Krept and Konan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Krept & Konan is the name of a young British hip hop group which consists of only two members who originate from South London in England.

The name of the first member of this popular hip hop duo group is Casyo Johnson, also known as Krept and Karl Wilson, whose stage name is Konan.

This group showed their skills with the release of their mega-popular album from the summer of 2015 titled „The Long Way Home“.

However, their careers haven’t progressed a lot after their initial hit or advanced to a higher level.

Before getting into music both of the boys have spent a troubled childhood living in Thornton Heath Estates. This place was known for the nurture of gang culture and they were both involved in things many children will never experience.

In 2011, Konan’s mother who was named Donna Michael was heavily wounded while his stepfather Carlton Ned was killed in their homes by Christopher Thomas.

The killer was arrested and received a sentence in 35 years. Later Konan has explained this tragedy in the song „My Story“.

Early years

Krept was born on February 4, 1990, as Casyo Johnson, and Konan on September 3, 1989, as Karl Wilson.

Casyo lived in the part of South London called Gypsy Hill while Karl grew up in Thornton Heath.

Konan and Krept have been friends for a long time because they have lived near each other and have the same passion for music and sports.

They were teenagers when they first met and were especially into the music made by Eminem and So Solid Crew.

Konan was the first to start rapping, writing lyrics and recording and he persuaded his friend to start doing the same.

Both Krept and Konan were part of a hip hop group named “Gipset” which was active in the southern part of London and had many young hip hop enthusiasts as members.

The music seemed like a good way of running from street crime and domestic issues. Krept had family problems and a father who was in jail a lot, mostly because of drug-related issues.

His brother was also a troublemaker, although Krept himself sometimes bend the law too. He was very close to his mum and she was the one to motivate him to do better.

He often speaks about the episode that changed his life, when his mother cried all days saying that she failed as a parent. It was a turning point for him.

That is why he started trying more and focused on his education. He eventually gained a degree in accountancy and not through some short course but Portsmouth University.

Konan, however, got involved in gang stuff and ended up in jail in 2007 where he served one year for committing a robbery.

Jail made him realize that he had to change something in his life, especially after he was a few of his neighborhood friends die.

Career development

After Konan was released from jail they started making their music. They didn’t have much luck at the beginning but they haven’t given up. They kept on writing their lyrics.

The tragedy of his step father’s murder got him waived by his family although he wasn’t the one to blame for it.

He left his home although he didn’t have a place to stay and he was homeless at that time. He often stayed over at his friends who wanted to help him out so he could have a place to sleep.

He didn’t have any money and he was even hungry for a while. He says that music always helped him to overcome that misfortune.

In 2009, Konan and Krept formed a musical duo and they soon released a mixtape called „Red Rum“ and they self-released it.

In 2010 they released a mixtape „Tsunami“ through Play Dirty label. The second mixtape was featured by a Grime MC artist called Ghetts, but also with Giggs and Lil Nova.

In 2011 the duo made a cover of a popular song „Otis“, originally performed by Jay-Z and Kanye West. They have made a video that gained millions of views on Youtube but had to be removed from the platform because Jay-Z requested it.

This controversy hasn’t changed their minds so they have released another cover song this time „The Motto“, originally performed by Drake and Lil Wayne.

The duo noticed they have become interesting to the public so they released their line of clothes and labeled it „Play Dirty“.

They knew that they have become interesting to other members of the British music scene when a popular British rapper Skepta invited them to be his crew on his tour.

In 2011, they were featured on a mixtape „Happy Birthday“ released by Tinie Tempah.

Their big breakthrough came in September 2013 with the release of their new album called „Young Kingz“.

It was produced by Play Dirty and Virgin EMI and released through digital download. The album had many guest appearances, from Tinie Tempah, George the Poet to Fekky and Siah.

Their lead single which promoted the mixtape was named „Don’t Waste My Time“ and it became a huge hit which was later covered and remixed by a loto f artists such as French Montana and Jacob Banks.

In 2013 the duo gained the MOBO Award in the category of Best UK Newcomer which was a very motivating thing for them.

This single „Don’t Waste My Time“ was their first song to enter the UK Singles Chart. Their popularity grew and they soon found themselves in Los Angeles, California at the BET Awards event where they became the winner of the Award in the category of the „Best International Act: United Kingdom“.

In 2015 they have released their first album released by Play Dirty, Virgin EMI and Def Jam. It was titled „The Long Way Home“. Their lead single of the album was titled „Freak of the Week“ and was featured by Jeremih.

The single was a boom, entering the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart. Other guests on the album were Emili Sande, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, and Skepta.

They also released “Certified” which was featured by Rick Ross and was very popular that year.

Krept & Konan became the winner of the ‘Brand New Winners 2015’ category ruled by MTV.

They also gained a nomination for BET awards in 2016 which made them very proud because they have achieved their dreams.

In October 2017 they have released their fourth mixtape, with their single „Wo Wo Wo“ as the leading single which went to No. 71 on the UK chart.

They have released another mixtape in the same year, titled „7 nights“ through Virgin EMI. It peaked at No.8 on the UK Albums Chart.

The duo made several appearances at Drake’s tour known for its title ” Boys Meet World”.

It took them four years to release a new album and it came out in November 2019. It is titled „Revenge is Sweet“ and it had much more Jamaican flavor on it.

The duo wanted to pay respects to their heritage so they collaborated with Jamaica’s Spice. They also collaborated with Stormzy and Cadet.

The album received positive reviews and is considered as a good way to return their clothing line, Krept and Konan opened a crepe restaurant with an interesting name „Crepes and Cones“.

The restaurant was opened in May 2018 and people waited to taste food even in the rain. Some of the dishes they serve in there are chicken wings, vegan hot dogs, and much more but also cocktails.

The cocktails have been interestingly named as their songs. There is a cocktail made with peach and coconut served like Freak Of The Week or rum cocktail known as  Don’t Waste My Lime.

The duo made a music video that they used as a marketing stunt for the restaurant.

It is named  “Crepes and Cones” and is dedicated to Nash Chagonda. He died just a few days before the restaurant was set to open and they wanted to pay him respect and promote their place at the same time.

A lot of their fans are not aware of the fact that they broke the Guinness book of the world record in 2013. The category that enabled them to do so is the one for “Highest-Charting UK album by an Unsigned Act”.

Their latest work is hosting their music show on the Play Dirty Radio, together with DJ Docta Cosmic.

Personal life

In July 2019, at the 1Xtra Live event in Birmingham, Krept had received several slash wounds backstage.

Although he didn’t need further medical treatment other than the one he received at the event, the show was stopped.

In 2019 he was also furiously backlashed over social media because he dates a light skin woman.

Konan keeps his love life lower profiled but he can be often seen going out with unknown ladies.

Quick summary

Full name: Casyo “Krept” Johnson & Karl “Konan” Wilson

Date of birth: Casyo (February 4, 1990); Karl (September 3, 1989)

Birthplace: London, England

Age: 29, 30

Profession: singers, songwriters, producers

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $3 million