Kevin Skinner Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Kevin Skinner is a well known American country singer who became popular after he won the fourth season of one of the most popular American shows “America’s Got Talent”.

Early years

He was born on February 25, 1974 in Graves County in the state of Kentucky.

From his early childhood he was interested in music and singing. At the age of twelve he started to play the guitar and even started to write his own lyrics. Kentucky is a state full of music, especially country, so it isn’t weird that Skinner got himself into the industry.

It wasn’t very surprising that he took that direction in life since his father Joe was also a musician and always supported his son when he was interested in trying out the career path.

He has an older brother with whom he is very good with.

Career Development

In 2009 he became one of the contestors on a famous American talent show and he performed live plaxing Garth Brooks’ “If Tommorrow Never Comes”.

The audience voted for him a lot because he has a very loveable character and is very lovely. When he got to the finale, he said that he felt that he’ll win because his father cheered for him.

He became the winner of the show, being the fan favorite since the beginning.

He won the $1 million prize, but he decided to receive it through the period of 40 years;  $25,000 a year. He says that he isn’t about the money so he will invest in his family and in things they love, while he will try to make some new music.

The second part of the prize was his own show in Las Vegas and this was the reason he was happy for winning. He wanted to meet the crowd.

He released his first CD named “Long Ride” on March 17,2010 and he carefully chose that date because it was Saint Patrick’s Day and Patrick is his middle name. He was perfecting his songs until he thought they were 100% suitable for his great fans.

In 2011 he released another CD, this one was called “Kevin Skinner: Live and Unplugged”.

He is prone to charity work and he is often doing benefit concerts such as the one at St.Judes (local church). He says that money is one of the reasons people shouldn’t do music. Only people with strong personality can love music without wanting to earn more and more constantly.

Kevin claims his parents are responsible for his good qualities because they taught him how to be modest and love life without clinging onto fake happiness.

Personal life

He was married to Kristen Skinner and he has a daughter Sydney. His wife left him after he won the show, which was a huge shock to everyone.

It is rumoured that he has mental health issues and that he has problems with singing live in front of an audience. Kevin never adressed any of these and he claims that he loves to perform, but is just a bit nervous because he is new in the business.


Full name: Patrick Kevin Skinner

Nick name: /

Date of birth: February 25, 1974

Birth-sign: Pisces

Birth place: McCracken County, Kentucky

Age: 43

Occupation: country music singer

Education: NA

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Non-Religious

Father name: Joe Skinner

Mother name: NA

Brother name: NA

Sister name: NA

Marital status: Ex wife Kristen

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: Daughter Sydney and a son (name NA)

Hobbies: NA

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 1,83 m

Weight: 97 kgs

Body: slim

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: cowboy hat

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: 1$ million

Social networks

Instagram: /


Twitter: /

Snapchat: /

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about

His father was a big fan of Hank Williams so he also became like him. He started singing on his own.

He worked as a chicken catcher for a few years before he became famous. He was employed at poultry factory outside of Mayfield. His parents say that they are very proud of him for not denying his past and for his bravery now to accept who he is live in front of his audience.

He went missing in 2014 for a short period of time but he was soon found by the Kentucky police. No one ever found out what happened.

He wrote the lyrics of all the songs on his first album and he is very proud of it. He says that he would never let someone else make his songs and that he’s happier when he makes them himself and then gets help with producing which he’s yet not great at.

He wrote a song “Her Stone” in memory of his grandmother who always gave him confidence to continue with his music career. He is very close with his family and nowadays claims that without them he wouldn’t be here today.

He is known by his baseball cap that he rarely puts off and always wears to his performances.

Quick Summary

Kevin Skinner is a country musician who got famous by winning a show and ended up making his own independent albums. His current estimated net worth is $1 million, the amount he won on the show.