Kevin McCall Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Kevin McCall is a known American rapper and a record producer who became widely known for his often collaborations with Chris Brown, a famous rapper.

Early years

He was born as Kevin Lamar McCall Jr. on July 25, 1985, in the town of Wars in Los Angeles, in California, located in the United States. He said that Los Angeles is possibly the best place to grow up in if you’re trying to get some sort of a media-related career going on.

He was a student at Carson’s high school in California and he was an important player in the school’s football team. The people in his school loved him and they always wanted to spend time with him because they found him interesting.

He also continued in playing football when he enrolled the Washington State University. He thought that he would become a football player later in life, but turns out that his faith wasn’t much about it.

He grew up alongside three sisters and he loved them very much. He also has one brother. They are very well connected as a family and like to spend time with each other. Their favorite thing to do is to spend time together at dinner and try to connect.

He was interested in music at a very early age. He first joined the choir in his local church and self-taught him how to play the piano. He was always into music and had many things to do in mind. He wanted to be an actor, a singer, a football player, and many more things.

Kevin was raised in a poor L.A.’s neighborhood, alongside his three sisters who were all very close. He liked to spend time outside, but his parents were always very concerned about his future because of that.

His family struggled for a living since his mother was the only one that worked and provided for the family.

His father was an alcoholic and had problems with his gambling addiction so the situation was always tense at home. This brought a lot of trouble home and they had to reorganize their whole life to fit the situations that were building up.

Kevin started working very young to help his mother. His sisters did the same. They all wanted to spend time with each other and support them because they knew it was going to be tough for them if they didn’t spend time with each other.

Her mother worked very much, getting several part-jobs hoping to earn enough money to keep the family going.

Kevin spoke about his mother a lot and shared thoughts about her in his interviews and songs, sharing his feelings and thanking her because she was his hero, always there for him and his sisters.

She was always there to support them and that is why Kevin succeeded. Kevin wasn’t interested in school but always liked football, wanting to become a famous football player.

His friends call him K-Mac and they were pleased by the fact that he graduated from the University. He owns a degree in social science.

Career development

In order to pursue his music career more seriously, he went to Los Angeles. He successfully found the job of a producer and songwriter. He was very happy to start this sudden career.

He started working seriously and became the most important producer for Chris Brown Ent.

It was hard for him to leave. Some of the songs he produced for Chris Brown were “Kiss Kiss” and “Take You Down” which was released on his debut album titled “Exclusive”.

Chris Brown was very satisfied with his work and everybody was aware of the fact that he helped to make Chris famous.

To be even more interesting, this was the best album in the States at that time so everyone praised Kevin for his work.

This situation brought a lot of attention on Kevin but Kevin decided to stay alongside Chris but later on became independent and started using his talent more.

Several years after he released his debut song named “Naked” which was delivered in collaboration with Big Sean. The song was written by both of them and was available by digital download.

The video for this song was taken in Los Angeles and was directed by Chris Brown.

It was in 2012 but it took him two years to release a new song named “Yo Chick”. He was featured on a lot of songs made by other artists.

He made a lot of collaborations with Chris Brown too.

2018 brought a big change in Kevin’s career because he got focused on making his own music more than helping others. “Love Police” and “Magnum” are the most notable singles.

The songs were very well received by the public both in America and in Europe.

Personal life

2019 brought a huge controversy in Kevin’s life. His former girlfriend named Eva Marcille left him claiming that he had abused her for years.

She said that he discriminated her and often humiliated her. Eva Marcille is a beautiful American model who became even more known after entering the reality TV-Series named “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

She brought very severe accusations about Kevin, even stating that he raped her several times.

Kevin was very upset by this and defended himself that it was all a big lie and that Eva cannot handle not being his girlfriend anymore.

Their relationship brought them a daughter named Marley Rae McCall who lives with her mum.

The singer and songwriter Kevin made a dramatic Instagram post in spring 2018, regarding his daughter.

He claimed that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child Eva Marcille kidnapped his daughter again.

The message was taken very seriously because he warned about possible tragic events which will follow if his requests as a father wouldn’t be fulfilled by the mother.

This post, which has been uploaded as a Live video shows Kevin explaining that he is not crazy and all that he wants is to take care of his kid.

Although he doesn’t mention anyone specifically he asks for help or, to quote:  “something really really bad is about to happen”.

He spoke about himself as a ticking time bomb and a lot of his fans were worried that things will escalate in a bad way.

It seems that he has a problem with his temper and Marcille opened about it in her reality TV series “Real Housewives of Atlanta” where she said that she requested many restraining orders against her former partner Kevin and protective orders too since he abused her, allegedly.

She explained that she had to move five times from him and that she would see him standing in the dark outside her apartment. She said that it is a very scary situation.

That is the reason why she doesn’t live in the same place and why the FBI is involved in this case.

A new problem with Kevin rose to the surface when Marcille got married to Michael Sterling and gave birth to their first son Michael, Jr.

She considers Michael as Marley’s true father but Kevin is extremely unhappy with this new situation.

In April 2019 she was a guest on a TV show where she spoke about the abuse she endured.

She stated that she got pregnant very early in the relationship and that he really didn’t want to become a father and a husband and that he started becoming violent while she was pregnant.

Kevin was arrested in 2019 with charges of domestic violence for injuring a spouse and had to pay $75 000 bond to be released two days later. It was about an incident which happened in January but no other information is revealed.

Quick summary

Full name: Kevin Lamar McCall Jr.

Date of birth: July 25, 1985

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 34

Profession: rapper, singer, producer

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $ 20 million