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KSI Net Worth 2020, Bio, Real Name, Age, Height, Weight

KSI is shorter for “KSIOlajideBT”, an online name of English YouTuber and a comedian whose real name is Olajide William Olatunji.

His estimated net worth is growing, but not because of YouTube, but because of movies. He is of Nigerian descent.

Early years

He was born on June 19, 1993 in Watford in Hertfordshire in England. He claims he had a very happy childhood and can thank that to his parents who never had fights, were always very supportive and tried to let the young brothers know that they are very important to them.

He has a younger brother named Deji Olatunji who also became a known YouTuber later after being encouraged by his brother.

His mother’s name is Yinka Olatunji, and his father is called Jide Olatunji. Olajide says that his parents are the best because they were never not supportive and they were always by his side whenever he needed them.

They all take a part in Olajide’s business because they sometimes show up in his videos. The most famous family member that shows up is his uncle known by the nickname JJ’s guncle, which is shorter for JJ’s gay uncle.

He (his uncle) declared himself homosexual and KSI often brings out that topic when he speaks of his non homophobic beliefs. He strongly believes in equality of people and how everyone is the same, no matter what gender they are, what sexuality they are and what beliefs do they have.

Career Development

His internet career started after he opened his own YouTube channel where he posted his gaming videos, such as FIFA gameplays and similar. Two of his most popular and most viewed early videos are “Hesky Time” and “Get Hyper”.

From 2009 to 2011 he was at his peek and this brought him a huge fan base called The KSI Army.  He was earning a lot of money because of ad revenues and he says that he really enjoyed making videos. The number of his fans decreased in the past few years.

He made a lot of videos with his friend Simon (they were friends since they were twelve) who also became the member of Sidemen, named Miniminter.

He was engaged by Rule ‘Em Sports sporting company for whom he made several videos, along with other YouTube celebs and stars. When he started to get business offers, he says that his YouTube became a minor thing and that he wishes he had more time to make videos back then when YouTube wasn’t all about money, clickbait and so on.

In 2011 he released a song “Heskey Time” in collaboration with Randolph, a fellow YouTuber.

He didn’t expect anyone to like this song because it wasn’t made very professionaly, but something huge happened. Island Records offered him a contract so he recorded and released his first single “Lamborghini” in spring 2015.

In 2014, he tried himself out in acting. The first role he had was in the series called “5 Aside” and he later turned to comedy by acting in “Laid in America” in 2016. KSI says that he really enjoys making movies. He always found YouTube interesting because it showed people his acting skill, but he always had to take care of his own videos. However, in movies there are directors that do that job so he claims that he found his ideal job.

Next year, he released a studio album called “Keep Up”, which entered the US Top R&B Album Charts and US Hip Hop Album Charts. It was a huge hit out of England and USA too. KSI says that he never thought he’d be good in making music so all of this was a huge surprise to him!

Before all of that, he was featured on a number of singles of known artists, in “Sweaty Goals”, “No Sleep” and “MAC-10 Flow”.

In 2015, he released his first book called “KSI: I Am a Bellend”. He didn’t go to college, he graduated in 2011 and he focused himself on his YouTube career. He says that he never thought he would have to do an ordinary job (and he was right= because he had a passion for making videos. However, now that he stopped making them, he isn’t jobless. He is devoting to music and film.

He was a part of a controversial event at Eurogamer 2012. He is banned from Eurogamer Expo for the rest of his life because of his alleged sexual harrasement on women who attended XBox One launch party. He never said that this was true because he truly believes that he was framed and hasn’t actually have to do anything with it.

In 2013, he and his five fellow Youtubers formed one group named “Ultimate Sidemen”. The group consisted of: Behzinga, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Vikram Barn and TBJZL. They hung out all of the time and were very close.

In 2014, their group added another member: wroetoshaw.

In 2017 he stopped uploading youtube videos on his YouTube channel because he wasn’t pleased of his current YouTube status and the way YouTube is working today. He says that he was  very disappointed of what YouTube became.

He released two music tracks in colaboration with a British rapper Sway (of ghanaian descent).

His brother Deji and himself were ranked number one on “UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators”. It’s a very big title and KSI is very proud of it, although he really isn’t about YouTube that much anymore.

In TV series “5 Aside” in 2014, he was one of the leading actors, alongside Keith Duffi, Paul Sculfor and Michael Nardone.

In 2016, in “Laid in America” he starred a teen Duncan.

Caspar Lee, another Youtube Star, was his colleague on the set. He didn’t get good reviews, in fact, they were mostly negative.

Personal life

He is agnostic. That means that he doesn’t believe in God, but also doesn’t believe in anything else. Summarized, he doesn’t believe that any major force is existing and thinks that there isn’t a proper religion.

When he started to earnmoney, he payed off the house of his parents. He says that this motivated him to keep going because he was able to give his parents much more than they have because they deserve it.

He has two luxury cars: Lamborghini Aventador and a Porsche. He has personalized license plate: “K51 FLY”. He lives in a penthouse in Olympic park of London in Stratford. He had another YouTube channel called JideJunior, also on YouTube, but wasn’t really to happy about it.

KSI lives in London, in the southeast part, along with other members of The Sidemen: miniminter, Vikkstar 123 and, of course, Zerkaa.


Full name: Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji

Nick name: KSI

Date of birth: 19 June 1993

Birth-sign: Gemini

Birth place: Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Age: 24

Occupation: YouTube personality, actor, rapper, comedian

Education: High School in Watford

Awards: 2016 NME Award for Vlogger of the Year

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: English

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: agnostic

Father name: NA

Mother name: NA

Brother name: Deji Olatunji

Sister name: /

Marital status: dating

Girlfriend: Seana

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /

Hobbies: YouTube

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Body: Average

Hair Color: black

Eye color: brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: often wears caps

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $11 million

Social networks




Snapchat: @therealksi


Interesting Facts about KSI

KSI is a big fan of a football club Arsenal. He says he would love to visit games more, but he can’t because he always has to care about his privacy and is concerned that someone may attack him because it has happened before.

He has a lot of nicknames: KSI, JJ, Jide…

It is not known for how long he is going to stay with them in The Sidemen house, since 2017 he showed interest to leave them and move to L.A. His friends weren’t really happy about it but they claim that they have seen it coming.

KSI hasn’t really been interested in YouTube for a while now because all he actually loves is making music and movies. YouTube was sort of his way to gain the attention needed to move on with his real career in media.

KSI is a great philanthropist and he donates big amounts of money to various causes and charities. Last year he gave over $10, 000 for Castro1021 Charity YouTube stream. This year he donated money to Dr. Disrespect, a fellow online YouTuber. He says that he loves the feeling of giving because he knew that he wasn’t really well-standing himself.

He supported Pewdiepie, another fellow YouTuber, when he came in trouble after making an anti-semitic joke. He says that YouTube became a place where people can’t talk the things they think anymore. He says that he was very disappointed to hear how other people were judging instantly.

He currently dates a girl called Seana and they are in a happy relationship.

He was always inspired by Hjerpseth and Weepeler, famous YouTube gaming stars.

His song “Lamborghini” was featured by a rapper “P Money”. He says that this was the push his career needed because now he will be more recognized and can finally start making a lot of music on his own.

He has over one billion views on all of his channels, but he thinks that it would be a good idea to close them soon.

Quick Summary

Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji is a famous YouTuber who started to get famous while making videos about gameplays. Now he is starring in movies and has quit YouTube.

His estimated net worth is $11 million.