Kirko Bangz Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Kirko Bangz is a rapper coming from Texas in the United States, who came to limelight with his hit „Drank in My Cup“. It soon became such a big hit that every radio station in the state played it and his social media following got huge.

He is also known for his girlfriends and his blunt way of expressing himself in the media. Many people think that he can own his popularity to this because he became a well-known person because of this, but others say that he is for sure talented.

Early years

He was born as Kirk Jerel Randle on August 20, 1989, in the town named Houston, in the state of Texas, located in the United States. He said that he loved growing up in Houston and that it’s a wonderful state with many options to offer.

He was a student at North Shore High School, located in Harris County. He said that he never liked high school too much, but he enjoyed spending time with his friends and studied because he knew that he can do a good job easily.

He was a very good student in high school and never had any problems with his teachers. As a matter of fact, he could even reach the scholarship for a more famous college if he just wanted to learn some more. Many people are very stunned when they hear this because they think he is actually a pretty stupid guy.

He started being interested in hip-hop after he enrolled high school so he began rapping when he was 15 years old. He was raised by his mother who is a single parent and who struggled to bring him up.

His mother was a role model for her and he found out to what extreme can a mother go in order to provide for her children. He said that without her he surely would not be the person he is today because she built him and his career as well!

He was very motivated by her. After graduation, he started going to Prairie View A&M University. He was going to finish it by majoring in communications but never did. He left college after 3 years.

He was too much involved in rap music to continue his career in communication. He said that one of the best things that happened to him was music and that he immediately knew that he was going to be one of the best artists. Many find this attitude narcissistic.

Career development

During his student days, he practiced music a lot and as early as in 2009, when he was 20 years old, he managed to release his first mixtape and he named it  „Procrastination Kills“.

This mixtape brought attention to him and he was soon noticed by D Will, a music manager and a college student from the University.

In May 2010, he has released his second mixtape from the series named “Procrastination Kills 2: Clutch City”. This mixtape was received with medium attention and wasn’t that noticed. Three, Monique and Bee guest appeared on this tape.

In 2011 he has released the very first single named „What Yo Name Iz?“. The single went okay through charts and was followed by a mixtape named „Procrastination Kills 3“ which came out one month later than the single.

The single was also remixed by Big Sean and Bun B which shows that this song was a hit because other singers remix only hit songs.

The new single, following „What Yo Name Iz?”, is titled „Drank In My Cup“ and it was released in September the same year.

This single was very successful and it entered the Billboard Top 100 list on No. 28 which was quite high for a hip-hop beginner.

It brought attention to him and gave him the recognition he wanted in order to make a hip hop career as he imagined he would. He was very thankful for the attention he got so easily and he said that it was a true dream come true to become known amongst people.

This song was remixed a lot mostly by great hip-hop world stars like 2 Chainz, Bow Wow and Chamillionaire. He was very pleased by the fact that rappers like them used his songs and lyrics.

By the end of 2012, he has already released his new tape named „Procrastination Kills 4“ with the lead single named „Keep It Trill“.

In 2013 he was announced to be a part of 2013 Freshman Class made by XXL Magazine.

In the summer of the same year, he has released his new mixtape titled „Progression 3“ and there were a lot of guests on it. It featured French Montana, Nipsey Hustle and Slim Thug. Some other guest appearances were by Albie Dickson,  GHaze, Ken Randle, Paul Wall, Trinidad James, and YG & Z-Ro.

A set of producers worked on the album: Albie Dickson, Fresh Ayr, Jahlil Beats, Sound M.O.B., and many more.

The lyrics for all the songs on the track were written by French Montana, Kirko Bangz and YG. He enjoyed to work with these people and said that he would like to spend more time with them privately as well.

He also got transferred to a different music label named Atlantic Records, a part of the Warner Music Group.

At the beginning of 2014, he has released a single titled „Hoe” made in collaboration with Yo Gotti which was the lead single of his new album.

His next release was a mixtape titled „Progression V: Young Texas Playa“, produced by Kydd Jones and featured by Riff Raff alongside Bun B.

In the summer of 2015 Kirko has been signed to a new record label named 300 Entertainment.

After joining 300 Entertainment he was not able to release some of his previous materials due to the fact that they became owned by his former record label named Warner Music Group.

At the same time, he has released a debut EP named „Fallin’ Up Mix”. His second EP came out 6 months later under the name „Back Flossin’“.

In 2017 another mixtape was released to the stores, this time titled „Progression 17“.

He appeared in the season finale of season 5 of „Wild’N Out“ released MTV as a guest alongside a famous comedian Kevin Hart.

His most popular video on YouTube is one of the songs „My Life” featured by Paul Wall.

He went on him „Still Progressing Tour” in 2019, before the release of a new album.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he is currently single but had dated a lot. He likes tattoos and has a lot of them on his arms.

He has a brother named Joshua Randle.

He is American by nationality because he was born in the United States but his parents came from South America.

He is very close to his mother and brother because they struggled together when he was younger in order to maintain a normal life.

As a student, he worked at a restaurant to help his mother provide for the family and the food.

He is not very active over social media but still has almost 700 k followers on his social account.

Today he is in a relationship with Rayne Guerro, a beautiful model.

He also dated Maliah Michel from December 2011 until March 2012 and Hazel Montana from October 2010 until February 2014.

After breaking up with Hazel Montana he posted a tweet in which he disses Hazel writing that she was a hoe. Hazel responded in a few tweets herself.

In an interview with Hot 97 delivered on Youtube, he said that he would like to smash Rihanna. He even has a song dedicated to her.

Due to the fact that he was extremely poor when he was a kid, he started spending his money too fast. Once he purchased two expensive cars: Ferrari and a Lamborghini upfront.

In one radio interview, he had confessed that he had a period in his life when he heavily drunk but fortunately it is in the past now.

Kirko also explains that he was once very much in love in a stripper and even tried to save her from her work, but later he realized that she doesn’t want to be saved.

Quick summary

Full name: Kirk Jerel Randle

Date of birth: August 20, 1989

Birthplace:  Houston, Texas, United States

Age: 30

Profession: rapper, singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, recording artist,

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $1,5 million