that Julia, her child, had been assigned to her protection.

Lacey Chabert Net Worth is somewhere around $3 million from the role of Young Cosette at’ Les Misérables’ on the Broadway. Her great-screen appearance was made at the end of the nineties as Penny Robinson on the’ Lost in Space”.

Nice voice and bubbly character Chabert is famous for her beautiful girl-next-door style. She portrayed the passionate romantic leadership in most of her parts.

She began to act at a young age and has been working constantly since then. For several movies and games, she even produced speech animations. For her performance on Party of Five, Chabert received a young actor’s nomination.

At that time, she said she wouldn’t just like to be recognized as a young actress or a child because many people never move beyond this in their careers. Surely Chabert has demonstrated she was more than a young child. In 2013 Chabert married David Nehdar, her longtime husband. They’ve got Julia’s mother.

Chabert’s got a younger T.J son. Then Chrissy then Wendy, two elder daughters. Lacey Chabert’s estimated current value is $4 million.  In Young Cosette, she portrayed the first main role in Les Miserables Broadway production. For two years she had been in development.

She was then approached by a casting agent who selected All My Children for the soap opera. In that series, her young daughter Bianca was cast in the role of Erica Kane. In 1993, Claudia Salinger had her first significant role in the Party of Five show.

Lacey Chabert never took part in media controversies or seemed to have any drug or alcohol issues. She expressed gratitude in the interviews for her family’s support of her career. She often openly talked of her faith’s value. It may well have motivated her to stay ahead of Hollywood temptation by strong family encouragement and confidence. There is no doubt that this young actress is very talented and she has a lot to offer to her fans.

Hopefully she is going to come out with more new projects and that she will be appearing again soon in bigger projects. Surely her fans would be pleased by it. For hundreds of Hallmark Channel films, Chabert has starred.

She’s been the only actress actually appearing on the channel for four separate seasonal film series (Navy, winter, spring and summer) with numerous polls as a favorite for her appearance in these films. In the Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 and Xbox 360 she became Princess Elize’s voice.

The Wild Thornberries by Nickelodeon and the animated The Spectacular Spider-Man by Gwen Stacy was part of a further vocal work. Hopefully you enjoyed this short article about this talented young actress, ad that you were able to learn more about her in general.

Lacey will certainly stay remembered for her majorly popular role in Mean Girls, but who knows, perhaps she will surprise us again with another iconic role.

Quick summary

Full name: Lacey Nicole Chabert

Date of birth: September 30th 1982

Birthplace: Purvis, Mississippi

Age: 37

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.61m

Weight: 45 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million